Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I Hate (Parents Version)

When was the last time I did the things I hate thingy? 2 years back? Here it goes again, my whines about stupid, inconsiderate parents whom I think they need training to be parents.

1. Lost And Still Get Scolded
The other day, my mum and I were at Clementi central. This kid, around 3-4 years of age, was walking and walking ALONE! We decided to follow her, just in case she wanders off onto the road or something. At the same time, we were calling out to her, "小妹妹 (little girl), mummy leh? 你要去哪里? (where do you want to go)" But she just kept walking and walking. She then stopped suddenly and started to walk back towards where we first saw her. My mum followed while I went to bank in money. My mum and the girl saw her mum and her mum wanted to beat saying, scolding her where she had gone to. My mum say don't beat her because she is already so scared. But the lady ignored my mum and continued scolding her. The little girl scolded back, "你去哪里? Ch** b**, ch** b**!" When my mum heard that, she got a shock. The lady never said any kinda thank you words to my mum for helping her find/ look after her child and left with the little girl. I think she was embarrassed.

2. Go Play
Well, these parents don't really care about their children's safety. I was at the bus interchange the other day. This kid kept holding onto a horizontal piece of a metal barricade (that help form the queue lines), swinging himself left and right, at the edge of the kerb. What if he falls and loses his balance? The kid was stepping up and down the kerb too!
These kids can also be seen swinging themselves around the poles in MRTs, dashing around the supermarket with trolleys, running around in the foodcourt, etc. Don't they know MRT can sudden brake at times? Don't they know that being knocked by a trolley can hurt? Don't they know that there are people carrying around hot piping food and if your kid is not careful and knock into such a person, he/she may get scalded?
I understand kids are playful and restless by nature. As parents, you should decide if a place is safe enough for them to run around! And it's definately not a foodcourt.

3. Punish Me, Not My Kid
A very good example was this teenager who punched the bus driver and the dad told everyone to punish him instead. To a certain extent, I agree that if the kid misbehaves, it means that the parents did not bring him/her up properly. However, if this kid does not get his punishment, he will not learn.
Spare the rod and spoil the child? It depends if your child listens to the rotan or listens to reasonings.

4. Son, You Are The One
A few days back, this judge granted custody of the kids to the mum because the dad would not be a good role model. You know what this dad did? He used his son's name to "sex chat" online.
Kids somehow will try to behave how their parents behave. I often see my mum put on makeup and tried to do so myself when no one's loking when I was younger. I ended up with Ronald MacDonald's lips and had eyes as though as they were punched. Being a good role model for your kid is very important.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

I Ran My Hands All Over Marc Jacobs

I fell in love with Marc Jacobs even since seeing a pair of his heels on 美丽伊能界 (mei li yi neng jie), a "women" info-entertainment prorgam hosted by Annie 伊能静 (Yi Neng Jing - Harlem Yu Cheng Ching's wife) talking about beauty, fashion and stuff. Ever since, everything about Marc Jacobs became a dream. And it didn't help me at all that he is Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton. From "I would love to" to "I die die want", putting 2 favorites together is almost like a deadly sin, and the dream became an obsession.

A few months back, a friend of mine told me that she saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique in Ngee Ann City. Never in my wildest dream that I would be able to get his stuff in Singapore so soon! Everytime I pass by Orchard, somehow, I would not be able to pass by to take a look.

Today, I finally did. They are having a sale which is good news but too bad because I'm kinda broke. As I proceed toward the entrance of the boutique, I kinda felt high. As I entered, Iran out of breath, almost wanted to fall onto my knees and kiss the floor, screaming, "My Marc Jacbos!!!" Of course my senses told me I couldn't do so because everyone in the store would think I'm mad, like some kinda swa ku who has never seen a Marc Jacobs boutique before.

Pricing is very close to another of my favorite brands, DKNY. But too bad, no money means I can only look around. Pengz, I think I nearly orgasmed (not literally lah!) running my hands thru the collection. I saw a top, a dress, a bag that I really liked. Hmm, nope, make that a top, 2 dresses and a bag. But then again, make that 2 tops, 2 dresses and a bag. Argh, I could go on forever!!!

Footballers Say The Darnest Things

For the longest time possible as I can remember, The New Paper is my daily read. There are so many interesting articles I had came across but this article on the Sports section on TNP on Sunday that made me feel like I should blog this down.

I love to watch soccer and in "Footballers Say The Darnest Things", many of the soccer players featured are those that I recognise and the one that got the most space and attention was David Beckham, my favorite player of all time. Well, I can go on and on about how much I lurve Becks aka Golden Balls, and try to defend him in this article; but there are others that are really LOL...

"The important thing was we got the three points" ~ Wayne Bridge on Chelsea's Carling Cup final win over Arsenal.
Eh, hello! Carling Cup is not a league, what 3 points are you talking about? Moreover, it was a win in the final... You have gotten the Cup!

"When you're 4-0 up, you should never lose 7-1" ~ Laurie McMenemy's logic
Where did the 3 goals went to?

"I couldn't settle in Italy - it was like living in a foreign country" ~ Ian Rush on why he failed at Juventus.
Of course its a foreign country! You are not Italian mah...

"I would not be bothered if we lost every game, as long as we won the league. " ~ Mark Viduka
Well, you can... If the league only has one team... But I still don't understand how you can lose...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Dear

Was talking to Dear about dunno what and he said, "Huh, 3 years already ah."
I said, "Yah, what you think?"
He replied, "I thought we just celebrated... You mean I wasted so much time?"
I walked towards him with the cushion in hand and asked, "What you mean by waste so much time." (I thought he meant being together for 3 years wasting his time because he would sometimes say that to purposely irritate me)
He replied, "Waste time do nothing lor."
I replied, "Yah lor."

Haiz, I think Dear quite cham. Timing always not right.
He could have gotten a perm position but that position required a person with a degree. At that point of time, he had only about (estimated) one year to finish his degree. However, they didn't wana wait, and because of that, his contract wasn't renewed.
When he works, he has to submit his projects and sit for exams and each is give half credit for that particular module. Not enough time to complete, so have to "ta-pao" and re-module. He could have graduated long time ago liao. Now, all he has left to gain enough credit to graduated is a project for one module. Has registered for another degree, but dunno if he wants to do it, or finish up the "half module" on the current one.
Wanted to do biz with friends but kinda stalled due to all kinda reasons. If he works, he would have no time to do the neccesary stuff to try to start the biz.

That's my Dear, trying so hard to do what he wants, but just not doing them smoothly enough according to his wishes...
But I still love you deep deep k?

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Friday, July 27, 2007

That's It Liao...

Tomorrow, it's my do-or-die day. Maybe not literally die, but might die in the hands of someone else...

That someone is not one of my favorite lecturers who would be marking my examination script of one of my favorite modules, advertising. So far, I managed to grin and grit through it and tomorrow, all that I have grined and gritted will be laid out nicely to me in 10 essay questions.
As KG said in her Oklahoman accent (think Carrie Underwood but slightly stronger), "These are essay questions but I only want you to answer what is needed. I do not verbal diarrhea. If they are one line answers, give me one line answers." I was actually thinking, if you ask, "What are the 4 Ps of marketing," are we supposed to just answer what the 4 ps are or we need to elaborate. Then she continued, "I will write the questions as how you would need to answer them. I would label part 1, part 2, so that you won't miss out." Then I was thinking, "you better do so clearly". Kiasu me was thinking, I don't wana lose marks just because you didn't make yourself clear. Futhermore, she's so *urgh* "obsessive complusive" and everything must be done in HER way... What I'm stressed about is about not doing it in her way and lose marks becos of it...

Bye bye world, as I head off and snuggle into my nice cosy bed in this fucking cold weather and mug...

Oei! Study Lah!

I should be studying now and revising my notes for exam's tomorrow. But I don't feel like doing so. I think I have ample time, but actually I think I don't. I think I know what I need to revise and touch on upon again and again, but actually I doubt so. Sigh, no motivation...

Simple, Cheapo Japanese Curry Udon

First, the important ingredients. Curry and Udon.
There are many types of curry avaliable. Some includes ingredients, some are plain. There are also different varying degrees of spiciness. The one that I used is "no. 4 - hot" in degree in spiciness and it's plain.
The entire box is meant for 10 servings. Inside, there are 2 smaller portions meant for 5 each. Since I'm alone, I only used a quarter. It was very easy to break. Just fold along the indents at the back, and viola, it's nicely "cut" into quarters!

Then, boil the noodles. If you want to add in ingredients of your choice, go ahead. I added some frozen mixed vegetables, minus the peas, because I hate peas. When the water boils again, add in the curry block. As with all kinds of instant noodles, stir stir and boil again.

According to the instructions, each 5 servings portion needs 800ml of water. Since I'm using a quarter, I would need about 200 ml. So I took the noodles out first (though I like soggy noddles, but not soggy udon) and left the curry to boil and reduce. Depending on how thick you like your curry, boil and reduce to that amount.

Pour curry over noodles and you're done!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Silly Peeping Tom

It was reported today in the The Straits Times that a trainee doctor had tried to film a female nurse in the shower. What in the world is is thinking of?! He was about to finish his housemanship, with a bright future waiting for him. Why did he want to commit such an offence? And he paid the lady $5000 to shut up? Is he just being irrational or stupid?

Why didn't he think of the consequences he would face in the first place? Did he thought he would get away with it? Maybe the first time, if he was lucky, but the law would eventually catch up with him. Does this case display that kinda "I'm-high-up-there-and-can-get-away-with-anything" attitude? I don't know.

As what I learnt about utilitarianism from the Values and Cultures module, if only he could defer the "pleasure" of peeping at others, going through the pain of not getting the see someone's naked body, he could have completed his housemanship and have a very bright future, which is a bigger "pleasure". Why didn't he do that?

If he's so despo and willing to fork out some money, Geylang cheaper... And doing such a thing is their "job" and they are "willing" to, admist all kinds of circumstances, they might be "forced" to do so. The poor lady is not a prostitute, she does not want money, she wants justice. Seeing someone's naked body or touching him/her without his/her permission and against his/her will is my definition of "outrage of modesty".

Really lah, what the fuck is he thinking of? Sigh... You may have superb grades, study medicine, doing housemanship now, so maybe clever... But commiting an offence and ruin your future, not very clever lor...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miss Hong Kong 2007

What are beauty pageants about? Beauty? Poise? Elegance? Intelligence? I really don't know... Every year, many take part in Miss Hong Kong, as this pageant is a good stepping stone into the entertainment industry. Many past finalists in Miss Hong Kong have now become A-list actresses in Hong Kong and have fans outside of Hong Kong.

Here is a picture of all the finalists this year on TVB's webby.
Contestant no. 3 is the winner. Contestant no. 9 is the first runner-up. Contestant no. 7 is the 2nd runner-up. Honestly, I would not consider all 3 having "winner" looks. Not being biased, even my favorite TVB actresses, Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man, who were runner-ups in their respective Miss Hong Kong pageants are prettier than this year's top 3!

Don't tell me it's a repeat of the 1993 Miss Hong Kong pageant. It was rumored that TVB had already targetted to sign finalist Kenix Kwok Ho Ying, who was a hot favorite, and wanted her to act almost immediately. Thus, they "prevented" her from winning so she need not travel overseas and "fulfil her obligations" byt taking part in pageants overseas. If it's is really true, maybe the "hot favorite" for this year, contestant no. 2 will receive news from TVB soon...

Just my speculation...

Whatever! Whatever!

If I'm reprimanding my kid and if he/she does this, I don't know whether to cry, laugh or get angry. Got this from youtube.

The Eagles Soar Yet Again!!!

Against FC Shenzhen this time, Chris Eagles scored his 3rd senior goal. Coming in on the 59th minute as a sub, he scored on the 64th minute. As one of the commentators said, "absolute cracker." That's my Chris Eagles...
Got these 2 from youtube.

1) Commentary in don't know what language, has the lead up to the goal.

2) In English, but just of him celebrating with a review of the goal.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Eagles Soar Again!!!

When you support a promising youngster for a couple of years and when the manager rarely lets him have first-team action only until recently, every senior goal this player scores mean a lot. My dearest Chris Eagles has scored his 2nd senior goal!!! Got this from youtube.

Scoring in a friendly against FC Seoul may not be extremely "grand". But I'm so glad that the Gaffer has let him start in this match and Eagles has gone on to prove his worth to the manager although huge signings this season has kinda meant Eagles would not be getting more first-team action compared to last season.

On Manchester United's offical webby, Eagles has said that his dreams have come true. I am just sooooo happy for him!

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Well, as we are often taught, always examine our breasts for lumps to check for breast cancer. However, there is another type of breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer that happens without lumps. Please check out the following articles and spread the word... Apparently it's rare (but that doesn't mean we should lower our guard) and agressive...

www.komotv.com(TV station in Seattle, Washington)

Ignorant me got a shock...

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Assignments are an ass when you have to keep reviewing and editing and proofreading and it seems never ending. Ever since I got up today around 1130am, the only times when I'm not typing or reading, I'm either bathing, shitting, having dinner, checking emails or making coffee. So, I think I've spent at least 7 hours going through word by word, page by page, printing and going through word by word, page by page all over again. I'm getting so sick and tired of it, I really feel like leaving as it is already. However, when the person marking your paper is in charge of the school's editoral paper, it's a huge risk.

Live Morally Or Immorally?

I once wrote an entry saying somehow only "bitches" (not literally a bitch as in a female dog or a girl who is bitchy) get attention and always get away with things. It's somehow true...

For the past 2 weeks, I have been taking a module called Values and Culture. Class materials such as The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Mountain Patrol (可可西里) just somehow "proved" to me that baddies often escape while the goodies suffer.

If one lives morally and just, why does that person still does not succeed in whatever ways as much as someone who doesn't? Isn't living "rightly" the actual and real way to live your life or doing things like stabbing others' back give you success? What has happened to the pure innocence and conscience of mankind?

No wonder Christ died on the cross and bleed for our sins. No wonder God gave His only Son and sacrifice Him for us. No wonder there is a second coming because mankind just would not learn how to live "rightly".

I believe in karma. The immoralities will ruin you one fine day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The "Notice"

Spotted this at my void deck...
Read the lame fine print I have boxed up. Well, maybe the cleaners did not do their job or they abided by the fine print, the "notice" was actually left there for almost a week.

I have nothing against pasting messages at void decks, messages such as missing pets, but not advertisements... This is pure advertising! To me, it is a kind of nuisance.

Maybe it is time for a bulletin board at the void decks, just like those at Cold Storage or bus-stops.

Birthday Treats

16th June
Buffet dinner at Orchard Hotel, beside Delfi Orchard. Was supposed to eat at Grand Copthorne Waterfront, but when dad called to reserve a table, it was fully booked already and the staff on the phone recommended Orchard Hotel. At first I was wondering why, but suddenly remembered both hotels are owned by the same group/ corporation.
Orchard Hotel's Cafe was offering a "Everything Singapore" special in tune with the Singapore Food Festival and National Day. There was Hainanese chicken rice, drunken prawns, spaghetti, prawn noodles, roti prata, dim sum, bbq cheese sausage, squid, stingray and more, a 'Japanese' corner with sashimi and sushi, seafood, rock oysters, local stir fried dishes, chicken ginseng soup, porridge, bread pudding, muah chee, pastries and cakes, dessert, ice cream, durian puree/ paste, teh tarik, a whole lot more and best of all, fresh durians.
I loved the teh tarik, chicken ginseng soup and chicken rice. The cheese in the sausages oozes into your mouth. My mum's favourite oysters were fresh. The prawns were fresh. It was less than S$50 per head and my dad had US$100 to spend and 'subsidise' for the meal as he got an award from the company. Really value for money, if only there was more time to slowly eat... There were some I didn't get to try...

28th June
Treat from my favourite "bitches". We ate at Merchant Court Ellenborough. My 2nd time there. Luckily no shark meat that day. Haha...
There was shark fins soup, kuay pie tee, various Peranakan dishes such as Ayam Buah Keluak, omelette, braised duck, steam fish, luo han zai (mixed vegetables), 'lobster' (looked like size of crayfish), a 'Japanese' corner with sashimi and sushi, seafood, rock oysters and much more. For desserts, there was glutinous rice balls, bubur hitam (sweet black glutinous rice porridge), sesame paste, chocolate bread pudding, chocolate fondue, pastries and cakes, and of cos, THE durian pengat (puree/ paste) and a whole lot more.
I still love the kuay pie tee and bread pudding. If only they had popiah skin, cos kuay pie tee and popiah use almost the same ingredients. If only there was more time to sit down and slowly eat, I would have taken more kuay pie tee and bread pudding.

psst: The durian puree at Orchard Hotel is better than at Ellenborough...

8th July
THE Dearest's turn. We were actually walking around Great World City and I had the sudden craving for Kenng Rogers cos it's been ages since I last ate it. So I told Dear to scrape the original plan of having my favourite porridge buffet and have Kenny Rogers instead. We order a set of 1/2 chicken, 1/2 ribs, 3 sides and 2 corn muffins.
The chicken was tougher than years ago. Ribs were still as fabulous and yummy. The broccoli and cauliflower was slightly undercooked. The pasta salad was ok. The corn muffins' standard dropped. But the macaroni and cheese was as good as ever. Best dish out of the 6!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Still Alive

I will find time to do a proper entry. Lessons and readings are taking up my time. I need sleep too. I did much stuff during the last few days, will need time to type them one by one...

Not updating my blog doesn't mean I'm dead or not around, just means I'm busy. Haha...

Oh, if you are the kind person who bookmarked me at the my old blog at diaryland, bookmark me here now k, because I won't be updating there anymore and have transferred all the entries over. Whoever you are, thank you for remembering me, hehe...

A*Mei's album pre-sale this Friday. Can't wait!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dreamland Again?

When I lie in bed, thinking dreamland wants me, apparently it doesn't...
So, I get up, decide to continue with my ASSignment, thinking that dreamland doesn't want me, apparently it does...
Then I lie in bed again, thinking again dreamland wants me, apparently again it doesn't...
So, I get up again, decide to continue with my ASSignment, thinking again that dreamland doesn't want me, apparently it does...
Then again I lie in bed again, thinking again dreamland wants me again, again apparently again it doesn't...
So again, I get up again, decide again to continue with my ASSignment, thinking again that dreamland again doesn't want me, again apparently again it does...

And the vicious cycle continues again and again...


Why I keep yawning now...
1) I'm so damn blardi freaking sleepy. Cos I stayed up all nite.
2) My brain juices are sucked dry. Cos I exhausted mental energy.
3) My brain cells are almost all dead. "Ditto above"
4) Copa matches today are boring. Cos Mexico 0 - 0 Chile and Brazil 1 - 0 Ecuador.
5) I'm sick and tired of the ad campaign I'm doing. Cos I felt like I've repeated myself the "I've lost count" no. of times of the same blardi point.
6) To coordinate with my drooping eyelids. Cos I scrutinized through countless search results for "ad rate" because no one bothered to reply to my enquries.
7) It's so conducive to sleep now. Cos the weather is cooler as it is raining.

So, off I go to dreamland...