Monday, September 23, 2013

The "Mid-Table" Manchester United

I'm a super huge Man U fan and it pains me to see what is happening to the club now. With the departure of a title winning manager in Sir Alex Ferguson, and by bringing in a mid-table survivor in David Moyes, I have a bad feeling that the club will not do just as well as the previous years.

First sign of disaster, Moyes is not a proven title winning manager, and when he came to the club, he got rid of the existing title winning backroom staff and brought in his own.
Secondly, every club had a huge marquee signing. Arsenal, title-drought for a few seasons, even got Ozil. Man U only got a guy with afro hair called Fellaini, who keeps getting himself into offside positions. Between him and Forlan, I really don't know who's the bigger joke for Man U.
Thirdly, the way the players are moving and tactics wise, Man U is looking like Everton the last few seasons. Especially for the derby match playing now, horrendous. If this carries on, at the end of the season, if it is just purely based on table standings, Man U may not even qualify for Europa league.

It is a sad sad depressing situation... Sir Alex should stop letting Moyes have a free rein and run the show at Man U. At this point, I think Moyes deserves some hairdryer treatment...

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Malaysian League Title Back In Singapore Soil

For those who were watching the Lion XII match against Felda, you would have heard the commentator going on and on again about "since 1994". Honestly, I wasn't that all proud about the win in 1994 after 2 players were found to have kelong-ed. Seemed that Singapore team needed "outside help" to win, although I felt that the Singapore Dream Team were pretty good.

Fast forward to today when our under-23 boys (with the exception of a few overaged players) bring the title back to Singapore just moments ago. Great, brilliant job! Thank You so much!

And a super big thank you to the boys who are still serving NS. Thank you for sacrificing your annual leave to play for and represent Singapore.

This now leads me to rant about something. I think that as long as one is representing Singapore in a competition, even though playing for a club, he should be able to get unrecorded leave from NS. Isn't forming Lions XII and getting them to compete in MSL about giving them exposure and building a good Singapore soccer team? Someone should start looking into this matter...

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Clogged Toilet Bowl

In this world, there are many different personalities and characters. And there's one type I would call the "Clogged Toilet Bowl" (CTB for short).

These people tend to hog onto whatever they are doing. Not too sure why. Maybe they are desperate for recognition? Maybe they want to be in the limelight? Maybe due to their ego? Maybe they want to show everyone that they are busy? I really don't know. But all I know is that they hog and hog and hog onto it.

They refuse to let others get involved at discussion stage, maybe because it not firmed? Fair enough. Even when it is firmed and getting approvals sorted out, they still don't involve other people. Maybe it is not approved yet, so they want to alert people unnecessarily? Fair enough. When it's approved, they only FYI people. Even when during the execution stage, they still don't involve other people. Maybe they think they can handle? Fair enough.

BUT just like a CTB, the shit gets accumulated. The more they hog, the more shit gets accumulated. It gets accumulated to the point where they can no longer finish stuff and can't flush it out of the channel/system as done/cleared. Or when too many things happen at the same time, it cannot handle the load and can't flush it out of the channel/system as delegated. So, what happens next is that the shit overflows the CTB, spilling out all over the rims.

At this crucial point of time, toilet cleaner(s) has(have) to step in to literally clean up the shit CTB left, on top of the usual job scope. Not that it is very difficult, but because it didn't go down the proper channel/system, which equates to no head no tail, the toilet cleaner(s) has(have) to spend precious time digging into the shit to piece things up.

Maybe the CTB should just be removed in its entirety from the toilet to save everyone the trouble...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emo-ing About HMV

As most would have known by now, HMV is entering administration. Am reading many news reports and articles online and this particular one titled, The death of traditional retailers like HMV started when we caught on to one-click and the joy of owning DVDs wore thin, hit hard. To me, the writer had put up real  justified reasons/explanations, which were staring hard at me and had me questioning if I'm like that too.

HMV is a very huge part of my life. When I was in my teens, digital formats were not readily available. Besides buying the singles/EPs and albums of my favourite aritsts, when I like a certain song, I would buy the single/EP to keep it, to own a piece of it. If the single/EP wasn't available, I would buy the full album. So, I would get my music from neighbourhood shops and Tower Records.

When HMV hit town, I abandoned these for HMV and pledged my allegiance to HMV. I was like a fangirl. Even when Tower Records were exiting Singapore, I was emotionless and was hoping that HMV would still stay. Even if HMV was slightly slower in getting the stocks compared to other shops, I waited for them to get it. Even if passes to autograph sessions were only available with purchase exclusively at other shops, I would still purchase from HMV and go to the autograph session, fully contended to wait at the back of the line. You could say, I grew up with HMV. I also had a small wish the moment I had pledged my allegiance, to work at HMV some day. Serious, I kid you not.

As I grew older, digital formats were so readily available. But space in my room was not so readily available. After many years of keeping these physical copies, I had a lot. With the ease and convenience of digital formats, to save space and to also save money, I chose to only buy the albums of my favourite artists. As for the songs that I like, I will just get the digital format or go online to listen to them.

After I was done with all the treatment, I decided to study instead of going back into the workforce. I was looking for a part-time job to earn a little dough while studying. So, when I chanced upon a HMV recruitment ad, I jumped at it as many of you could have guessed. And woohoo, I fulfilled the wish of working at HMV.

If I were to find a scapegoat, can I just blame it on the current CEO Trevor Moore and his predecessor Simon Fox just because they do not have fingers that would turn anything into gold when touched (an article by The Huffington Post article)? Right now, I have no clue as to what will happen to the stores in Singapore. I'm now feeling a little lost as well. Where can I get all my CDs and DVDs and Blurays should HMV exit Singapore?! At this time of writing, HMV Ireland has closed all stores...

I know just by liking a Facebook page/group may not help that much, but at this point of time, anything goes. So please "like" Save HMV. Thank You so very much!