Thursday, November 22, 2007

Backaches = Cancer Relapse? Hope Not...

Since yesterday, I had a little soreness kinda feeling in my lower back. Today, the soreness has "escalated" and this backache is so so familiar, I had to hide my sobs in the toilet just now. Fear gripes me. I can only pray and wish that I would not have any fevers. The same areas are hurting, just like when my cancer spread to my liver, it is just that now, I don't have any fevers yet.

My ultrasound done last month on the 9th showed that my liver was clear. Please remain that way. For almost 2 years, I had managed to pick my life up all over again, I DO NOT want to feel wasted AGAIN!!! I can't afford a relapse, not now, not least till I celebrate Dear and mine 3rd year anniversary with properly belated, not least till I celebrate Dear's birthday properly belated, not least till I graduate.

About a week ago, WeAreWonderWomen.Com linked my blog to theirs, which I only realised a few days back. Hectic schedules did not allow me much time to shout on the shoutbox at, let alone blog or check my techonorati, blog stats, social networking, etc accounts. Thank You for the link.

And YES, I want to remain a Wonder Woman!!! Backaches will be gone tomorrow!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Paced On The New Paper, Grades, That New Taxi, Blonde Moment, Random Rants, Meme...

Firstly, before I begin the entry per se, I would love to express my deepest and most sincere biggie THANKS to everyone who gave me support, mentally, morally and/or physically during this mad month. Really really very very muchie appreciate all the encouragement you lovely people gave on my taggie and comments page. You guys are the bestest sweetest blogger friends I know lah! Now, entry will start proper...

First I was on Lianhe Wanbao, now, I'm on The New Paper!!! Talk about that 15 seconds or minutes of fame that everyone craves for... Lol...

The article touched a bit on the Student Council. Online version of the article can be found here.

The Student Council's blog is up and running at last!!! My main contribution to the blog so far is the video entitled "Here We Come". Check it out and comment leh... I wana know how my editing skills are... Haha...
The busy-ness never really stopped nor did it slowed down for a while. Want to know more what I've been up to, sneeking around on campus, bothering the school's stuff and that kept me away from blogging? Do visit! Although I'm the administrative secretary and wasn't really part of the team that plans the events per se, BUT, still got work to do one lor... Haha...
November will be a real busy period for me. In school, we are organising a huge event lasting for 9 days and I'm working as well. I need to work, I need the money for the on-campus residency in Oklahoma in about 5 months time. Woots! 5 more months!!!! I'm getting damn freaking excited lor!!!

The exam on the 20th went on fine. I was glad I was able to answer more questions that I thought I could. Now for the grades... Remember this entry which I talked about my grades being late? Well, I got my advertising grades, about 6 weeks late, receiving them in mid-September. I took my PR exam on 18 August, and only got the results just a few hours ago. Values and Cultures exam was on 15 September, results are almost 3 weeks overdue. I want my grades!!!

Anyway, remember I talked about a new taxi operator on the roads in this entry? I took it the other day. But honestly ah, judging by the taxi fare chart, I don't see how cheaper it is... The only good thing I could think of is that it runs on CNG and is environmental friendly. This is how it loks like...

Was in the school canteen yesterday afternoon. There were 2 girls, standing between a pillar and a clean, unoccupied table, wanting to fill up a form. Guess which one they chose. Hint: For a moment, I thought they chose to do so because they felt that there were too little blondes in school... Honestly, I laughed so hard, I was squatting on the floor. Yep, that's the mean side of me...

Sometimes, are people too self-centered or just plain brainless? There was a car, parallel-parking with only half a car body in the lot, while the other half was jutting out towards the "lane" in the carpark. I wished I could have taken a pic of it being such a safety hazard. Is it just me being paranoid? Is it only me that I'm being such a big idiot who cares if my actions will inconvenience others? Is it just me being stupid enough to care for others, while other don't simply just give a shit and only do things that convenience them? Wouldn't the world be a better place to live in if others would just spare a teeny weeny little thought for others?

Dearest Daphne, thank you so so very biggie muchie for the Hello Kitty Nice Matters Award!!! And yes, here's the meme that I got tagged...

What Is My Most Common Writing Mistake?
To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.
Copy the person and persons names who sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.
Here’s the answers:
Shine with Grace: Mixing the word “from” with “form” all the time
Trinity: I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava: Typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between
Genie King: I type too fast too…always end up with “tot he”…when it should be “to the”
Bobo: Makes too many mistakes all the time. She tend to miss out the word “not”.
Endoh: Can’t differentiate British or American spelling at times.
Claudia: Although a teach I is, I could everytime made mistook when I wrote and spoke. (Got it?)
Aaron: I used to always mix up than and then. It even sounds alike to me!
Daphne: I always use ‘objectively’ and ’subjectively’ wrongly.
Jas aka paced: I can't speel for nuts and always type shortform, even my MS Word's spellcheck has been programmed alrdy=already, pple=people, etc...
And i tag...
1) Arzhou
2) Chillycraps
3) Xinyun
4) Xizor
5) And of course, THE Dearest!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogging Now Is A Waste Of Time

Tomorrow's the BIG day.

But somehow, I don't feel psyched up enough. Maybe I'm really tired... Maybe I'm getting complacent that everything's done already... Maybe I'm burned out... Maybe I'm giving up, cracking under the pressure already... But it's important to go through them all over again right?
I can hear myself struggling.
Angel: Do it now!
Devil: You have the whole night, relax... Play some games...
Angel: It's just one more night! Pia a bit more...
Devil: Haven't you been stressed enough?
Angel: You are running out of time.
Devil: You can study the whole night through...
Angel: If you do that, you would not be able to concentrate on the exam tomorrow!
Me: True... I don't want to blank out during my exam again. Advertising was a damn huge scare. I thought I would fail.
Angel: See! Learn from experience!
Devil: This exam is not as tough. You are already quite clear on everything, just smoke through the answers tomorrow.
Angel: No! Never be complacent. Study now!

And the battle goes on and on... And I guess that is why I'm wasting time here... Maybe the holiday mood already engulfed me, after the last few months of non-stop classes and exams...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Am I Mad?

My MSN subnick says it all: "So Fucking Stress, I Don't Even Have One Minute To Cry To Release It..."
The pressure cooker's been switched on since last week when I realized I was sooooo running out of time. It didn't help that I was sick and getting drowsy from non-drowsy pa****l flu. Efficiency of writing my notes dropped.

Then, I tried to relieve some stress by baking cheesecake. I felt less tense when I was crushing the digestive biscuits with a spoon. Still, I'm feeling stressed.
I've found the articles I need for my application papers and now it's time to start on them. How I wish Saturday arrives sooner so I can relax and stone out. But how I wish Saturday arrives later, so I would have more time to do my application papers.

Am I setting expectations too high? Am I pushing too hard? But I know I would not be contend to get a C or even a B.
One reason of why I'm pushing so hard might be because of the days in poly. Being someone who enjoyed being behind the cameras, doing all the technical work, I was damn disappointed with the grades I got. Mainly because, I did not push and worked hard enough. Project deadlines were met because they have to be met. If I could have pushed myself more and squeezed in more time to edit, the edited pieces I handed in would not be what the lecturer would be marking upon. Most were all group projects, although there were individual tests that had a proportion in the marks. When you're in a group that doesn't really care about grades or are not very passionate about that project, rest assured that grades will definately go down.
Right now, my grades are in my full control. And I know if I do not push myself, I would end up with grades that I would be disappointed with.
Mine isn't a direct honors course. Getting As, Bs or Cs wouldn't matter much. So sometimes, I wonder why am I pushing myself so hard... Why am I "torturing" myself?

A friend on Monday told me that being in a council would suck up a lot of my time. However, studies first.
Right now, although I feel stressed, I still can cope. It's the exam period, of course I need to spend less time on everything else and concentrate on my books and assignments.

I hope someone would understand what I'm going through and bear with me till the end of the week.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

That Photoshoot, Fucking Sick, Giant Durian, My Scan Results...

I can't resist. It's been more than 2 weeks already. Everytime I feel like writing something, I would be pre-occupied with other stuff and that is why, although I would love to update, I can't.

About the photoshoot... It was fun and hot... I'm someone with not so active sweat glands. If I'm sweating and the back of our photographer's shirt looks like that, what do you think?
And sophisticated and sexy is soooooo not me... I can't pull off that look. Acting cute is more me.

I had flu about less than 2 weeks back. Now, I'm having it again. It's worse this time round. I'm sneezing and coughing like mad, my nose is running as though it's on a marathon threadmill that just goes on and on, I'm having a terrible headache and feel feverish. To top it of all that, I'm having those monthly cramps and the weather is damn fucking hot lor! But then, I feel chilly, because of the fever.

Went to see Dr Whang yesterday and today because I had a dental appointment as well and had to go to school yesterday afternoon and did not have ample time to do the liver ultrasound. Went for the scan today at 10, went back to Dr. Whang's clinic at about 11+ after brunch and collecting the scan. But Dr. Whang would only be back at around 1+.
Meantime, went down to Plaza Singapura to send my beloved Samsung E700A to the operation table to get the LCD screen replaced. I simply love this phone so much that I'm unwilling to keep it in a bad condition. Yes, I know, spending more than $100 to replace a screen while with that money you can get a brand new spanking phone is not very clever, but when you love the phone so much... I guess... nothing else matters right? Walked around Daiso and ended up with more Hello Kitty and gift wrapping stuff that I would leave to rot in the cupboard. They say shopping relieves stress, I believe so...
Went down to Carrefour to walk walk again and saw this freaking big durian lor!
And the pricetag is real!
Went back to the clinic at about 2. Dr Whang went through the scan results. Everything's ok! A CT scan in 4 months time... I officially declare: NED for 1 year!!! Woots! Live Strong!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogging Re-Priortised... Sophisticated & Sexy Me...?

In the past, my blog is about my life. I slowly included things I bothered. Then, it became an almost daily affair.

I think I am starting on a "trend", the "trend" of abandoning my blog all over again, not writing anything, only updating it every few weeks. It is not that I suffering from some kinda writer's blog whatsoever, I am just too squeezed for time on hand that I think blogging is wasting my time. No thanks to my obsessive-complusive trait and I can use up to an hour to "tidy" up an entry. Not typing here means I can complete writing pages of my notes (exam's coming next month and I am not someone who crams) or I could settle some council stuff. Somehow blogging is on the last of everything's on my mind now, so this might be the last entry of the month, unless there is something of importance that would make me talk about here.

Being in the pioneer batch for the Student Council is not easy. Some of you may have known that I have been tied up these few weeks "messing" around with council stuff. We are in the midst of recruiting more people and starting on a whole string of action plans. It's tiring, maybe not as tiring as the October action team as of now. Well, I am mainly doing admin stuff, so I have to tidy up minutes, schedule whatever's needed to be scheduled, contact those who needed to be contacted, etc. But, I am SOOOOO glad we are in this together. The passion and love of the rest of my council mates really push me on. Right now, vivid images are playing through my mind of everyone laughing in the meeting room after last week's interviews but after those fits of laughter, we could quickly compose ourselves to discuss more important issues. I love being with people who can have fun and work at the same time, and I am sooooo loving this council family of mine.

There's a photoshoot tomorrow. I am sooooo excited about it, and I really have no idea what to wear. Sophisticated and sexy is the theme... Hmm... Trying to psyche myself up to feel sophisticated and sexy... If time allows, I'll try to post photos after tomorrow.
Father, please bless us with good weather tomorrow so that the shoot will be successful without any hiccups. In Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen!

P/S: Pls miss me when I'm not posting any entries...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Best-est & Healthiest Mooncakes!

On Saturday, I decided to take a break from everything. So, I went down to Central with the company of the Dearest. I kinda like it there because I can enjoy being a sucker for Japanese stuff without squeezing with the crowd.

The mall was having a little food exhibition where customers can walk around, sample and buy mooncakes.

Then I saw rabbit mooncakes at Taiwan Lao Zhao Pai's booth!!! So cute! I've never seen mooncakes like that!

I'm kinda sian with the traditional lotus paste mooncakes. Seeing that they have 4 non-traditional, non-lotus-paste flavours, were made the untraditional way by using almond powder instead of flour, the cute rabbits (I'm also a sucker for cute stuff) and on top of that, the attractive promotions, I bought 2 boxes.

I ate the mooncakes with Dear and my parents for supper. When my mum saw the rabbits, she went, "Aiyoh, so cute!" My dad was at the computer at one end of the living room while I was cutting open the plastic and he could smell the aroma of the mooncakes! I cut them into quarters so that all four of us could taste them.

The skin for the red bean and black sesame flavours was damn damn "q", chewy and thin! The fillings were not very sweet and that's good, because some fillings are totally laden with sugar. You can even taste and feel bits of beans for the red bean filling! Some of you may know that sesame has its own kinda unique aroma, and that filled my whole mouth! The sesame filling was a tad powdery like the texture of those round-round peanut candies but the best part, it melted in my mouth.

The pastry for the ones with fruity fillings were buttery, tasty and were those type that would melt-in-your-mouth. The peach with almond had the sweet peachy aroma and the filling was chewy.
The cranberry with apple was the best of the lot voted by mum, Dear and me! I never really liked cranberries and this by far was the only cranberry product I enjoyed! It was not sourish, not very sweet and I could taste both the cranberry and apple! The pastry and filling complemented each other sooooo well. Then mum snatched the last quarter with a cheeky laugh... Dad didn't even get to try it...

Dad and mum both commented that these mooncakes are not very oily and that is a good thing.
Another good thing was the expiry date. No, make it the best thing! The expiry date read 5th October. I was kinda panicky at first, but I know that Taiwan Lao Zhao Pai's products are top notch Taiwanese products and most of them do not have preservatives. When I turned to the back of the box for the ingredients listings, I was right, NO preservatives!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hectic And Tired Week

This is #500 post after 6 years... Who cares? I'm in a freaking sian n bitching mood right now, but I have absolutely nothing to bitch about. I haven't been blogging for the past few days, and I guess, also for the next few days.

Hectic hectic week, and the week's not even complete yet. For the past 4-5 days, I've been trying to finish my assignment, a 8-12 paged worldview paper. It's still not complete yet as I have to deal with student council stuff as well and could only afford about less than a page a day. When I deal with such "point of view" essays, I need to sit down long enough to get the brain juices churning, and the time I do sit down is simply not long and thus not conducive enough.

When I start to jot down in my organiser or scraps of paper in a "micro" way, I know I'm starting to feel stressed. Usually, when I don't feel so stressed, my organiser would only have appointments noted down and I mentally take note of what to complete before that appointment. I can don't rely on my organiser and mentally remember what are the things I need to do. Now, I don't even have the brain power to remember. I rely on my organiser and scraps of paper to remind myself.

Papa in Heaven, please grant me the brain power I need to finish up the essay. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Childhood Silly Memories Part 4

Date: On a weekend during primary school.

Time: Afternoon

Venue: On SBS bus service/ route #7

Activity: Going to grandma's place at Geylang Lorong 40.

Silly Me:
I was on a old double-deck non-aircon bus, sitting nearest to the driver on a single seater with a Transitlink machine behind me and the exit in front of me. It might not be a Transitlink machine, but it was definately some kinda self-paying device.

I fell asleep somewhere along Holland Road, and woke up somewhere along Orchard when I heard someone say something like, "sit here. 2 kids can share one seat." As always being such a nice little sweet gal, I moved in a little to share the seat with the other kid. Then I fell asleep again...

As the bus was nearing the Geylang area, I woke up to an elderly lady coughing beside me. Remember those old tv serials where people pass the "cough of death" around? I thought when someone coughs around you and you develop cough later, you'll die from coughing. I didn't know there was such a thing called tuberculosis and vaccinations I had when I was even younger could actually immune me to a certain extent. Being paranoid, I ran to my maid who was sitting across the exit and held back tears, because I thought I would cough to death. I can only remember asking my maid why she didn't wake me up when there was someone coughing beside me and then told her I would die.

Finally reach grandma's place and I felt that my throat was kinda itchy. Back then, I only thought I would cough and drop dead, but thinking about it now, my mind really knows how to play games with me... I kept thinking about it and cried. My mum was kinda shocked and asked my maid what happened. My mum then came to me and said something like "orbi-good, sit alone, something bad happen then you know." That was not comforting at all and my crying didn't stop.

Finally a family member, I forgot who but definately not my mum or maid, came and explained to me the vaccinations that I had would immune me to these illnesses and that coughing to death does not happen as frequent as in those tv serials.

Talking about vaccines... Ladies, please be informed that there is vaccination avaliable in Singapore against cervical cancer. Please check with your doctors meanwhile, while I source for more information... ;-)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Paced Featured On Lianhe Wanbao

Yep yep... That was me indeed on yesterday's 联合晚报 (Lianhe Wanbao).

The front page...

The article...

Translation of the main article on the left column...
Initially, the nose-bleeding was thought be to just "heatiness", but not only was nose cancer diagnosed half a year later, the cancer had metastasized to the bones and liver and doctors only gave her 6 months to live.
26-year-old Jasmine cried a few times as she emotionally spoke of how over the last 2 years she had escaped death to recovery.
"My first nose bleed was in 2005 during Lunar New Year. I thought it was because my body was too "heaty" from eating bbq food. The nose bleeds then gradually became as frequent as weekly affairs. The doctor initially thought that the nose bleeds was due to the haze."
She went to see a specialist when the swollen lymph nose at her neck, which grew as huge as a ping pong ball, caused her to unable to turn her head.
Upon diagnosis, the doctor arranged for 32 sessions of radiotherapy. However, she still experienced fevers and pains felt in her back got worse.
When the doctor sent her for a PET scan, it was discovered that the whole scan was filled with black spots, with a large one in her liver.
On the same day the PET scan results were out, she was sent to received chemotherapy immediately. The doctor told her parents to "be prepared, as she has only 6 months to live."
"But, I recovered miraculously." The scans did after her chemotherapy ended in December 2005 showed that tumors were all gone.
She stopped taking oral drugs in September last year and cancer has not relapsed since.

Translation of the "square" article on the left column...
Heading: "I've grown up" Hopes to join the media to share cancer battle experience.
Jasmine felt she has "grown up" through this experience, and has decided to upgrade herself. Upon her recovery, she enrolled to study in a degree program in Mass Communications and would want to join the media industry upon graduation.
She also wishes to help her friend set up a website to share their experiences and give enouragement to other cancer patients.

Translation of the article below my picture...
Heading: Felt like chopping off the waist area due to the pains.
Between sobs, Jasmine said, "There was just pain in my lower left back initially, but when the pains spread to the entire back area around my waist, I can't sit or stand properly. It felt as if there was someone stabbing me with a knife. Even after taking painkillers, the area felt sore and aching."
Intense pains would make her cry, telling her parents and her boyfriend that if her waist area could be chopped off, she "would be ok." But her parents and her boyfriend were giving her great support. "Though my mum's and boyfriend's eyes were watery, they never once cried in front of me. So I told myself I have to get well because of their strength and support."

Translation of the article on the right...
Heading: Don't wish to die uglily; receives treatment positively.
During the treatment period, Jasmine lost 10kg as she always have no appetite. She keep telling herself she "cannot die ugily" and use this as a pushing force to stay positive.
Her weight dropped to 35kg, and her hip bone was very visible. Like other cancer patients who received radiotherapy, her skin was darkened as though it was sunburnt and her hair dropped.
"I was scared of death and did not want to die so uglily. I was only 24 and had yet to acheive anything. I have yet to been to my favorite baseball and soccer teams' matches, have yet to tour Turkey, Greece ..."

Thanks to reporter Hg Hui Min, I had a chance to share my experience! Hope I can be an inspiration to other out there who are battling to not give up! Ganbatte!

Email me at jas[dot]paced[at]gmail[dot]com if you guys want a copy of the scan for easier readability... I can't find a way to deal with the compression that happens after uploading the file

Hmm... All Balls...

I was reading this comic strip of cleats just now. When I came to the 2nd frame, I was laughing like mad. Why? Because I was thinking not everyone has balls the "dirty" way... Ok, I know not funny, but I didn't know what cracked me up. Enjoy the strip!

What are you thinking of?! Comic strip lah!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where Are The Grades?!

Grades are released one month after the exam is taken and that's the usual practice. I took my advertising exam on the 28th July. Till now, my grade for advertising is one week overdue.

Somehow I don't feel like knowing what is the grade I got... Because I blanked out during the exam. But I want to know if I failed...

Patience is key now...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That Classmate...

I got damn irritated during classes for the last module. Why can't people just learn? Or is that fella deaf?

1st 2 days of lecture, not around, never mind.
3rd day, came in, never learn. Break time, never learn. Come back from break also never learn. Go home, still never learn.
4th day, ditto above...
5th day, ditto above...
6th - 9th day, ditto above...
Ok, I cut that fella some slack. I think I can count with one hand how many times he "learned".

What happened was that by break time on the 1st day, we were all "taught" about the problem with the blardi door. If left to close on its own without someone holding it, it would SLAM! And I really mean BAM, SLAM damn loudly! Thus, we are all nice people and started "guiding" the door to close quietly. 1st 2 days passed peacefully since that fella not around.

On the 3rd day, that fella walked in, SLAM! Walked out, SLAM!
The next time he walked in, the following conversation took place...
Lecturer told that fella in a very nice tone to shut the door gently.
That fella: I never slam the door.
Lecturer: Yes I know. But would you mind? (or something in that context)
That fella acknowledge.

On the 4th day, SLAM SLAM still happened. So, from then on, whenever that fella walk in or out of the classroom, I would cover my ears.

Although that fella would not leave the class when the lecturer is talking, sometimes that fella does leaves during class times when the lecturer is switching between teaching aids. Imagine SLAM SLAM happening at least 4-6 times within 3.5 hours... It's a bit un-tahan-able.

Urban=Sunset Way & Suburb=Holland Village Soon?

This was how it looks like when shops were gearing up for business. It was touted as the next Holland Village and it didn't looked quite like it...

Talk about effects of media "intrusion"... This was how it looks like on last Saturday night (1 Sep) after it was featured in Straits Times Money section (pg:H28) on Thursday (30 Aug) and on a Channel U's Money Week. The crowd swelled over the past few weeks! When my mum passed by on Sunday afternoon, she was saying that there were queues outside almost every single eatery. Maybe it is also due to The Sunday Times Life section article (pg:L24).(If these people look as if they have no faces, it was because I blurred them out, there's nothing wrong with the camera. Hehe...)

This 2nd pic was taken outside Grill-Out! and Peaberry & Pretzel.

Details on the eateries below were put together with details from the article in The Sunday Times.
1) Megumi Japanese Restaurant (Tel: 6779 1411)
Opening hours: 1130 - 1430 & 1800 - 2230 daily
Specialities: UFO Maki ($12) and shabu-shabu ($17.80)

2) Fortune Cuisine (Tel: 6777 8622)
Opening hours: 1130 - 1430 & 1800 - 2230 daily
Specialities: Buffet. Steamboat served in 2 kinds of soup (yuan yang hotpot). Pricing: Wkdays: $19.80 per head. Wkends: $22.80 per head.
Psst: There's charcoal grill too!

3) Yum Yum Thai (Tel: 6777 1025)
Opening hours: 1100 - 1500 & 1800 - 2200 daily
Specialities: Garoupa with dried chilli ($24), tom yum soup ($8) and mango salad ($8)
Psst: It was full house on Saturday night.

4) Absolutely New Zealand (Tel: 6777 4628)
Opening hours: 1200 - 2100 daily
Specialities: L&P lemon-flavored fizzy spring water ($5.90 - 1.5 litres), Deep South ice cream ($13.90 - 2 litres tub).
Psst: If you love jams, you die die must come and take a look. So many types of jams to choose from. They are selling frozen meat, wine and potato chips too. But do not expect this shop to be a hige supermarket where you can find all sorts of NZ groceries due to space constraints (the shop space is not extremely big).

5) Grill-Out! (Tel: 6777 4628)
Opening hours: 1800 - 2330 Tuesdays till Sundays
Specialities: US Kobe ribeye ($65 for 220g), Black Angus striploin ($30 for 220g)
Psst: The meat are grilled over grills that are prepared daily by charcoal and fire. You can buy raw slabs of beef from them, and they look damn good with white fatty spots all over.

6) Peaberry & Pretzel (Tel: 6777 3477)
Opening hours: 1200 - 2200 daily
Specialities: German pork knuckles ($35) and mussels in white wine sauce ($35)
Psst: The apple crumble looks damn delicious, haven't tried it though.

7) Sunset Tavern (Tel: 6777 8938)
Opening hours: 1600 - 0000 daily
Specialities: Beef/ Chicken kebabs ($12.90) and wide range of liquors. Happy hours from 1600 - 1800.
Psst: Pool table and sofa seats. During nights of telecast of soccer matches, they open past midnight.

8) (Tel: 6486 9188)
Opening hours: 1100 - 2230 daily
Specialities: Boston Special pizza ($23.80 for 12"), lasagna ($10.70) and deep-fried chicken wings ($7.60 for 4)
Psst: The 16" pizza may look humongous, but it is very thin crust pizza, so 2 hungry people can still whack finish. My bf and I bought Kentucky's Nest (on the right) on Saturday night and both of us agreed that extra cheese would be good...

9) Cafe d'Orient (Tel: 6777 4680)
Opening hours: 1100 - 2300 daily
Specialities: Hong Kong favorites like baked rice with your choice of 6 sauces such as Portuguese, black pepper, Hong Kong curry ($8.90 - $14.90)
Psst: Try the Yuang Yang or Milk Tea too! My own food review of this place...

Did Ratatouille (Rat-a-too-ee) Visit Your Blog?

Everytime I view my blog, somehow I don't see nice image ads or much "high profile" advertisers for text ads. And I was really surprised to see the rat!Now, can I start to brag that a "celeb" from Disney visited my blog? Lol...

If anyone noticed, this post is labelled "Bimbo Me". I felt damn bimbo and sua ku when I posted. But this is my very first time seeing such a nice image ad on my blog! Gimme some leeway k? Hehe...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Nice If The World Was Cadbury...

I went to Candy Empire at Vivocity after catching the cast of Heroes to look for my Honey Soy Chicken Red Rock Deli Chips but they were out of stock.

Instead of walking out of the shop empty handed, I ended up with this... Yum yum... I love honeycombs! Be it Violet Crumble or Crunchie. I love the way it slowly melts in my mouth and how my taste buds tingle in sweetness and "golden-ness".

Now as a drink, it's just as shiok! Creamier and milkier.... Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury, and everywhere's filled with Crunchie drinks...

Cafe d'Orient Is...

..."The Hong Kong" in Singapore! Bah! So cheesy...

Dear and I went to try the food there almost a month back, when it was just newly opened, before the hype in the papers about Sunset Way.
Dear ordered Beef Slice Spaghetti and cold Yuang Yang. While I ordered Instant Mee with Chicken Chop, Egg and Curry and cold Milk Tea. We had to write our orders down and pass it to the service staff. If you don't know how to fill in the order sheet, the service staff can help you.
They will then bring the order form back to the counter and print out an order chit, slipping it under the glass sheet on the table. So while waiting for the food to come, I took a few pics of the place...

Can tell that it's full house already before the media hype...

The bar/ counter and birds lights in birdcages.

Notice the oriental laterns everywhere in the cafe? The whole place has the look of a hong kong cafe seen in TVB serials with those high-backed back to back seats and wooden chairs and tables, but with a "funkier and futuristic" edge to it.

First, the drinks came...
Dear said the cold Yuan Yang has a sourish after-taste. But I did not taste that as much in my cold Milk Tea, so it might be the coffee in the Yuan Yang. However, the blend of tea and coffee in the Yuan Yang was just nice. My Milk Tea is yummy, just the way I like like, milky...

Then my Instant Mee with Chicken Chop, Egg and Curry came...
The mee was quite "q". The egg was like those normal sunny side up. The curry blended well with the soup and was a great accompaniment/ sauce for the chicken chop. But the chicken chop was power. It was crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Of course throughout the meal, the crispiness lost its battle to stay crispy with the soup, but the chicken chop did not taste dry and overfried. Dear said the "saving" part of the noodles was the chicken chop. Yes and no, because I felt that the curry made the soup tastier too.

Last but not least, Dear's Beef Slice Spaghetti...
I was enjoying my noodles so much that this didn't really appeal to me. My noodles, with the soup and curry had a "heavier" taste than the spaghetti. Dear said it was kinda bland and I agree too. But those who would like to give your taste buds a "lighter" job, would like this dish.

This is how much poorer we were after the meal...

I wana go back there again. Till now, the taste of the chicken chop still lingers... Hmm, maybe tomorrow I'll walk down there to get my lunch! Dear normally attributes this kinda cravings as "must be hungry lah"... Sorry for the "flat" looking food pics, I don't have a digital SLR with funky lens and functions and I'm bad at photoshop.

Address: Blk 106, Clementi St. 12 (Sunset Way), #01-64
Tel: 6777 4680

Psst: Anyone wana date me to makan at this cafe?

Monday, September 03, 2007

I've Grown Up

Maybe having cancer has indeed changed me...

Some might know from this entry that I've been labelling all 480+ of my past entries. Finally completed doing so by viewing and reading each and everyone of them. It was easier during this blog's 6th anniversary entry because I knew which entries I had wanted to pick out.

I've realised I've grown up and my writing style has changed quite a bit. In the past, my entries are filled with mindless rants and whines, without any constructive opinions. Now, though they are still filled with mindless rants and whines, they are slightly less mindless after all.

In the past, the entries were really "my dear diary" style, yesterday morning what I did, tonite what I did, tomorrow afternoon what I did, etc... Whenever I wanted to blog about my feelings and serious thoughts, I tend to be superficial in doing so. Now, I not only keep to "my dear diary" style of my life, though not daily in an "organiser/ calender-timed" style, I managed to express better about my feelings and serious thoughts.

In the past, the entries were rarely on issues on-going around me, in Singapore, in the world. The entries were filled with mindless self-centered whines about me and only me. Now, I actually talk about world peace "issues" I feel that are worth my 2 cents worth.

Maybe my 2nd chance at life made me realized that actually one could do much more than just work and study. And maybe I've realized the power of how "public" a blog can get, in the world of the Internet.

At the end of the day, I don't want to be famous, I just want people to be able to reach me and I'll be there should they need advice on cancer. Experience is the best teacher. I want to help in ways I can. Since I have no monetary means now, I can only help by dishing out advice, giving mental, moral and emotional support for other patients. Maybe that's why God gave me a 2nd chance and I know He'll support me in doing so...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chillycraps Caught!

As we all know, CC is a big big anti-plug/ plugger. But he plugs too! Sorry, I meant he spoke in plugs. Take a look for yourself!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Have Only Myself To Blame

My eyes are so tired, I feel as though they are gonna pop out. Blame it on my obsessive-compulsive behavior...

I finally decided to put labels on my entries, so I would have easier time going through them as well. But as I'm still using the "old" template for blogger, the labels do not have a "section" on my sidebar and thus I have to manually create it. I could save all the trouble by changing to the "new" template and risk eeverything going hay-wire. Weighing the pros and cons, I figured out maunally creating the entire section for labels would be easier. And it was easy...

The hard and eye-popping part is the labelling of the entries... The "neatness" and "perfectionist" part of obsessive-complusive behavior kicks in and I'm still in the midst of labelling all 480+ entries. If one entry has a label, then all remaining ones must have them too!

Argh! Sometimes I so hate myself...

Mum Baked Shit... Not...

What happened was, Mum placed the "shit" on a piece of tissue paper, came into my room and showed it to me. When I saw it, my expression made my mum laughed so hard, she was practically rolling all over my bed. Then came my response, "C*** b**, what is this? Look like cat shit lor." She laughed even louder.

She finally composed herself and explained that during the baking process, the mixture seeped through the lining of the not-very-tight springform cake tin and dripped onto the base of the oven. Thus, forming this shit-looking thing.Since everyone else was already sleeping, mischevious me actually suggested placing this somewhere where my dad would immediately see it the very next morning. Then my mum started laughing again. When she finished her laughing, we decided against scaring my dad and I took a pic of this shit-looking thing on the floor...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Heroes At Vivocity

I went down to Vivocity this afternoon to catch the cast, or rather only 4 members of the cast, namely Ali Larter who plays the role of Niki/ Jessica Sanders, Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman, Sendhil Ramamurthy who plays Mohinder Suresh and my favourite cute, bubbly, endearing Masi Oka who plays Hero Nakamura, oops, I mean Hiro Nakamura.

Look at the red carpet treatment on my left and right and the number of people waiting to receive them!!!

I took a video of them walking down the red carpet, admist all the hunky (NOT), lovely (NOT), handsome (NOT), irritating (YES), pushy (YES), rude (YES) bodyguards surrounding them.

I know I'm mean by describing these people as above and I know that they have to do their jobs to protect the celebs. However, they are already huge, tall, bulky. It's damn hard for us fans who are slightly tinier in size to take a picture of our favourite artistes. And it doesn't help that these guys surround them as though these artistes cannot be exposed to air. Thus, fans swarm... These men ask us to move back, we swarm, because we can't see shit! Then these guys use force and start pushing.

Wouldn't things be easier if the red carpet is barricaded both with metal and human? I know it would cost the organisers lots more, but with these barricades, the artists would have a little more time to mingle with the crowd and because of the swarming fans who want to so desperately get a good picture, pushing the artistes to move along as fast as possible to avoid the swarms would actually cause more swarms. Think MTV Asia Awards and their red carpet, organisers...

Chillycraps & Arzhou Gossiped About Me!

And here's the proof!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

RE: UFO At Clementi Pasar Malam!!!

I've been asked why I call these deep fried snacks UFOs...

When I was younger, whenever I see stalls selling them, there would be signages calling them "UFO" and the name stucked. Arzhou told me that these are Teochew meat puff and nadnut said they should be called unidentified fatty objects instead. Haha...

Anyway, if any of you pingsters read this, we'll be having a pasar malam walk and eat session later. Come and join us! For details, please refer to the forum thread.

Eagles Hope To Soar This Season

Taken from the article at Man Utd's webby...
I'm proud to be at this club and pleased to be involved - I'm enjoying every
minute of it. Hopefully I can play my part in helping the team be successful
again this season.
My darling Chris Eagles, you will definately soar and can definately play your part!!!

I really hate to repeat this, but I knew that Eagles is good since a few years back...

Too Much Shit... Sometimes...

What am I doing here at 3+ in the morning? Shouldn't I be asleep? Sometimes I feel I have too much to blog about, I don't know where to start from. I'm not suffering from what some call as a blogger's/writer's blog, but my mind is kinda overloaded with things to write or blog about. Maybe I whine too much and complain too much, that's why I have so much shit to write about.

When I do know how to phrase or tie up ideas of what I want to write or blog about, I would not be in front of my lappy...
Sometimes I have already tucked myself into bed, by then I'm too sleepy and would just doze off.
Sometimes, I'm bathing and when these surface, I would try to remember them, but often I would end up, staring at the lappy, knowing I have to do something, but don't know what.
Sometimes, I'm on the bus, train or cab, with no lappy, no paper, no pen.

Bah! Maybe I should sleep!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Of Dear's Shit

Me: Dear, can I hold your hand forever? (So sweet and romantic rite?)
Dear: Cannot!
Me: (so wanting to hit him...) What you mean cannot?
Dear: Then how I play DOTA? (laugh and laugh)

If any of you read this entry, you would know the score now stand at DOTA 2 - 0 Me.
So tio pwned lor... Sigh...

Monday, August 27, 2007

UFO At Clementi Pasar Malam!!!

I love it when's a pasar malam (night market)... Some foods that I like would only appear when there's a pasar malam, eg: bird's nest drink (I think most is just agar agar), Ramly burger, malay kuey tu tu (those with the gula melaka in it), and much more! And now, I saw this!!!

Yum yum...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

REPOST: Whatever! Whatever!

A few of my friends were circulating this video of "Baby Ally Whatever" via MSN the last few days. So, I decided to repost this entry just in case you guys haven't seen it yet... If you haven't seen it, enjoy! If you have, don't bother clicking lah... Hehe...

Here goes the original post...
If I'm reprimanding my kid and if he/she does this, I don't know whether to cry, laugh or get angry. Got this from youtube.

How To Take Title Away From Man Utd

I adore Man Utd, it is my favorite soccer club. So, it took me some time to gather my thoughts of yet another of my favorite players leaving my favorite football club, I'm sad, angry, fustrated, amused, bewildered, whatever reactions you can think of. With Heinze's departure, I really don't know what the manager is thinking about!

If Yosei Moringno, Arse Weng, Lafiel Benitext or even Loy Kin need any advice to win the league, here's how...

Everyone knows that Gary Neville won't be back in action so soon. Everyone knows that Patrice Evra always can't decide between attacking and defending. Everyone knows that Rio Ferdinand's and Wes (Where's) Brown's minds are often light years away. Everyone knows that you are now left with other good defenders whom you don't play often such as Nemanja Vidic, John O'Shea and Mikael Silvestre, even though they are in form because you simply refuse to drop the other 3. The rest are too young and lack experience.
By doing the "legitimate" way of sabotaging other players to get booked or use of any violent conduct that renders a ban, target Vidic, Ferdinand and Brown and any other youngsters that come along. O'Shea and Silvestre are the "calmer" ones, so a bit hard...

Since we are on the topic of booking players, please get the "hotter" heads like Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes booked, so that my Chris Eagles can get to play. I had to say this because someone simply refuse to let Eagles play ahead of a player who goes by a Japanese nickname of nani, as he is now the "new invisible man", sharing the title with Michael Carrick. By the way, Nani, which coincidentally or not, is actually his real name...

Anyway, we are soooooo lacking strikers now. If Louis Saha forever does not recover match fitness, and if something happens to Carlos Tevez, good news for the rest of the Big 4 lor... Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is out, so is Wayne Rooney. So, we can only rely on ??? Don't ask me... Sell lor, sell Giuseppe Rossi lor...

If anyone noticed, this is a rant to let our anger and fustrations and I was actually crying while typing this... Please don't take this seriously... And I still blindly hope that Man Utd can win the title this year... Sigh...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Queer MSN Message!

Nope, it's not the "" thingy...
A friend of mine logged into MSN. Then he sent me this msg...
"This web tells you who blocked you in their MSN :-)"
Then he logged off, the very next second...

I was thinking why would he bother to disseminate this kinda info, and we had never threaded on a topic of finding who has blocked whom on msn. I googled, but couldn't find such a webby. I shortened the search to "" but still no such webby.

Anyone any idea? Virus? Phising webby?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Am A Doughnut Idiot

Remember about my post on Singaporeans being doughnuts idiots? Today, I succumbed to being one... After my post, my ego told me that I would be rather caught dead than walk around carrying bags of "inferior" doughnuts. Today, I didn't mind being caught dead... I walked around with these...

... which were from...

I had tried this newly opened doughnut outlet in front of MacDonalds at Clementi Central. It was awfully small, icing was a tad sweet, overpowered the dough (I think the main reason was there wasn't enough dough because the doughtnuts are really tiny) and the dough lacked oomph.

Blah blah, I didn't practiced what I preached. But I wanted to buy breakfast for tomorrow... I was tired after school, carrying a bag weighing 5kg, really lazy to walk further down to a confectionary, and even lazier to walk down a flight of steps to a confectionary, which meant I had to climb up the flight of steps later. So the alternatives were to buy either doughnuts, 3 for $2 pastries or min chang kuay. Since Dear was buying ice-cream and I was craving for doughnuts and yes, I was lazy, I fell prey to the "inferior" doughnuts.

As for the issue of a local weekly magazine which had an article about doughnuts, I went ahead and tried the one which had the same amount of stars as my favorite, Pop Doh at Takashimaya B2. The icing wasn't too sweet, which was good and it blended well with the dough. It was a big big pity that the dough wasn't up the my expectations.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do Lawyers Charge Like That?!

Pearls Before Swine, one of my favorite comics... I almost fell off my chair when I saw this.
Damn freaking hilarious!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Man Utd Is Now Bottom Of The Table

3 games played, 2 draws, 1 loss, adding further insult, the loss is to Man City in today's derby. Some points which I think could attribute to the situation now...

1) Fergie started Nani, and throughout his 59 minutes on the pitch, all his moves except for a few good passes, I was almost pulling out my hair, screaming nani in Japanese... His crosses were %&(^!#...

2) If Chris Eagles started instead of coming on in the 59th minute for Nani, he could have major contribution to the game. I'm not being biased, but Eagles' 31 minutes of work on the pitch was so much more beneficial compared to Nani's.

3) However matters are not settle, why can't play Gabriel Heinze? He was not even on the bench! So you have Vidic and Wes Brown whom I think were a complete mess in this game. Brown as usual is always daydreaming and Vidic, cowardly siam and result in the lone goal of the game. If it was Heinze, he would have moved forward and tackled that fella.

4) It is hard to throw a whole bunch of players who have not played together before to create miracles. The players need communication and 默契. Especially when you are playing attacking football, it is damn hard for players who have not played together to gel. How do you think Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole had so many goals for Man Utd last time?

I'm really really getting disappointed with Fergie. Like what Dear said, he prefers tried and tested players. Who doesn't? But can they gel and make the team work? Football is a blardi team game!

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Was reading through my textbook for Behavioral Science, which is a Psychology module and I found this interesting.

You may be sleep deprived if you...
1) fall asleep watching TV, in lectures, meetings or warm rooms (sometimes, in Poly, I always sleep during Film History classes...)
2) feel tired, irritable or stressed out for much of the say (sometimes)
3) have trouble concentrating or remembering (sometimes)
4) fall alseep after heavy meals or after a low dose of alcohol (alcohol, nope... heavy meals, I just feel sleepy and yawn, who doesn't?!)
5) fall asleep within 5 minutes of getting into bed. A well rested person actually takes 15-20 minutes to fall alseep. (Sometimes)
6) actually need your alarm clock to wake up (I have 3 and I still oversleep...)
7) find getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle. (If I have 3 alarm clocks and still oversleep, what do you think?)

So, concluded, I'm sleep deprived and I not pig...

Dear Is Jealous Of

He says after joining, I spend more attention and time on
He says after joining, I'm always at the shoutbox...
He says after joining, I don't care him...
He says after joining, I get pek chek with him more easily...
He says I never jio him on the outings... (But then again, I know he wouldn't want to come but he just wants me to get rejected)
So I concluded, Dear is jealous of Hehe...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Elmo Turns Emo

OMG! Cute cute Elmo from Sesame Street turns emo... Got this from youtube after hearing this from April...

I Not Pig

Don't call me "pig". I've got reasons for sleeping in...

Ever since staying up late doing the advertising group presentation, I think for 2 months now, I haven't been really able to recharge. Lessons, studying, doing ASSignments, preparing for classes and quizes, etc, and now lessons have started again. I haven't been able to get my daily 8-9 hours of sleep I must have, even sleeping in for a few more hours on certain days, I haven't been able to feel recharged as the days and weeks after, it's going to be back to the 5-6 hours nightly.

We normally don't get Saturdays off, and usually have classes on Saturdays. Thanks to the lecturer's request, now for this module, Behavioral Science, we do get Saturdays off... And thanks to that, I slept at about 12 midnight yesterday and only woke up at 4pm just now. 16 hours of sleep, I'm still yawning. No thanks to the weather too... It's raining and it's sooooo cooling to sleep in. I want to zzzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Noisy Wake, Yet...

Warning/Disclaimer: Read the entire post carefully before deciding to flame me or not...

The freaking loud chanting and prayers at the wake held in the void deck of the block opposite my flat went on for about an hour and had just stopped. I believe they are praying for someone of Soka belief because I could recognise the "nam myoho renge kyo". The chantings were loud because I could hear them from my 8th floor flat. Ok lah, I admit I wasn't staying that far away lah.

But, I was really touched... Really really touched by the chanting and praying and the blessing these kind people were offering to the deceased. They went on and on for about an hour and sat in a position which I know could be quite tiring. My sis said they had did it yesterday too.

I hope their chanting could go on and on and as loud as possible, even louder than the "volume" I've heard. As they were chanting, I could hear the sincerity in their voices. I hope their God will be able to hear their blessings and prayers and bless them too. These are kind and nice people and I hope their good karma will be repaid...

I feel so touched that I really feel like crying now...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inching Closer...

Dear met me for lunch after my exam just now. We were "bullying" each other on the overhead bridge when the following conversation happened...
Dear: Don't play lah, wait I drop down and die how?
Me: (being romantic) I die with you lor.
Dear: Cannot...
For a moment I thought it was going to be a rare romantic moment from him and was smiling from ear to ear...
Dear: ...If you die, who burn dota for me?
I tio pwned... by dota...

Feeling a tad more relaxed already. Another paper down means another module cleared. This overlapping of modules is driving me MAD! Tomorrow class starts again... Have yet to prepare and do the pre-assignments. Better start soon after I finish this post...

Met the Pingster for dinner just now at Cafe Cartel. I ordered Chicken and Mushroom baked Macaroni. Yummy yummy... Can you see the cheezeeeeeeeeeee?

For so long, hearing the album so many times, I always held back my tears when hearing my diva A*Mei sings 如果你也听说. Hearing her sing so sadly and painfullly makes me wana cry because being a fan and knowing all kinda rough patches she has endured through, I know exactly what the lyrics mean to her. After holding back the tears so many times, I finally cried hearing her sing "live" just now on 我爱黑涩会. 阿妹, 为设么要唱的那么悲伤? Die, concert I must prepare lots and lots of tissue liao...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do All Male Pingsters Have A Belly?

That day at gathering at Secret Recipe, someone (not gonna say names...) said that most male pingsters have belly. Well, after going out for supper (which is already fattening) on last Friday night with them, I realized this might be the reason why...

Offering Wireless@SG? More Like Wireless(not)@SG!

This was spotted at a fast food restaurant in Holland Village which has Wireless@SG avaliable.
Wireless@SG is a wireless broadband programme developed by IDA to let Singaporeans have easier access to the Internet outside of home and this is a government initiative. By discouraging use, why do you bother even to offer? Here, the government is pushing to "wire up" the entire island, and here you are discouraging use... Tsk tsk...

What happened as seen above is that cardboards with the words "DO NOT USE" were used to cover up the power sockets. When people work out of home for various reasons, they would need minimally a power socket and being able to access the Internet is a plus. And by covering up these sockets, customers are not able to power up their laptops (and we know laptop batteries don't last amazingly) and connect to the Internet at these places.
So, if you are not interested in letting customers use their laptops at your restaurants, may I ask why in the world are you bothering to offer Wireless@SG too? Are you trying to discourage use of a government's initiative? I definately think so! the government is pushing to "wire up" the entire island, and here you are discouraging use?! I don't freaking understand. I think they are supporting Wireless(not)@SG instead...

To me, it simply makes no complete sense to offer Internet access but not power sockets. How much power can one's laptop consume? Even if customers sit there the whole day using your electricity, the money earned from the food and drinks purchase would be enough to cover, wouldn't it?

A few shops down, another cafe was offering Wireless@SG too, and it was packed with people using their laptops there, because they did not cover up their power sockets. Everyone was having a drink from this cafe and that means business! If the above fast food restaurant did not cover up the power sockets, I'm sure they would fetch in more business too, because it was freakingly empty.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Are Some Blogs Really Worth Our Attention?

Why do we even fucking bother to read senseless entries blogged by insensitive idiots who are worth maybe lesser than a piece of shit?! Why do we even bother to lift our fingers to "pong" them and contribute to their blog traffic? Just because they have a weird sense of humor to the extent of being mean? I read an entry in nadnut's blog about some $#&!#*% "top" blogger and I got so agitated that I told nadnut I would help her to spread the word about this idiot. If you haven't read nadnut's entry, you can read it here.

I know I can be damn mean sometimes too, but I don't curse someone who is already missing to drown. Even being mean and having hatred will have a certain extent rite? So many people are already worried about her and keeping a lookout for her for fear that she is in danger. Her family members are definately worried too!

Try to imagine and put yourself in the shoes of her family, friends and relatives. Wouldn't you be worried if someone close to you is missing? No news, nothing. And you have other senseless idiots who give false news and tipoffs of her whereabouts, sending her loved ones around in circles. How about having someone curse your family member dead when he/she is already missing? How would you feel, u idiot senseless creature?!

What goes around comes around and I really agree with others that bad karma will come and haunt you... Be afraid... Be really really afraid...

If anyone cares, please spread the word about this $#&!#*% "top" blogger and stop contributing to his blog traffic... Go to nadnut's entry on this shameless fella and you'll know who he is... And Nadnut's friend on her own take on this $#&!#*% blogger...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

12 Layers Of Paced

Got tagged by Kriscell... Here it goes, my 12 layers...

Layer 1: On The Outside
Name: Jasmine aka paced
Birth Date: 24th June (Can I keep the year an "open" secret?)
Current Status: Attached and very unavaliable
Eye Colour: Dark brown? Black?
Hair Colour: Dark brown / chestnut and its natural

Layer 2: On The Inside
My Heritage: Chinese, Shanghainese, Cantonese (though I think I might be Japanese at times... lol)
My Fears: Unfamiliar heights and butterflies (Nicole Kidman has a phobia of butterflies too, so I'm not the only weird one)
My Weaknesses: Hello Kitty, Louis Vuitton, Red Rock Deli chips, I'm a sucker for anything Jap, and lots more... My Dear makes me weak at me knees too...
My Perfect Pizza: Lots and lots of CHEEZE!!! No olives thank you very much...

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My First Thoughts of Waking Up: Work... School work... Must do work...
My Bed Time: Depends on whether it's exam period or not. During exam periods I sleep in the morning after the sun rises.
My Most Missed Memories: Softball training sessions and staying overnight in school rushing projects.

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi but I prefer non-gassy drinks actually...
McDonalds or Burger King: Can I have Jap food instead?
Single or Group Dates: Single with Dear, group with lotsa friends!
Adidas or Nike: Both if I have the moolah...
Tea or Nestea: Milk tea!!!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both... Chocolate as a snack... Vanilla in my coffee!!!
Cappucino or coffee: I'm a caffeine freak. Anything goes...

Layer 5: Do You...
Smoke: Yes, during exams and assignments.... Have to smoke through the answers to get grades mah.... Oh, you mean ciggies? No. I don't smoke also get cancer and why should I pay the gahmen so much to kill myself.
Curse: I don't have pins and voodoo dolls but I use my "Hokkien Pte Ltd" everyday...
Take A Shower: Of cos lah! I like to smell nice...
Have A Crush: Who doesn't? Luckily my crush loves me too...
Go To School: 13 years still not enough, now still struggling along
Want To Get Married: Yes! And Dear wants 5 JR Wongs...
Believe In Yourself: I try to...
Think You’re A Health Freak: Eh...

Layer 6: In The Past
Drink Alcohol: Absolut anytime sia...
Gone to the Mall: Which girl don't go shopping one?
Been on Stage: Yep
Eaten Sushi: Did I say I'm a sucker for anything Jap?
Dyed Your Hair: Yep. I'm a vainpot and I admit it!

Layer 7: Have You Ever…
Played A Stripping Game: Nope. I'm a prim and proper gal...
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: I am who I am.

Layer 8: Are You Hoping To...
Get Married: Yes! And Dear wants 5 JR Wongs...

Layer 9: In A Man
Best Eye Colour: Eh...
Best Hair Colour: Hmm...
Short or Long Hair: Er...
For a Chinese, I think look like Luo Zhi Xiang, Bosco Wong, Lai Lok Yi, Steven Ma or Jay Chou can liao...
For an Ang Moh, too many to name lah...
But I think my Dear is the most handsome guy ever!!! Hehe...

Layer 10: What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: Sending Dear to the door
Hour Ago: Having Lunch
Four And A Half Hours Ago: Sleeping
A Month Ago: Forgot...
A Year Ago: Celebrating a friend's birthday?

Layer 11: Finish The Sentences
I Love: My Dear, Hello Kitty, Louis Vuitton, Red Rock Deli chips, etc...
I Hate: Butterflies, inconsiderate fuckers, posers, etc...
I Hide: I hope I can say "my money" but I'm too broke to hide my money
I Miss: Too many things...
I Need: A's, a GPA of 4 and lots of moolah...

Layer 12: Tag 5 People
Wah pengz... Dunno who to tag... Can don't tag?

Pacey's Tots Is 6!

Dear Diary,
Today is your 6th birthday! You have gone through so many ups and downs of my life, even through life and death. Before the whole "blogsphere" term came about, you were just known as an "online diary" or "journal". Time evolved, so did your name; now you are known as a blog. Whatever it is, you still contain the whines, grumbles, rants and thoughts of a Singaporean girl named Jasmine aka paced.
Happy Birthday! Love you!

Entries about things which I really care about...
1) Ngee Ann Poly's softball team's favorite past time
2) First major complaint about the gracious society shit
3) Starting "episode" of my depression
4) Truly realized and confirmed I have depression
5) My depression hits deep
6) Beginning to get better
7) Ranting about the undergrad who threw her baby down the chute
8) Realizing that I'm really sick and it's not just a simple flu
9) CT scan results & confirmation of cancer
10) My take on 2 female bloggers in Singapore
11) Aches and fevers even though radiotherapy is over
12) Bad news... Cancer has spread
13) One year anniversary with
14) Only bitches are taken seriously?
15) Finding the meaning of "me" after cancer

Life goes on... You still go on... Thank you for being with me...

EPL Player Works For Singapore?!

An ultimate end to withdrawal syndromes suffered during the absence of good soccer matches. Some funny stuff I and Dear picked out while watching the matches...

During Sunderland vs Tottenham...
Commentator: D*** Whitehead
Me: Huh? Dick Whitehead?
Bf: (laughing) Don't think so, but I also heard Dick Whitehead
Name superimposes on image of player reading Dean Whitehead
Me n Bf: Chey! Dean Whitehead lah...

During Bolton vs Newcastle...
We found a player who is working for Singapore. He's a CID... Gerald Cid... lol...

During West Ham vs Man City...
Schmeichel plays for Man City in goal
Me: Huh? Schmeichel? Which Schmeichel is this? Schmeichel's (Peter) son ah?
Bf: Maybe Peter Schmeichel's son. Check lah.
Me: (went to google for Kasper Schmeichel) Yah lor, Peter Schmeichel's son! But he don't look like his dad! Peter Schmeichel stand in goal, half gone. This one stand there machiam like ant. Then his nose so small, his dad's nose so big...
When the match ended, I was thinking maybe he has his dad's genes, kept a clean sheet...

During Aston Villa vs Liverpool...
Bf: Do you know there are 2 Alonso-es now in EPL?
Me: Yah
Bf: Next time Liverpool play Bolton, wah lau...
Me was thinking, last time got 2 Neville-s also like that, 2 Ferdinand-es also like that... So 2 Alonso-es and then? No and then mah...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Vanity" Car Plate Spotted In Singapore

I was in a cab in the evening (about 6.55pm) along Napier Road, just after Gleneagles Hospital, when the taxi uncle pointed out to me that the car plate number of the car in front of us was DK 65 OXL. I was like "huh", eyes blink blink and tried to re-confirm what I had seen. I know that we have plans to have vanity car plates aka personalized car plates in Singapore, but so soon?

I have 3 speculations about this and please correct me if I'm wrong.
1) I don't think this car could have been a Thai or Malaysian car that drove all the way down here because I doubt Thailand or Malaysia has a car plate number beginning with DK.
2) Could it be that the car was shipped or air-freighted over from another country?
3) Singapore has started issuing vanity car plates.

I don't have a pic to prove what I've seen because by the time I whipped out my phone from my bag, this white/ cream Chrysler 300C changed lane to turn into Tanglin Road while my cab went straight up into Grange Road, bypassing it. And the people who were in the car looked Chinese. Someone shed some light? Has anyone seen this car on the roads before?

Manchester United Squad Numbers for 07/08

And I can tell you that I'm freaking pissed and sad... This is the list according to Man Utd's webby...
1 Edwin van der Sar
2 Gary Neville
3 Patrice Evra
4 Owen Hargreaves
5 Rio Ferdinand
6 Wes Brown
7 Cristiano Ronaldo
8 Anderson
9 Louis Saha
10 Wayne Rooney
11 Ryan Giggs
12 Ben Foster
13 Ji-Sung Park
14 Gabriel Heinze
15 Nemanja Vidic
16 Michael Carrick
17 Luis Nani
18 Paul Scholes
19 Gerard Piqué
20 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
21 Dong Fangzhuo
22 John O'Shea
23 Jonny Evans
24 Darren Fletcher
25 Danny Simpson
26 Phil Bardsley
27 Mikael Silvestre
28 Darron Gibson
29 Tomasz Kuszczak
30 Lee Martin
32 Carlos Tevez
33 Chris Eagles
35 Kieran Lee
36 David Gray
37 Craig Cathcart
38 Tom Heaton
39 Fraizer Campbell

As my darling Gabriel Heinze's future in Man Utd is still not very decided yet, he has been dropped from no. 4 to 14, the shirt vacated by Alan Smith. Looking at no. 1 to 11, you can tell who's in the first 11 and who's not.
No. 12 has been given to Ben Foster, hinting that he is 2nd in line in goal, going by traditions. But Tomasz Kuszczak, who is actually 2nd in line in goal is not given no. 12...
Shirt no. 19 reads Gerard Piqué, and I'm really pissed about this. Firstly, as new signings and the reserves move up into the senior squad and "fill up the gaps" in the numbering, why is my Chris Eagles not being considered priority for no. 19? Secondly, during the asian tour and friendlies pre-season he was wearing 19. I'm so damn blardi pissed as he looks as if he is still in the reserves squad as compared to Piqué, Jonny Evans, Danny Simpson, Phil Bardsley, Darron Gibson, Lee Martin, and Eagles is "senior" when compared to some of them! Grr...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Eagles Soar Yet Yet Again!!!

4th senior goal from my beloved Chris Eagles. Got this from youtube.

Actually quite pissed with the Gaffer. He said he would not make much changes to the squad that played against Inter Milan for the FA Community Shield, only just a few. And one of the few changes was Eagles. He started againt Inter, but sat on the bench for the Shield. Bah!

My Song For National Day

The lyrics goes...
The 9th of August is a holiday
We don't have to go to school, we all can play
I'm dressed in my best, especially for today!
Hip hip hooray, it's our National Day
So we sing
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Well, I didn't write that song but I was part of it, or rather... almost part of it... Which Singaporean kid does not want to perform, participate or somehow get involved in the National Day Parade? It's such a big thing every year and many gather to put up a celebration for the nation.

Flashback to when I was very young. Think I was in kindergarden or lower primary when I went to the old National Stadium at Kallang to watch the Parade. I loved the atmosphere and I can still remember how it was like being there.
Then my nanny and her daughter, who are Soka members got involved in the performances and they always talk about how fun it was although it was tiring, hot, take up a lot of time, etc... However, all the "pains" they went through were worth it because not everyone has a chance to take part that often.

Then one year, my primary school was "invited" to take part in the parade. Those who wanted to join were given consent forms to sign. I brought the consent form home and my mum refused to sign it. She said it was troublesome fetching me to and fro and yadah yadah, all sorts of blardi reasons... Dateline to hand in the consent forms was up and I did not submit the consent form. I told my teacher about it and she said that it's ok and when my mum decide to sign, I could be part of it.
However, the response was overwhelming. When my mum finally signed the consent form, I was a reserve. There was enough people already. The same teacher told me that I could learn the song first and if anything cocks up, I can still be part of the performance. I waited and waited till National Day itself and I was not part of the Parade.
As I watched the performance on TV, I sang the song as loud as I could. My parents were saying "how come I know the song", "wah, performance nice", "song nice", "so many people", and then "eh, Raffles Girls Primary School" and I said, "if you sign the consent form earlier, I'm there singing now", pointing at the screen at the same time, at my schoolmate, and went back to my room to cry...