Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saving My Lappie & Porridge Buffet

I guess the 3rd part of the bad luck(s) came along about 2 weeks back. I was using my lappie as usual and all of the sudden, my screen became distorted and blurry. Thinking it was just overheating, I switched it off and let it cool before turning it on again. But the problem still persisted. So, I switched it off overnight, (I usually leave it on because I need the alarm to wake me up) and switching it on again after I got home from work the next day. Still, the problem persisted.

Dear then accompanied me to go get a VGA cable and we hooked the lappie to the family computer's monitor in the living room last weekend. The screen looked ok and we ruled out the possibility that the video card was spoilt.

During this long weekend, we went down to Funan to hunt for a cheap monitor, so I could hook my lappie out to use it. While looking around, we went to ask a HP reseller about the repair of the lappie and she told us the cost of repairing was about $400-$500, and the cheapest monitor we found was $149. Though the monitor was within my budget, I didn't buy it immediately.
Reason was because we saw this unassuming shop on level 3, sitting below the escalator, that repairs computers and lappies. The price for the repairs was about $300 (depending on the size of my screen) and it will only take one day, and will be able to give a firm quote once they see my lappie.
Weighing out the options, Dear suggested bringing the lappie down to HP Service Center first thing in the morning on Saturday and see how much and how long it would take for my lappie to get it repaired there.

Woke up early on Saturday morning and almost got lost at HP till we found the security checkpoint. There, a very nice security guard gave us directions to the service center.
Like all service centers, have to take queue number first lah. There were a lot of counters opened, so the queue moved pretty fast. But the initial diagnosis took a little longer. The lady who served us told us the cost to change the screen with all labour charges and GST would total up to about $614. Of cos, me, being so broke and already not earning much, would take the cheaper alternative lah.

We then took a bus down to Suntec to fill our stomach with Joaquim's Porridge Buffet. The spread and everything was good but the aircon toooooooooooooooo damn blardi cold, making the porridge and dishes cold very fast. To imagine how cold the place was, here's what you should know: the braised gravy of the pig trotter dish "jelly-fied" at the end of our meal.

Got back to serious business and walked down to Funan. Showed the guy my lappie and he said that this particular model of lappie heats up very fast, and now my screen has this problem, the most common reason is because of the motherboard. He told us, to change the screen, it will be $320 and about 45 mins wait, but if it's the motherboard problem, he will repair the motherboard, which will only cost us $250 but we can only collect the lappie at about 7pm. He then took down my hp number, told us to walk around first and will give us a call once he has changed the screen and tested it.
Within 20 minutes, the call came. He told us that it's confirmed that he has to repair the motherboard and even asked if we would want to take a look at the lappie first to confirm. We just told him to go ahead and repair the motherboard because I really dun see how he could be cheating us lor... hhaha...

So, Dear and I nua and walked around Raffles City till about 6pm. As we were about to reach Peninsular Plaza for Dear to place his soccer bets with Singapore Pools, the call came again and told us the lappie was ready for collection.
When we collected the lappie, he even told us he has tested a few rounds and there isn't any problem during testing. There is also a one month warranty and if there's anything wrong, can go back to look for him. Dear and I then deduced that he has actually finished by about 4+ to 5pm, but was leaving it to test. Not only was the service good, the delivery was punctual, or rather, earlier than expected!

Saving up now to up my lappie's RAM, which they can also do! hehhehehe

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Still Alive...

Decided to drop by and breathe a lil life into my blog.

I've been so swamped lately, I've been bringing home work almost everyday for the past few weeks. I actually just finished doing up some stuff but sleepiness hasn't crept in yet...

Planning for a great big bang isn't as easy as I thought it would. Sometimes, I just wished time would stand still for a while, so I have more time on my hands. Now, if only my favourite character in Heroes, Hiro Nakamura is for real, I would really need to enlist his help.

Stressed? Probably... I have all the timelines drawn up and prioritized what I would have to settle first. But, Dr Murphy has to keep looking me up! If only I have full control of everything, but I know I don't. Hence, I realised, I really have to play by the ear.

I don't know how else to push myself. I tell myself, "just XX days to endure", but yet, this seemingly pushing factor is a stress factor as well, cos I only have the same XX days to get things done. Suggestions anyone?

Bah... I'm signing out. Probably should get a lil more work done since I'm not that sleepy...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Damn Fucking No Mood...

Either I spend too much or I'm destined not to be able to save any money or my luck's really down...

1st, my toe got trapped under the door about 1+ week back. It hurt and bled so much that I literally collapsed onto the floor, clutched my toe, held it up high, sat in a damn weird position to try to stop the bleeding that in the end, Dear had to help support me cos I was getting too tired in that weird position. Now, seems that the wound has healed and a new nail is forming. Thank God my nail hasn't dropped out yet, and I hope it doesn't till the new nail has formed nice and long enough for a pedicure session. HAHA...

Then just when I thought finally I can get to save a little this month after setting aside money for a jie mei's bday treat, another jie mei's wedding (clothes and ang bow), installments and all other necessary spendings, my external hard drive has to die on me. And, I have no other copies of the data I have inside that HD. I've just sent it in for data recovery and am waiting for the big surprise, the quotation... I have no idea how much it would cost me, but I guess I'll have to sign for it on my dad's sup-card and pay him back bit by bit.

Some people say bad luck comes in 3s. So what's the last part in this trilogy huh?! BRING IT ON DAMNIT!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁 Autograph Session @ The Heeren

One of my posts that had been sitting realllllly long in the drafts. Couldn't really get to sleep the other nite, so decided to finish a bit of it... Finally, this is done! hahaha...

Since young, I've been to quite a few autograph sessions to ogle at my favourite artistes in flesh. I've always been at the receiving end of it, getting my CDs signed, say a quick hello, shake hand, or even hug these artistes. And most of the times, I'm the one getting fustrated with the organizers for not doing this and that.

But on July 11th, I got to experience what was it like to be on the other side of the fence. Not every single little teeny weeny detail would go according to what you planned or what you had imagined it to be. Thank God for his blessings and grace!

Also would like to thank these people for giving me such a brilliant on-the-job experience textbook can't teach!
- I had help from an experienced marketing team at The Heeren who have dealt with such events before. They were brilliant and were such a great help, helping out in all small little nitty gritty details so the event could be carried out smoothly. Thank You!
- I had help from a security team, which acted really fast, did up barricades in such a short time, did a great job at crowd control, and acted as past of a human wall when needed... Thank You!
- The fans were brilliant and so cooperative that I wish I will face such fans in future for all other events! An event had ended earlier, but before the stage could be barricaded, they had swamped round the stage. But they were damn nice lah! I told them I needed about 45 minutes to set up the area for the autograph session and needed them to not crowd the stage meanwhile. Within 5 minutes, some left, some hanged around nearby but no longer directly in front of the stage and cleared that much needed space for set up to be done. So sweet rite? Thank You!
- Last but not least, of cos, Thank You Warner for letting us play a part in this album's promotions.
- And of cos, my boss... Thank You for giving me such a chance. It was crazily busy, but I really enjoyed the experience and the learning process of putting together such an event.

Talk so much, some of you might be wondering how Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁 is really like in person right? Truth to be told, I did not have the chance to interact with him much, cos I was working on site, rather than chatting with him.
But during those few sparse minutes I managed to see him, I can tell he is a very nice, warm, down-to-earth, friendly person. Definitely not your diva-ish kinda celebrity! He's TALL, according to me, someone who is pretty vertically challenged, he might be probably about 180+cm. Hello, that's TALL for me lah!
And before I say the next comment, let me just set a disclaimer... Different people for different taste ok? He's actually quite good-looking, quite cute, quite suave, the type that would make girls melt and weak at the knees and/or the type which mums would like their daughters to bring home... But not exactly my type in the looks department, I still think my fave guy celebs rank higher.... Dun hate me, we just have different taste! *runs*

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Dunkin Donuts Rant (Again)...

Well, if you have no idea which (first) rant I'm referring to, here the link.

About a month back, I decided to give my dearest DD another try. Thus, during lunch break, I walked over and grabbed 3 donuts: Double Choc, Blueberry Cake and Rainbow Windmill... And here's the verdict:
Double Choc - One of my most-est favourite flavors in the entire range. Compared to the REAL MCCOY in the US, VERY dry, VERY tasteless, VERY flat, regretted that I even bought. Even Pop Doh, often regarded as my local "back-up" for DD's cake donut, scores a landslide victory over local DD. I ish damn sadded lahz...
Blueberry Cake - I didn't get to try to REAL MCCOY back in the US, so can't compare taste cos it wouldn't be fair. But although it taste a bit yummy, it's still very dry.
Rainbow Windmill - The REAL MCCOYS call it the French Cruller. Best of the 3. But then again, I didn't get to try to REAL MCCOY back in the US, so can't compare taste cos it wouldn't be fair. But compared to Pop Doh's Crullers, both are kinda on par overall.

But there's something which I notice: There are tags telling customers the flavors of the donuts!

While this DD fan refuses to give up and will track back once in a while to see if the "standards" are improving, I shall much prefer to get my donut fix at Pop Doh (for cake donuts and crullers) and J Co (for bread-texture donuts), thank you very much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts Opens In Singapore

As most of you would have known by now, I've a FREAKING HUGE DD fan... If you don't, read this, this and this.
Before I begin, I'm going to do a disclaimer first. My post might be offensive to some, but as a FREAKING HUGE DD fan, I have my expectations of how a DD donut should taste like. I can still remember how DD donuts tasted like and how they melted in my mouth although it was more than a decade I've last ate them in Singapore and more than a year since I last ate them in the US. Not that I do not trust franchisees, but since eating the REAL MCCOY in the US, my expectations of how a DD should taste like are damn high. If a DD doesn't taste like a DD, then I, in my honest opinion, think that it doesn't do justice to the brand.

So, imagine THE HUGE ANTICIPATION that overwhelmed me when I saw a recruitment ad on The New Paper a few weeks back for the store in Singapore. And, imagine THE EXCITEMENT that overwhelmed me when I saw tstar's plurk about a DD store at ION a few hours ago. Once I finished work, I really walked damn freaking fast down from Heeren to get my favourite donuts!

But I can tell you that I am FUCKING SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!!
1) The REAL MCCOY in the US lets me choose my combination of munchkins. Here, all packed in a box of 20.
2) Where are the cake donuts? Look at THE REAL MCCOY's menu. For a moment, I thought I stepped into J. Co. Mind you, J. Co. is my favourite brand of bread-texture donuts. But, DD is a US franchise, so gimme back those flavours it had before it disappeared from our shores more than a decade back.
3) Thank goodness they have some jelly and kreme filled ones. But these fillings, sadly, don't taste like the REAL MCCOY. Just a tad flat... Flat never mind, the fillings of the REAL MCCOY literally FILLED the donut, sadly, this doesn't.
4) The dough, although I know it will not be as soft as J. Co., doesn't have the "oomph" of the REAL MCCOY. My mum tried the SG-made DD donuts more than a decade back, and it's actually kinda her fault for getting me hooked onto DD, feeding me with them almost weekly when I was younger. Trying this now, the comparision of her facial expression when she tried this and when she tried the REAL MCCOY is priceless. One was "HEAVENLY WOW", the other, a mix of "huh-er-eww". And she agreed with me when I said that it doesn't taste like what DD tasted like more than a decade ago in Singapore and what we had in the US.
5) No tags telling us what the flavours of the donuts are. Already shocked to see unfamiliar-looking flavoured icing donuts, I was looking at the small little holes in the filled ones and figuring out if that is strawberry or some other kinda berry.

But, still being a FREAKING HUGE SUCKER for DD, I'm going to return in a few weeks time to check out the flavours again. Going to give it the benefit of the doubt that whatever's on the REAL MCCOY's menu and wasn't there in the store were all sold out...

Remembering Frank McCourt

In recent years, some movie screenplays have been published as books, but like some others, the book existed first before it was made into a movie. In the case of the highly-acclaimed movie, Angela Ashes, the "book version" existed before the movie.

Written by Frank McCourt, the book talked about his life in Ireland, his almost-always drunk dad and how poor they were during the days of the Depression. I'm not a very avid reader, but I could say I've read quite a few books and Angela Ashes was one I cried and laughed with.
His 2nd book was 'Tis. He talked about his life when he came back to America (he went back to Ireland during the Depression) and about his youth.
3rd book was Teacher Man, which sadly, I didn't have the time to finish, and I first picked the book up in August 06!

I'm not a very "literature" person, and I can't really describe or go at length why I like his writing. But when I start reading his books, I find it hard to pause or put the book down. I would read and flip the pages, almost addicted. Which is partly the reason why I have not finished Teacher Man till now.

May God bless his family...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Have To Start Blogging...

To save my blog from dying into oblivion (haha), I've thought of a plan to push/motivate/force (choose which one you like) myself to blog more often...

1) Everything will be done in drafts.
There are times when on the bus, or when I'm about to sleep, I would go, "shit, I forgot to blog about it!" And many times, these are things which I find that are important to my life and things which I wana record down, so when I'm old, senile and having dementia, my kids and my grandchildren can tell me, "Mum/Granny, these are things that happened in your life"

2) Finding those bits of time to blog.
When I have a draft or points that I wana blog about, I will find bits of time to blog. Say, during lunch, after work, during weekends. And when the entries are fully done up, I'd publish it. Yes, it might take days or even weeks before a blog post is up, but better then now right? Ever since I started work, I think I'm like averaging one post a month lor...

3) Get a notebook. Or probably a data plan for my phone.
Yes, I think it would be good to start drafting on my notebook or have a data plan n start typing away on my phone, on the way to and fro work. Well, not that I don't have a "note" function on my phone and then email it to myself which will cost my 5 cents each. hahhaha... Let's see which works better and cheaper...

4) Actually keeping to this plan of mine....
Sometimes I procrastinate... so... yah... Let's see how this works out ah?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I haven't blogged for more than a month and since I'm too full from the buffet dinner earlier on, I might as well type a little while waiting for the food to go down. haha...

Anyways, Happy Birthday Ping! I might as well do it now cos I know I most probably will not have to time to blog again within the next few days or even weeks. And also since Ping's birth is there and about these few days. heheh

Time really really flies. has already been around for 3 years. Last year, I did up this post, talking about my 1st year with Ping. Now, a few weeks shy of being a member of Ping for 2 years, I must admit I haven't been as active as I was in the past and there's a whole new group of "regulars" on the shoutbox now. haha...

Of course, I wish Ping and Ping Daddy aka janitor aka boss aka Uzyn a wonderful and smooth 4th year! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Slept My Way To Hollywood

Sometimes I just wonder when will I ever finish blogging about the US trip which happened LAST YEAR. When I heard of my juniors complaining about the cold winters last December, I knew I was 6 months behind in my postings. Now, when another batch of my juniors are talking about the ever-changing weather, tonardo warnings and all, urgency kicked in. And thus, I present to you now, a post that has been overdued for almost a year...

After touring Universal Studios, we went to walk around Hollywood the next day.

If I could turn back time, got tickets to the American Idol results show and got more budget to plan for the trip, I really would have re-done the itenerary so I can get to stay at the (expensive) hotel where most Idols stay (and hopefully get to "stalk" David Cook) and get to see him being crowned the winner "live" at the Kodak Theatre. Too bad...
I didn't have the chance to venture into the place because only I found it interesting and I didn't want to cross the road alone...

Lunch was at California Pizza Kitchen
We were driving down from San Fran to LA, and I was sleeping when I should be giving my Dad directions. But we didn’t have to make any turnings on the highway for an hour or so, hence I took a nap. Hehe...

We did a little shopping at Hollywood & Highland Centre and then made our way down to Beverly Hills.

While nearing the neighbourhood of Beverly Hills me and the sis were all awed by the big beeeaaaauuutttiiiffffuuullllll houses and cars that we forgot to reach for the camera to snap snap and plus the fact that Dad could not slow down a little due to the traffic, we could only go "wahhhhhhh....."
We headed for Beverly Center and did some window shopping. They had Macy's and all kinds of brands (which we had shopped at the outlets at outlet malls) but it was at Bloomingdale's which made me spend money. I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans which cost me about SGD200.
By then, it was getting a little late and we decided to find dinner. Since the days at Oklahoma, I've always wanted to try Cheesecake Factory. Trying my luck, we got into the car and keyed Cheesecake Factory into the GPS. Tada! There was an outlet nearby within the Beverly Hills vicinity!
We drove down and found a parking area in about 10-15 mins. After we parked and alighted from the car, I felt damn "low-class"... Here we are, parking a Dodge mini-van in a carpark filled with the likes of BMWs, Mercs, Chryslers, Porsches, etc. I told my family that and they were laughing and commenting that Beverly Hills IS a rich-man's area after all. However, when we were walking towards the staircase to lead us downstairs to street level, I saw this a Ford and commented that we are not the only "low-class" ones. And they laughed at me again...

By this time, it was getting a little dark and most shops around were closing. We crossed the relatively empty street to Cheesecake Factory and till now, I'm regretting why I did not take a photo of the restaurant from across the street!
While we were discussing on what to ordered, I told them that while in OK, I was told that the salads were good and huge. My dad was then thinking of ordering 2 mains, a side and a salad. I was confident we would not be able to finish so I told my dad to look around and he gave me a shocked look when he saw a server serving a nearby table their salad. So, we settled on a main, a side and a salad. And while we were looking around, we saw that most had a main course to themselves and ordered a salad and/or side dish to share and started wondering aloud how they can finish...The food did not disappoint me. There are DAMN good! Even though the four of us were struggling to finish the food due to the HUMONGOUS portion, we could not stop eating cos they were SO devilish yummy good!Since we are all so stuffed already, we packed 2 slices of cheesecakes. But seriously, they are nothing to rave about...

Last day of the US trip coming right up...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Win A London Trip!

HMV is doing a tie up with Universal to send 2 people to London! Airfare and accomodation included! Also included will be tickets for the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 in London.

YES YES YES I want that trip
But, Jonas Brothers... Erm, I'm not a huge fan. Think I'll give it a miss.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Alien Speak?!

Seriously, sometimes I don't understand if my mum gets what I'm telling her. A few weeks back, she told me she wanted to do some spring cleaning and I specifically told her not this long weekend.

I knew this long weekend would be a good time for me to stone, relax and not do anything because I knew the past 1-2 weeks would be hetic at work. And I was absolutely right! It's the time when the stores changes campaigns and on average, I had been clocking at least 10 hours (lunch break excluded) everyday at work the last 1-plus, 2 weeks. But, these long-hours day do not end just there, and would continue for another 1-plus, 2 weeks.
Which is why I knew I would need a break and just slack the weekend out, so I can recharge and have enough energy to battle out the next 1-plus, 2 weeks.

I slept over at the BF's place at Thursdy nite and only came back on Friday nite, after spending the entire day with the BF and was at work for a short while in the evening. And when I came back, I had to pack my stuff a little cos mum decided to spring clean a little.
On Saturday nite, I went over to the BF's place again and only came back just a while ago. And because she changed my bedsheet and could not find a complete set, I had to search for the remaining pieces. Which means, I had to ransack my wardrobe. And because this weekend is meant to be a recharging weekend, not "working" weekend, I simply do not have to mood and energy to put everything back in. Yes, my clothes are all strewn all over my floor now and I don't fucking give a damn.

Not that I do not appreciate her helping me clean my room and changing my bedsheet, but I can do these all myself. And because I know I have to "pack the loose ends" after her, I just want to find a less hectic period that I do not need the weekend to recharge and have the energy to pack and clean.

I just wana fucking stone and relax this weekend to recharge! Which is why I specifically said "NOT THIS WEEKEND"! If I speak English, you can't understand, what language do you want me to speak in"?!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Be Lazy...

For the past few weeks, I tried to blog... But I seriously am too tired to blog after work... And on weekends, I'm just too lazy, simply lazing around and relaxing.

Now that the "feeling" to blog has arrived, I'm buried under the rubble at work because the "campaign-changing" period has arrived. If I'm buried under the rubble, the designers at my printers helping me out are buried underground... 'Nuff said...

But there's something which I need to "announce". No, I'm not getting married yet. No, I'm not pregnant. The scatterbrain part of me just realised that it has been almost a year that I've been to and back from the US after seeing the status updates of some of my juniors who are there now. And, I've yet to finish blogging on the US trip. HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I'm trying to re-define the meaning of "find time" and "soon" in my dictionary now...
I'm soooooooo missing the windy winds, t-storms alerts that interupt tv programs, lovely cool weather, shopping in Texas, breathtaking views at Wichita Mountains, cooking, eating, chatting and gossiping, etc, ALL experienced with my lovely friends in Oklahoma... I miss Bricktown and its Bass Pro, canal, IHOP, and Mickey Mantle's road. I miss the HUGE Walmart and Ross a few doors down. I wana go back................

Porupine-y me has gone emo due to missing the US. No wonder my needles didn't defned me just now and there's a bruise near my shin...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

All-Expenses Paid Trip To LA To Watch American Idol Final!!!

Scanned this ad which was published on TNP the other day... Being an American Idol fan, I so so want this all-expenses paid trip lah! FREE flight and accommodation some more! And if Danny Gokey makes it to the Final 2, wah, even better! HAHAHAHAHAH

Monday, March 30, 2009

Excuse? Whatever!

In a bid to make myself less porcupine-y, I treated myself to a little retail therapy after work just now.

Mango was offering a 20% discount for members, and me being a Mango fan, and blah-blah-cut-long-story-short, I spent $292 in all.

Now now, which rational should I use to make my bank account feel better?
a) I spent $365 but got a top and a tube free?
b) I got $73 in discount?
c) I got everything at 20% discount and avoided the scenario of looking island-wide for a size during the sames period?

Haha! Whatever it is, I do feel a little less porcupine-y now! But be careful, don't ruffle my "needles"...

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Past 2 Weeks In Random-ness

Already the disclaimer in the title, this post will be at total random-ness. If you want it in chronological order, piece it yourself.

Some of you might feel that I'm giving "attitude" judging by that one sentence above. I am, I don't care and I think I'm entitled to, because I don't feel too well. I've been having gastric, digestive and bowel problems for the past few days and I have no freaking appetite.
The one thing that I do not need is an onset of a headache, which started to creep in mid-day and is threatening to burst my skull any fucking minute right now. And so, I cab-ed home. And the last thing I needed was a cab smelling as though the can of air freshener was spraying into my nose throughout the whole journey. I swear that if I was feeling drowsy or had a HUGE lunch that had not been digested yet, I would have puked in the cab.

And speaking of smells... I have to state I do not have a hate relationship with perfumes and fragrances. However, I just think that there are just some people who love their fragrances too much.
I was sitting at the very last row of a double-decked bus, the new ones with ramps to facilitate wheelchairs, the other day. I closed my eyes, and was relaxing and enjoying the ride to work.
Then came along a lady who sat across me. She smelt as though as she had splashed a WHOLE bottle of perfume on her. A few stops later, another lady sat beside me. She, too, smelt as if she had splashed a WHOLE bottle of perfume on her. With 2 "bottles" of perfume engulfing me, it wasn't the end. The lady beside me took out her scarf with also smelt as though as she soaked her scarf in ANOTHER WHOLE bottle of perfume!
When I reached office, my nose was numb and I was having a headache.

Sometimes when I get home, I get reminded of why I don't like to be at home. I guess I don't have to explain myself, most of you get the drift...

Sometimes I don't like to explain myself. Sometimes i just don't feel like chatting or talking because I want my fucking peace and quiet. Sometimes I feel that some people try to engage me in a conversation but EPIC fail cos I'm really not fucking interested. Sometimes I feel its tiring to be nice and "entertaining" and sometimes I just feel like telling some people to fuck off and back off. Do I really have to tell u in the face that I don't really feel like talking? Just leave me alone... Puh-lease...

Last week was a kinda tiring but it was a fabulous week. I broke my own OT record by staying one evening till 10.15pm and went back on Saturday to work. AND I cab-ed to work EVERY day... I kinda OT-ed every day, so I reached home late, slept late, and hence, woke up late. However, there was one evening, I went home early, prepared to tuck into bed early so I can avoid cab-ing to work. But I ended up tossing and turning and only got to sleep close to 3am. In the end, I cab-ed to work again... But these "negative" points of the week were overshadowed when I was hanging out with my fabulous people over the weekend!
My weekend started on Friday evening (though I had to work on Saturday) being with my wonderful jiemeis. We went for shabu shabu at a restaurant in Cuppage Plaza. I seriously can't remember the name of the place but apparently it had not too bad reviews. My personal review: there is much room for improvement since the only thing I liked about the place was the sesame sauce. Personally, I don't think I would go back there again if I'm going to compare quality of food vs price. However, I would go back there again if I'm going to compare time spent with my darling galfriends vs price, because the time spent with these gals would negate every single negative point there is!
Saturday evening was spent at timbre at The Arts House with my MDIS classmates. The place was cooling, the music was not too bad and I had a great time chatting, catching up and gossiping with them. Haha... Jack and Rai performed and it was my first time hearing them "live". They are actually not too bad lor.
Sunday was the day that ticked my bio clock... LOL... Went to my friend's princess's one month old celebration! The baby so cute lah! She woke up and it was time for milk. But she did not cried loudly, instead, she was making cute whining sounds and was rubbing her feet against each other! Haha... Dear was commenting he cannot imagine how a baby is going to fit into me cos I'm like so petite. Yah, I LOOK petite but I have an (in my opinion) ugly big fat bum and going by the old wives tale of those with big bums can carry or give birth to babies easily, I think I can "fit" the baby in me lor...

I think this is DAMN funny and I don't care and I'm just gonna blog about it! In my job scope, I work with a few sales/account people who service my company's account. The other day, one of them was looking for me, but accidentally called my boss instead. The first thing this fella said, in Mandarin, was, "oei, where are you?" (We sometimes use this question as a "greeting term", instead of the usual "hello" because sometimes we just need to be in the office to refer to emails as we talked) My boss was like "huh?!" When this fella called me and told me about it, I was laughing my head off cos I can NEVER imagine this fella talking to my boss like that. I still think its funny, till now... hahahahaha

October 4th Was Happening!

This is a damn back dated post which was sitting in the drafts for a little more than 5 months. Haven't had time to properly blog about it till recently...

This day in 2008 is a very special day for me. It marked the end of a stage in my life and it was also a day where I met up with some friends whom I see about once or twice a year and get to scream my lungs out. It was the day of my graduation ceremony and A*Mei was in town for her concert. However, I was kinda afraid I would have to skip one initially.
I had already bought a ticket for A*Mei's concert, then, came the news that the ceremony would be held on a Saturday in October. I was so hoping that the dates and times would not clash! Thank God they did not.

On that day, a few hundreds of us gathered at Ritz Carlton. We had to arrive much earlier than our guests for a ceremony briefing and rehearsal. After that, a few of us went to Pasta de Waraku at Marina Square for lunch. After lunch, we were back at the hotel to robe for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there was a high tea buffet spread, but it was considered dinner for me. Some of my friends hung out later, but I was having a fabulous time at the Indoor Stadium.
A*Mei as usual was always teasing the crowd. I remember there was one moment where she was talking about her taking part in a musical in Japan, where she played a queen. My friend beside me let out a cheer. She turned over to us and asked teasingly, "皇后有设么好叫的 (what's there to cheer for when i said queen)?" and a few of us started cheering. She then paused for a second or 2, looked at us and said "皇后 (queen)", and our whole group of us starting cheering. She laughed and gave a signal to stop, like how an orchestra consuctor signals a stop by closing his/her palm. She then paused for a second or 2, still looking at us and said "皇后 (queen)". This time round, the entire stadium roared.
Besides singing her own songs, she also sang Stefanie Sun's 天黑黑 and Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You, which was damn damn good!
Can't wait for the next time she comes to Singapore... I'm missing my diva already...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Battle With Cancer Is NEVER Once-Off

I guess my hatred for the enemy will never "soften". Whenever news trickles in that someone has passed on due to cancer or that someone has a relapse, the intensity of hatred and determination to win this battle just increases.

Fighting cancer is NEVER a once-off, its a lifetime commitment and determination. Once you are on its radar, be aware, because you will ALWAYS be on its radar.

I will not give up in this battle, nor do I wish to hear/see anyone giving up. I want to win this battle "gloriously" in my own way and with God's blessings, which is to rather die in an accident, of an heart attack, stroke, etc, than to die of cancer.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rant Mode On...

I finally got hunted down and was greatly disturbed by the Evil Presence. During the first visit of the year, I escaped relatively unscathed. But I wasn't that lucky today.
I really hate it and get annoyed when it happens to others and now when it has happened to myself... Let's just say, I'm just trying to keep my bitchiness to ranting on this entry and letting off some steam.
Seriously, sometimes I just wonder why... Why just can't fucking hell fuck off back into your own fucking realm. May I have God's blessings to shield me away...

While I was bathing just now, I found a freaking HUGE bruise on my lower thigh. What the hell did I ram into?!

I'm at home now and I wish for some peace and quiet after a damn lousy day, but someone somewhere nearby is practicing on the violin. Not that the person is not playing well, but I would prefer a much slower piece... Wonders if the person takes song requests...

For the record, I freaking hell hate broken records though I might be sounding like one myself now... I know that I had told myself before loads of times to STOP whining about this, I simply just can't...
Man Utd has gotten the 3rd trophy this season, Community Shield, World Club Cup and now, The Carling Cup. Looking at the squad that went up to collect the winner's medal, I can't help but imagine the what-if-Chris-Eagles-is-still-in-Man-Utd scenario... There was a huge chance he was up there collecting the medal! ARGH!

Friday, February 20, 2009

American Idol Top 36 Round 1

This year's American Idol has a new format of choosing contestants into the final Top 12. I kinda feel that its a do or fail, and its only one chance kinda "system" right now.

What happens is that instead of a Top 24, this year's AI has a Top 36 instead. And these 36 will be split into 3 groups of 12. The top gal and top guy and the person with the next highest amount of votes of each group will get a place in the final Top 12.
Sing once, into Top 12 or not, unless once gets called back via wildcard later. No more "escaping" elimination by having a scrappy perfomance one week and then get a second chance to buck up the next.

Since the first auditions, I've been supporting quite a few contestants whom I think are my kind of American Idols. 2 of them were in round 1, Alexis and Danny.
When Alexis finished her song, I was thinking to myself, can she sing another one? I wana listen to her more!
When it was Danny's turn, my hair stood and I had goosebumps all over, then I could feel tears swell up in my eyes. It was so damn blardi touching lah!
And after the results show earlier on, I was so happy that both of them got through!

What even made me happier was seeing 2 of the many contestants whom I was rooting for last year (it was a crazy season and I was rooting for David Cook, Brooke, Syesha, Ramiele and Amanda as well) Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, come onto the show and perform. And Michael announced that his album will be releasing soon!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bad Start To A New Week

I made a big boo-boo at work today. Something I feel that it is one of those most serious-than-serious kinda mistake.

Though more than 10 hours has past, I can't help feeling guilty, sorry, having that kinda spongy-squishy-sourish-tangled heart with a knife stabbed into it. Boss had harsh words and did not flare up at me, which made me feel even much worse. I really really know I have such a great lovely wonderful boss, but today after what had happened, I questioned myself, "What/ Why/ How did I deserve to have such a super duper uber fabulous boss?"

Although I'm still feeling sorry for my mistake, I must try not to let it bog me down or affect me negatively. I must treat it as a lesson learnt, grow from it, and avoid such mistakes or any others in the future.

To my dearest friends, thanks for being there for me this afternoon. Although I did not say much, I'm really touched and happy you guys gave me support and encouragment. Really appreciate it...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Remembered...

I remembered a few months back, I did say that I had some entries that were backdated... Now, these entries are REALLY backdated liao lor... Seriously! Die, must really find time to finish blogging about the US trip and dig from the "grave" the whatever drafts I have...

Just some quick updates before I retire for the night...

5th week into my job and I'm still learning how to target which is priority/ important, which one can wait a little. But I think I can manage my tasks and time kinda well, just a little blur blur on what can or cannot be done. Still smoothing the rough edges out and learning to be a little bit more independent and not keep running to my boss and ask her "can? possible? how?"

I've yet to receive my degree cert!!! grrr!!! A few of my classmates already got it, apparently, they are doing it in batches. Haiz...

CNY is ending, and the flow of angbows is "drying up"... Hehe... I wonder how much I get this year. Not gonna open till after the 15th!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


After much deliberation, I'm leaving the Association of Bloggers (Singapore). I'm really glad to have been a part of the protem committee but I know for sure that there are others out there will do a better job than me. It was an experience through this journey and I thank everyone who was working with me.

With immediate effect, I will not handle any issues pertaining to the Association, so if anyone has any comments, feedback or questions, please approach the Association directly.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Is This Happening?!

I seriously do not know how I want to write this post. Right now, I'm just feeling a HUGE mix of emotions...

My heart just sank as though weighed down by a million or even gazillion tons. My stomach's churning. I'm tearing. I have the urge to question God or maybe even shout at Him. But yet, I feel inspired, motivated and even more determined to win this battle. My hatred for this enemy has been renewed and the intensity of this hatred has increased.

Just die and fuck off because you have now left 2 kids motherless! When are you going to stop?! Just when?!?!

A memorial will be held for Shin this Saturday, 31st Jan. For more details, please drop by her blog.

Shin, thanks for showing me your feisty spirit against cancer.

I'm speechless... I dunno how to carry on with this post...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally, THE Day Has Come!

I've been blogging for a little more than 7 years and I can dare say that THIS is DEFINATELY the BEST thing that ever happened to me in my life as a blogger! I'm SO honoured, proud and excited to announce to you that the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is born!

The first half of my blogging life was just me, myself, and me, so much so that nothing else matters. After I have the privilege of being 2-6 months away from death's gate, my perpectives changed. It was no longer about just ME, it was about how I can contribute to the society and make myself useful as God would want me too. I made use of my blog to get "out there" so people would know that there is this cancer survivor out there who can help. As I did so, I got more involved in the blogging scene (not that I'm a blogger with celebrity status already), got to connect with bloggers who are now friends and also questioned myself as to how I can contribute to the local blogging scene.

Few months back, I had the privilege of meeting like-minded bloggers who initiated the start of an Association to contribute to the local blogosphere and thus decided to hop onboard. One of the main reasons I decided to do so is because I feel that the local blogging scene is not very united, in Mandarin, I would put it as 一盘散沙. And I hope with the Association, we can make things better and forward the positive development of the local social media scene.

I do not have to be a "somebody" to help contribute nor do I have big aspirations to be that "somebody" leading everyone else. I just want to play my part and help make the local blogosphere better. I'm sick and tired of the flame (blog) wars and irresponsible blogging antics. Though one might say, what's news/publicity without all these, but as Sandra Bullock once said, "world peace". Amen to that!

I'm IN. So are they:
DK aka Darryl Kang
Mr Endoh
How about you? Do you want to do your part? Check out at our temporary home at

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Very Exciting Week

And mind you, the week hasn't ended yet. So many things happened, I felt I was on a mini roller coaster ride. You have been warned that this will be a really really long post...

Firstly, I would like to dedicate a little letter/note to a friend here...
Dear Friend,
Though I don't know if you will read this, I still have to say this... Though we do not talk to each other frequently nor keep in contact frequently, I was glad you found me on Facebook! So happy to be able to re-connect with you again!

Next, a slightly longer letter/note to another friend...
Dear Friend,
Though you may not read this, though we do not always keep in contact, and have not met for more than 3 years, though we have moved on and got on with our lives, I still remember you as a friend whom I can talk anything under the sun to.
When you called the other day and when I saw your name flashing across my handphone screen, I was more shocked than surprised. When you ROM-ed, you did not tell me lor! (How dare you! Bleh...) So now, when you called, I thought a "red bomb" was coming my way, and was shocked cos I did not expect to be invited...
But a bomb it was, though not red. It was a bomb with my dreaded enemy, which MIGHT be now yours too. After you put down the phone, I prayed for you. Even thought its not confirmed, I really hope its not.
Though its a bit late now to say this, I still have to say it, cos its never too late... AH BENG, STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY LAH! That day on the phone still dare to bargain with me lor... *faints*
But remember, (choy, touch wood) you are not alone on this battle. Your family and friends, including me, are with you all the way! Jia you! And keep me updated hor!

I met a gal on the bus. She's here on an international exchange program at SMU. She said something interesting what I asked her why she chose to come to Singapore. Her reply was that Singapore was a tropical country and she wanted to see how it was like. No babe, Singapore's no jungle rite? Hehe...

The big bosses are in town, and so far, I'm being disrupted the least compared to my other backroom office colleagues... Thank God and I hope it stays this way...

I saw a teenage gal (maximum age I would give her is 20) and her 40-ish to 50-ish mum look alike. Let me put it this way, both have the same hairstyle, from the bob, to the fringe, to the center parting, to the length, except the gal's black, the mum's dyed brown. Both were wearing polo T-shirts, gal was wearing blue, mum was wearing pink, with checkered collar. Both were wear denim 3-quarts, colour and style a bit different. Both were wearing ankle socks and sneakers. Both were carrying tote/tote-ish bags, gal was carrying a pink one, while mum opted for a Gucci.
Psst, Sis, if you are reading this now, please do not let mum see the following...
After observing them, I tried to picture how I and my mum would look. *shudders* And seriously, I rather be caught dead! Thankfully or not, I and my mum have different dressing sense/styles...
Acutally, I'm ok with the idea that mum and their daughters and dad and their sons dress alike. But, I believe in dressing your age. More often than not, it is quite common seeing mums or dads dressing up their kids similarly. But that similar dress sense/style kinda gets less common when the kid is a teenager or older...

And I'm ending this post with a rant.
Fuck you understand! Fuck you! You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, steal. Understand that?! DAMNIT! I freaking hate freeloaders. After all the hard work put in, you DO NOT take that hard work and pass it off as your own. Seriously, may your God punish you and may you burn in hell...
p/s: I just need to let it out, but please reserve me the privacy and not ask what this is about till I'm ready to talk about it k? Thanks!