Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Queer MSN Message!

Nope, it's not the "" thingy...
A friend of mine logged into MSN. Then he sent me this msg...
"This web tells you who blocked you in their MSN :-)"
Then he logged off, the very next second...

I was thinking why would he bother to disseminate this kinda info, and we had never threaded on a topic of finding who has blocked whom on msn. I googled, but couldn't find such a webby. I shortened the search to "" but still no such webby.

Anyone any idea? Virus? Phising webby?


xinyun said...

trojan, probably.

what i do know is that it'll hijack your msn and send out similar messages to your friends.

NTT said...

Actually, that's how this "contact-checker" works.

If you use it, it will ask you for your id and password, and check who has blocked you. On the side, it will login to your MSN and send this "advert" to all your contacts.

So your friend used that service lah..

Personally, I'll never trust my password to such service..