Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pacey's Tots Is 6!

Dear Diary,
Today is your 6th birthday! You have gone through so many ups and downs of my life, even through life and death. Before the whole "blogsphere" term came about, you were just known as an "online diary" or "journal". Time evolved, so did your name; now you are known as a blog. Whatever it is, you still contain the whines, grumbles, rants and thoughts of a Singaporean girl named Jasmine aka paced.
Happy Birthday! Love you!

Entries about things which I really care about...
1) Ngee Ann Poly's softball team's favorite past time
2) First major complaint about the gracious society shit
3) Starting "episode" of my depression
4) Truly realized and confirmed I have depression
5) My depression hits deep
6) Beginning to get better
7) Ranting about the undergrad who threw her baby down the chute
8) Realizing that I'm really sick and it's not just a simple flu
9) CT scan results & confirmation of cancer
10) My take on 2 female bloggers in Singapore
11) Aches and fevers even though radiotherapy is over
12) Bad news... Cancer has spread
13) One year anniversary with
14) Only bitches are taken seriously?
15) Finding the meaning of "me" after cancer

Life goes on... You still go on... Thank you for being with me...


uzyn said...

Happy Birthday diary!

I read through some of your featured entries. Really interesting and to know that you have been blogging for so long and still continue to do so on a regular basis, I salute you.

Keep up the good work, Paced!

paced said...

Thanks uzyn!

daphne maia said...

i read thru all ur blog entries :) im glad i know you. i wish i cld b as strong as u, n treasure my life as much as u do!

paced said...

daphne: i'm sure you can...