Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet Another American Idol SHOCKER...

This season of American Idol is full of shockers.
1) Horrible singers such as Kristy Lee Cook can stay sooo long.
2) Favorites like Michael Johns and Ramiele got eliminated too early.
3) Tipped to be in the finale, Carly Smithson says goodbye this week.

It's too early for her exit, 4 weeks to be exact! She had never been in the bottom 3! How could this happened? Randy Jackson was right, seeing Carly and Syesha, he said popularity votes played in this week. Voters are not voting for the best singers, they are voting for eye candies! If not, how would you explain why Jason Castro's weak performance this week allowed him to stay in the competition? It is just so so not fair!

Worst season of American Idol so far? I agree. Seeing good singers being eliminated from the competition one by one, are there anymore reasons to watch the show anymore?

Next week is Neil Diamond week. I want my remaining favourites to stay all the way! Brooke, David Cook, Syesha, wait for my votes!!! I'm coming to America!!!

Leaving On A Jet Plane... Soon...

I can't believe it. In about 24 hours time, I'm on the plane, leaving Singapore for LA! I'm excited yet not that excited.

It is the first time I'm going to the US. Never ever been to Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Fisherman's Wharf, Vegas, etc and I'm going to visit these places in about 3 weeks time after my classes are done in Oklahoma. Holidaying is fun. Who doesn't like to go on a holiday!
But I will not be seeing Dear for the next 6 weeks. Dear has bought a webcam, so technically I can see him. But still, I will miss him... For the past few days, I have been like a leech, wanting to spend every single day with him. Sigh...

Will definately try to update this blog whenever I can.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Stuff That Took Little Too Long

Remember I was ranting about some website using my photo without my permission in this entry? 16 days later, still no reply from the website. My photo's still there. Can anyone teach me what to do next? Should I give up and treat it as free "advertorial" or should I press on further?

FINALLY, Kristy Lee Cook has been eliminated. Even Simon Cowell said that her time is up. But why did America take soooooo long to decide? I guess you really needed a favourite to wake the voters out and Remy and Michael were scarificed.

Finally, the US trip is here. When I first started my degree, I was saying "will go US in 2 years to complete it." Last year, I was saying "next year go US." End of last year, I was counting down in months saying, "going over in (how many) months time." Then it became, "I'm going over next month!" As of today, I shall say, "I'M GOING OVER NEXT FRIDAY!!!" Woohoo!!! Finally!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol SHOCKER...

Warning/ Disclaimer: If you are waiting for tonight's broadcast to know who is the latest to be eliminated from American Idol, DO NOT read this post...

Ok, it has been validated and confirmed that American Idol voters once all over again are DEAF and have NO ears!!!

I OFFICALLY HATE KRISTY LEE COOK NOW!!! KNNBCCB!!! F***ed-up bitch!!! Are there any more swear words I can use now?
This f***ing bitch miraculously stayed for ANOTHER WEEK while one of my favourites, Michael Johns is eliminated!!! If possible, can I just kick her off the stage instead of vote to eliminate her?
To date this bitch has eliminated 3 of my favourites who are better then her, Asia'h, Amanda and Michael. She is just damn freaking lucky she has a bit of looks (but now I find her totally FUGLY) BUT she CAN'T sing!!!
She is also damn freaking lucky that she managed to stay through the Beatles weeks because after that was a country week. This week, inspirational songs, meaning you can choose any damn song in the world as long as it inspires you. So, this lucky bitch chose yet another country song.

I have nothing against country and with this statement, I present proof with a past entry that I simply adore Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. I just hate BAD singers and singers whom I DO NOT think deserve the position!!!
Flash back to Season 5, when Chris Daughtry was voted off in place of Elliot Yamin and tua-neh-bu Katherine Mcphee, I did not make such hella noise like now! Not that I admit that both of them are better singers, but I felt that it was ok because they deserve the position.
This bitch DOES NOT deserve the postion!!!

If it was rock week in place of Beatles, she would not have survived! The producers are damn good to her. Or rather, good to themselves, knowing that a pretty lass will pull ratings up. And of cos knowing that in order to get rid of this bottom-3 resident who sings horribly, viewers have to vote for the others, and votes equals moolah...

I WANT ROCK WEEK NEXT WEEK!!! No wait, then my Brooke White how? K, let me think about it...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Poof" Function For American Idol?

Its true that the good looking ones will somehow manage to stay on without talent, but Kristy Lee Cook is staying a tad too long. American Idol voters have lost it. They have created the worst season of American Idol.

Yes, it was country week and looking back at the past seasons, there was not a chance that a country singer would be voted off during a country week, nor a rock singer being voted off during rock week, etc.
I would say it was just pure bad luck and timing that because it was country week, Kristy Lee Cook managed to shine and salvage her WEEKS of POOR performances, while talented and loveable Ramiele Malubay got the boot.

How I wish I can poof Kristy Lee Cook out of the competition, out of sight, greyed out. Just like how ping's poof function works...
Horrible-and-can-only-sing-Amazing-Grace Kristy Lee Cook gets to stay week after week while rock chick Amanda Overmyer and consistent Chikezie were sent home. And now, Remiele goes home. American Idol will never be the same again. We would never get to see bubbly, cute, warm, loving and fun scenes because Remiele is the one who provides such!

It's For Real...

Blame it on my sensitivity and insecurity which have been with me for years.

I gotta admit you are quite a good catch albeit being a little round.
Although I do know there is no one else, it does not help that sometimes you would mention "find er nai".
Although I do know you love me only, it does not help that sometimes you mention that so many other girls out there would want you and can maybe consider.

Whenever I ask if you will not want me, ambiguous answers like "consider lah" does not help pacify a wondering insecure mind. You say I keep asking and it is very tiresome, but what are the answers are you giving me? Sometimes I have to ask a few times in a row before you give a reluctant "want lah".
Have you ever wondered if you had not given any ambiguous answer in the beginning, I would not keep asking.

Through your actions, I know how much you care about for me and love me, but your egoistic mouth says otherwise. It is because of the question marks that you give me then I would feel insecure. And now you are scolding me because I feel insecure.
You say you can't keep pacifying me, but it takes 2 hands to clap and it is a cause and effect thingy. I know you are too egoistic to say "I love you", but sometimes I really need real answers from you mah.

I can stop feeling insecure but it takes time.
I can stop feeling insecure but you have to stop the question marks.
I can stop feeling insecure if I stop doubting myself that I am good enough.
I can stop feeling insecure if you would lessen the words that would lead me to think that there are other girls that you can choose from.

From day 1, you know I am sensitive and insecure. I know you don't mean it, I know I'm being sensitive and insecure. It is not that I do not trust you.
And maybe you are right that since I'm not a perfect healthy person, no one else will want me because of the future burden except you. And maybe because of this, and the question marks, I feel insecure.

Characteristics are unlike habits which can be changed overnite. But if you don't help me, who will?
I know you can't stop saying such things because this is who you are. From egoistic to romantic, no one will be able to do it. But stop blaming and saying that I'm insecure. It would not help, right?
I'll just have to accept that you would not verbally tell me how much you love me and want me and then you'll have also to accept that I would feel insecure. I can't expect you to sweeten your words just to make me feel secure. It would not be correct, right?

I'm really sad and pissed. "Late night show" that led to a quarrel... All because I was really not comfortable. I was really worked up.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anxiously Waiting...

I'm supposed to be studying, but I just can't concentrate!!!

Email was sent at 0204hrs, about 18 hours ago. No one from the website has yet replied in regards to the photo "theft". Am I simply just being impatient? Been checking my email and blog almost every hour to check if they had replied or left a message on my blog, nothing... When will the reply come in???

Will be leaving for Oklahoma for my on-campus residency in about 25 days time, and my entire heart and mind is flying towards US now. Basically, in holiday mood now too...

Final season at 161st Street, which houses such intense history of the club, no one else will understand how much I want to go. Already in US, so near but still yet so far... Finally managed to plead with my parents to let me travel to New York to pay prilmage to the House that Ruth built. It's the final season that the Yankees will be playing there and they will be shifting to a brand new stadium next year. Some of you might think it is crazy to buy a round-trip ticket from LA to NY and just spend a few hours there. But non-American hardcore fans like me will understand that it is all worth it; especially when your own country does not have a proper baseball ballpark/stadium. (And I don't know why I'm crying now)
Right now, I can imagine kissing the walls of the stadium, walking around the ballpark, taking massive amounts of photos, wah-ing like a swa ku, etc... And hopefully I'll be able to bring a blade (or 2) of grass back...

I really don't know how to start studying. God help...

I Feel Violated And Need Advice Desperately!!!

Can someone advise me if this website is involved in anything I do not want to get involved in? Is there anyway I can get my photo out of it? If this a case of using one's properties without permission?

I don't know why am I on this website together with others who show cleavage and/or look sexy. I honestly do feel honoured when someone adds me to their blogroll or feature my blog on some well-known websites. BUT THIS?!?! Mange to spot me in this screenshot? I'm in the top row, 2nd from the right.

Please please help dish out advise... Feel free to email me if you do not want to leave your advise on my comment page...
Thanks in advance! Much appreciated...