Monday, March 30, 2009

Excuse? Whatever!

In a bid to make myself less porcupine-y, I treated myself to a little retail therapy after work just now.

Mango was offering a 20% discount for members, and me being a Mango fan, and blah-blah-cut-long-story-short, I spent $292 in all.

Now now, which rational should I use to make my bank account feel better?
a) I spent $365 but got a top and a tube free?
b) I got $73 in discount?
c) I got everything at 20% discount and avoided the scenario of looking island-wide for a size during the sames period?

Haha! Whatever it is, I do feel a little less porcupine-y now! But be careful, don't ruffle my "needles"...

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Past 2 Weeks In Random-ness

Already the disclaimer in the title, this post will be at total random-ness. If you want it in chronological order, piece it yourself.

Some of you might feel that I'm giving "attitude" judging by that one sentence above. I am, I don't care and I think I'm entitled to, because I don't feel too well. I've been having gastric, digestive and bowel problems for the past few days and I have no freaking appetite.
The one thing that I do not need is an onset of a headache, which started to creep in mid-day and is threatening to burst my skull any fucking minute right now. And so, I cab-ed home. And the last thing I needed was a cab smelling as though the can of air freshener was spraying into my nose throughout the whole journey. I swear that if I was feeling drowsy or had a HUGE lunch that had not been digested yet, I would have puked in the cab.

And speaking of smells... I have to state I do not have a hate relationship with perfumes and fragrances. However, I just think that there are just some people who love their fragrances too much.
I was sitting at the very last row of a double-decked bus, the new ones with ramps to facilitate wheelchairs, the other day. I closed my eyes, and was relaxing and enjoying the ride to work.
Then came along a lady who sat across me. She smelt as though as she had splashed a WHOLE bottle of perfume on her. A few stops later, another lady sat beside me. She, too, smelt as if she had splashed a WHOLE bottle of perfume on her. With 2 "bottles" of perfume engulfing me, it wasn't the end. The lady beside me took out her scarf with also smelt as though as she soaked her scarf in ANOTHER WHOLE bottle of perfume!
When I reached office, my nose was numb and I was having a headache.

Sometimes when I get home, I get reminded of why I don't like to be at home. I guess I don't have to explain myself, most of you get the drift...

Sometimes I don't like to explain myself. Sometimes i just don't feel like chatting or talking because I want my fucking peace and quiet. Sometimes I feel that some people try to engage me in a conversation but EPIC fail cos I'm really not fucking interested. Sometimes I feel its tiring to be nice and "entertaining" and sometimes I just feel like telling some people to fuck off and back off. Do I really have to tell u in the face that I don't really feel like talking? Just leave me alone... Puh-lease...

Last week was a kinda tiring but it was a fabulous week. I broke my own OT record by staying one evening till 10.15pm and went back on Saturday to work. AND I cab-ed to work EVERY day... I kinda OT-ed every day, so I reached home late, slept late, and hence, woke up late. However, there was one evening, I went home early, prepared to tuck into bed early so I can avoid cab-ing to work. But I ended up tossing and turning and only got to sleep close to 3am. In the end, I cab-ed to work again... But these "negative" points of the week were overshadowed when I was hanging out with my fabulous people over the weekend!
My weekend started on Friday evening (though I had to work on Saturday) being with my wonderful jiemeis. We went for shabu shabu at a restaurant in Cuppage Plaza. I seriously can't remember the name of the place but apparently it had not too bad reviews. My personal review: there is much room for improvement since the only thing I liked about the place was the sesame sauce. Personally, I don't think I would go back there again if I'm going to compare quality of food vs price. However, I would go back there again if I'm going to compare time spent with my darling galfriends vs price, because the time spent with these gals would negate every single negative point there is!
Saturday evening was spent at timbre at The Arts House with my MDIS classmates. The place was cooling, the music was not too bad and I had a great time chatting, catching up and gossiping with them. Haha... Jack and Rai performed and it was my first time hearing them "live". They are actually not too bad lor.
Sunday was the day that ticked my bio clock... LOL... Went to my friend's princess's one month old celebration! The baby so cute lah! She woke up and it was time for milk. But she did not cried loudly, instead, she was making cute whining sounds and was rubbing her feet against each other! Haha... Dear was commenting he cannot imagine how a baby is going to fit into me cos I'm like so petite. Yah, I LOOK petite but I have an (in my opinion) ugly big fat bum and going by the old wives tale of those with big bums can carry or give birth to babies easily, I think I can "fit" the baby in me lor...

I think this is DAMN funny and I don't care and I'm just gonna blog about it! In my job scope, I work with a few sales/account people who service my company's account. The other day, one of them was looking for me, but accidentally called my boss instead. The first thing this fella said, in Mandarin, was, "oei, where are you?" (We sometimes use this question as a "greeting term", instead of the usual "hello" because sometimes we just need to be in the office to refer to emails as we talked) My boss was like "huh?!" When this fella called me and told me about it, I was laughing my head off cos I can NEVER imagine this fella talking to my boss like that. I still think its funny, till now... hahahahaha

October 4th Was Happening!

This is a damn back dated post which was sitting in the drafts for a little more than 5 months. Haven't had time to properly blog about it till recently...

This day in 2008 is a very special day for me. It marked the end of a stage in my life and it was also a day where I met up with some friends whom I see about once or twice a year and get to scream my lungs out. It was the day of my graduation ceremony and A*Mei was in town for her concert. However, I was kinda afraid I would have to skip one initially.
I had already bought a ticket for A*Mei's concert, then, came the news that the ceremony would be held on a Saturday in October. I was so hoping that the dates and times would not clash! Thank God they did not.

On that day, a few hundreds of us gathered at Ritz Carlton. We had to arrive much earlier than our guests for a ceremony briefing and rehearsal. After that, a few of us went to Pasta de Waraku at Marina Square for lunch. After lunch, we were back at the hotel to robe for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there was a high tea buffet spread, but it was considered dinner for me. Some of my friends hung out later, but I was having a fabulous time at the Indoor Stadium.
A*Mei as usual was always teasing the crowd. I remember there was one moment where she was talking about her taking part in a musical in Japan, where she played a queen. My friend beside me let out a cheer. She turned over to us and asked teasingly, "皇后有设么好叫的 (what's there to cheer for when i said queen)?" and a few of us started cheering. She then paused for a second or 2, looked at us and said "皇后 (queen)", and our whole group of us starting cheering. She laughed and gave a signal to stop, like how an orchestra consuctor signals a stop by closing his/her palm. She then paused for a second or 2, still looking at us and said "皇后 (queen)". This time round, the entire stadium roared.
Besides singing her own songs, she also sang Stefanie Sun's 天黑黑 and Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You, which was damn damn good!
Can't wait for the next time she comes to Singapore... I'm missing my diva already...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Battle With Cancer Is NEVER Once-Off

I guess my hatred for the enemy will never "soften". Whenever news trickles in that someone has passed on due to cancer or that someone has a relapse, the intensity of hatred and determination to win this battle just increases.

Fighting cancer is NEVER a once-off, its a lifetime commitment and determination. Once you are on its radar, be aware, because you will ALWAYS be on its radar.

I will not give up in this battle, nor do I wish to hear/see anyone giving up. I want to win this battle "gloriously" in my own way and with God's blessings, which is to rather die in an accident, of an heart attack, stroke, etc, than to die of cancer.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rant Mode On...

I finally got hunted down and was greatly disturbed by the Evil Presence. During the first visit of the year, I escaped relatively unscathed. But I wasn't that lucky today.
I really hate it and get annoyed when it happens to others and now when it has happened to myself... Let's just say, I'm just trying to keep my bitchiness to ranting on this entry and letting off some steam.
Seriously, sometimes I just wonder why... Why just can't fucking hell fuck off back into your own fucking realm. May I have God's blessings to shield me away...

While I was bathing just now, I found a freaking HUGE bruise on my lower thigh. What the hell did I ram into?!

I'm at home now and I wish for some peace and quiet after a damn lousy day, but someone somewhere nearby is practicing on the violin. Not that the person is not playing well, but I would prefer a much slower piece... Wonders if the person takes song requests...

For the record, I freaking hell hate broken records though I might be sounding like one myself now... I know that I had told myself before loads of times to STOP whining about this, I simply just can't...
Man Utd has gotten the 3rd trophy this season, Community Shield, World Club Cup and now, The Carling Cup. Looking at the squad that went up to collect the winner's medal, I can't help but imagine the what-if-Chris-Eagles-is-still-in-Man-Utd scenario... There was a huge chance he was up there collecting the medal! ARGH!