Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Halfway There...

In my 21st week now, like all preggers, the tummy's growing bigger and bigger. Sometimes when I have too full a meal, my abdomen feels like it is going to explode. Even sometimes in the mornings when I stretch myself awake, it would feel as though I'm trying to crack open my skin.

It's awesome and sometimes irritating when I feel baby's movements. Sometimes, baby will move a little or I would feel as though baby's doing a little somersault. On other occasions, I would feel as though baby is practising kungfu, and it would hurt a little. Just yesterday, baby decided to keep punching/kicking near my bladder. I peed thrice within an hour and 15 mins.
And just some moments ago, baby decided to help me with my bowel movements. Wasn't having any urge to shit till baby kept punching/kicking some lower part near the exit point.

Although the tummy's bigger, people do give me weird stares and wonder if I'm really pregnant or just fat. They look up and down a few times, or stare at my tummy.

While walking around in crowded areas, I tend to give preggers a little more space when passing them or not cut into their path when I wasn't pregnant. But I realised what goes around doesn't come around sometimes. Now that I'm the pregger, people cheong me, literally cheong me. Oncoming traffic would expect me to budge although they are the ones not walking in a straight line and cutting into my "lane". Diagonal traffic would brush past me and I have to sudden brake to let them pass.

On the public transport, only on 4 occasions was I being offered a seat. When boarding and alighting, I have to fight my way through and no one gives way. Once on my way home, an uncle with a head full of grey hair offered his seat to me. Such a kind gesture but I had to turn him down. How to accept?! While we were persuading each other to sit, the younger ones around us were either oblivious to the surroundings or feigning ignorance to what's happening. 
Once on the MRT, I was with a friend going for dinner. When we entered, no one budge although we stood near the priority seat which was taken up by someone young, well and unpregnant. I was till my friend asked if I wanted to sit down before a gentleman in a non-priority seat stood up and offered his. Our journey was only 1 stop, so I nicely declined.
Yesterday morning, I slowly made my way to the back of the bus looking for a seat, but to no avail. A young lady, perhaps a few years younger than me, offer her seat to me. It was the middle seat in the last row of a single deck wheelchair-friendly bus with an "F1 driver" at the helm. Taking the same route for so long, I kinda can remember which are the "F1 drivers" and who's getting off where. Elevated with nothing in front of me, and there was someone getting up 2 stops away in a back-facing seat, I chose to decline n wait. True enough, I got the seat and less than 3 stops later, the driver slammed his brakes hard, some standing were thrown off balance while some seated front-facing were thrown forward
This morning, I again walked to the back of the bus to look for a seat but to no avail. An expat couple were seated in the middle and right corner seats in the last row of yet another single deck wheelchair friendly bus. they were talking among themselves and the male got up frm his right corner seat. I thought he was alighting n blur blur took his seat. It was till the next stop, thank God not a long distance away, that I realised he did not get off. I turned to the lady and said thank you. She asked if no one in front offered their seat n I replied no. She told me to not be shy and just ask for the seat next time

I'm just hoping people would be nice and gracious. It is not a so-called entitlement mentality that I'm hoping people would give way to me at this point of time. Try carrying a sack weighing a few kilos around your abdomen and you will know what I mean.