Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates Of The Carribean

The Curse of the Black Pearl: Good plot and that kept us entertained.
Dead Man's Chest: No plot, but it was damn funny and that kept us entertained.
At World's End: No plot, not as much comic relieve. But I kinda got entertained, but only in the last hour.


What goes around comes around. You can be lazy and stupid enough to place an oily food tray onto a seat. You are self-centered because it doesn't bother you if someone else will sit onto that seat, anyway, it's not going to be you who is going to get the oily seat. However, you have to believe in karma, what goes around, comes around. One day, another lazy and stupid person will do the same, and you will stupidly sit onto the oily seat.

Someone said Singapore will become world class. If that happens with people of this sort, the whole world can eat grass...

Monday, May 28, 2007

From Yummy To Yucky

I used to love birdnest. To me, it was a wonderful treat every few months when mum would double-boil it with rock sugar and red dates. My sis and I would "wallop" the most of it (sometimes even fighting for the last drop), while my parents would share a bowl. It was a kinda luxury as birdnest is not a very cheap treat, definately more expensive than my beloved Red Rock Deli chips.

There came a day when I discovered I had NPC aka nose cancer. Relatives and close friends of our family flooded us with birdnest, and I really mean FLOODED. From a evey-few-months treat, it became a weekly treat. At first, I didn't mind. I was actually enjoying it! As the tumor in my nose became smaller, my sense of smell became better. Although my taste buds died on me, I could smell and "taste" food through my airway. For a few months, I was practically living on soy bean curd and could smell and "taste" the fragrance of soy bean and sugary syrup as I ate through my airway, not my taste buds.

Same with birdnest. Soon, the "protein" smell of birdnest got to me and I hated it! In the past, when I smelt the "protein" smell, I was happy because mum is making birdnest. During the period I was sick, there was a gradual decrease in excitement till the point I was, "Huh? You making birdnest again?!" The "protein" smell, "fragrance" and taste irked me ,and it became worse when I felt like vomiting when I ate it. I told mum, no more birdnest please. The other day, she made a whole lot of birdnest. If it was 2-3 years ago, I would have "wallop" and ate like no tomorrow. Now, I actually told my mum to get sis to eat.

For the past few days, I had not enough sleep. Plus, I had serious ance outbreak issues during the preparation of the last exam, which till now is slowly getting better. Mum kept advocating the birdnest would be good for me to (in a sense) "neutralise the yin and yang" in my body and make me feel less tired, etc... She nagged some more when I told her I missed this morning class just now in the kitchen. I was thinking, "How much can a bird's saliva actually help you!?" In the past, I would think, "Oh, because of the high protein content, blah blah..."

Sleeping Skills

I have 3 alarm clocks: handphone, digital radio cum alarm clock and one on my lappy. All set at 7am because I'm having morning class today onwards. I amazingly slept through all of them AGAIN! When "the monkey" (as how the "thorn-among-the-roses" sometimes address her as) called me (I assume) during break time around 10+, I woke up. Half awake, I think I told her I at home, not coming, because no point. Think she asked if I knew its morning class, I think I told her yes. After the call I went back to sleep and woke up a little while ago at around 1600.

I think no any human can beat me in terms of sleeping skills. Even if I acknowledge I'm no. 2, no one will dare say he/she/it is no. 1... I'm still yawning...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lightnings & Thunders

1100: Dear tried to wake me up, but can't.
1130: Found Dear not in bed, went to the living room and saw him playing game. Sat at the beanbag to accompany him and fell asleep.
1135: Dear dragged me back to the room to sleep.
1230: Dear started waking me up again.
1320: I finally woke up.
1400: Reach C&T's place and had lunch with them. After lunch, we started our mahjong.
We had actually set to reach at 1300. Apparently, C woke up late too, around the time I woke up. Haha...

I see loads of lightning, but hear no thunder. Called Dear just now to tell him, but he said he didn't see any. He called back a while later to say that he saw it too. I thought lightnings always come with thunder... Weird...

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Did I mention that the jingle and slogan/ tagline is so impact-ful and impressed upon me that even the tune is still playing in my head now?! I think the sleep will do me good. Since I'm yawning away and tearing now...

On the other hand, I know how to up the usage of cabs. Ask everyone to do a DETAILED document of creative execution and ROI, and creative, media and promotion OST (Objective, Strategy and Tactics) or even the entire campaign, just what what we are doing; in a competition or something that will win them 1 year worth of free taxi rides. However, they can only work on the document on computers stationed at some ulu samy place. They have to book time slots to use the computers. Those who kena the graveyard slots, good luck. At a ulu samy place, u definately have to take cabs... When they keep booking and taking cabs to and from the ulu samy venue, you create ridership and somehow a habit of taking cabs develops.

Just like this morning, 9 of us left MDIS at freaking 3.30am. I almost wanted to literally camp there overnight. I was even freakingly too tired to go home. Mentally tired because too much brain juices drained and physically tired because I did not had enough sleep. Luckily PR's group assignment would not require sooooo much.

400 entries and still blabbering, ranting, complaining, whining, kaobei-ing, (fill in your word), etc...

Just For 10?!

For the past 3 nights, I haven't been getting much sleep, averaging about 3 hours every night. Maybe "night" is an understatement, "morning" is a better word to use. All for the freaking sake of 10 freaking points that would make a "B" into an "A". "The-thorn-among-the-roses" (but he says he's the rose among the thorns, hehe...) says that its all for the experience and the one grading us say its to put us on the right track for the post-assignment. Agreeable, but I'm totally drained now... But it's freaking weird that although I'm drained, I still can type and complain about how frreaking drained and tired I am.

I think it was during yesterday's class or the one day before that there is a prize for winning the pitch. My immediate thought was "extra credit", and true enough it was. It was 10 bonus points for the exam. Haha, I got it right! Maybe I can even guess accurately tomorrow's 4D or Monday's Toto numbers. So must buy!!! But I'm tooooo freaking tired to move already.

My bed's calling and enticing me now... Zzz...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Empty Vessel

As the saying goes, "empty vessels make the most noise". I think I'm one. My colleagues find me noisy, my friends find me noisy, everyone finds me noisy. I'm an empty airhead. Sometimes, I wish I would be a bitch, because it seems like only bitches don't make noise, they make "music". And it seems like only bitches get taken seriously.

I've been like that for the past few days, maybe even for a week or 2, and I have no freaking idea why. Maybe I worry and think too much? Maybe I'm freaking out at everything and everyone? Maybe I'm feeling insecure because I'm afraid people don't like me that much? Maybe because the childhood stigma of not having real friends in primary school still freaks me out till today. Dear once teased me, with the amount of friends that I have, maybe his friends have to pose as my friends and sit on "my side" of tables during our wedding banquet.

I may not seem the broody, moody type, but the happy-go-lucky type judging by the numerous "lol", "haha", "hehe" I punctuate my sms or msn messages with; but I'm actually quite a depressing person. I may seem blur, bimbotic, naive, blunt, anything and everything but, except those that can associate me with a bitch. Since I'm blunt, and like what my lecturer refers to, "no filter", I have offended many unknowingly (because I'm blur) with things I say, and thus "potential" friends ended disliking me and don't wana have any association with me at all. But I can't help it. There are some people whom I seen and heard who are equally blunt, yet people flock to them, maybe it's because they are good-looking, and I'm not...
One of my ex-es said that I'm that kinda person who give people only 2 extreme options when they first get to know me. Either they have neutral feelings about me or they don't like me at all, no such thing as "maybe can give this gal a 2nd chance to see if she's really so (feel in the blank)" It doens't help that I'm freaking hot, so it "compensates" for my brainless blabbering.
Most of my ex-es warned me that if I wanted to keep my friends or make new ones, I better watch my mouth (but I rather put it as "my brain") because I have offended sooooooo many tons of people that if they had counted, they would have lost count. They also added that those friends that I really have are those that are forgiving and kind enough to give me sooooooo many blardi tons of 2nd chances to know me better because they were trusting enough to know "deep down" I'm not the "surface" person they had known just a while ago (this sentiment was actually seconded by some of my closest friends).

I've heard people telling me "stop whining" or "don't be so whiny". But I can swear to you, when you said that, I was not whining. I can't help it that I'm born with a voice with such a pitch and tone. Wait till you really hear me whine. I think Dear and my ex-es are the only ones who hear me whine, because I only whine to my boyfriends.

If anyone noticed, I'm not typing with perfect smoothness in flow of language and this whole entry looks and sounds disjointed. And I'm sobbing while typing this... Fuck it, maybe I'm just slipping into another of my depression periods again... Maybe I'm just fucking whining. Maybe I'm just a fucking empty vessel making noise, wasting 4+, close to 5 precious hours doing this while trying to read my text, surf the net, chat on msn, etc....
Damn it. Why does all my entries take so long to be typed out and "finalized" before I'm willing to hit "publish post"? Maybe I just like to type and type, leave it there, come back, add some more in case I left something out, type and type. See, another "potential" entry coming up... Why my entries are all so blardi long. Argh! Maybe I should just stop here and sleep! (Time on my lappy now, 2:46am)

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Alarming!

How in the hell did I sleep through my digital alarm clock, the alarm clock on my phone and lappy which were ALL ringing at 10am. I swear I didn't even hear them! By the time I woke up at 1pm, they have all stopped ringing. I practically rushed to class, sans make-up. I looked definately horrible! Urgh!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boring Telly

I'm in an irritable mood. I feel grouchy.
Maybe I still need sleep to recover from the lack of it. I slept around 2am last night and woke up close to noon just now, and I yawning away already.
Maybe stupid Drogba's goal in the last 5 minutes of yesterday's game, which went into extra time, make me feel dissatisfied.
Maybe Doolittle's elimination from American Idol make me feel sad.

Maybe I just feel lost. While preparing for exams, I was pratically SQUEEZING time in to watch Amazing Race All Stars, American Idol, Heroes and my favourite sports games.
Now the Amazing Race has finished racing, so Mondays nights are boring.
Melinda Doolittle's out of Idol, leaving only my other hopeful Jordin Sparks in the finals, so, I'm kinda half enthusiastic about the show this coming Wednesday and Thursday.
Soccer season is practically over.
There aren't much baseball games on telly.
The only 2 I can count on now Heroes and F1 races. But then again, season 1 of Heroes has wrapped in the US, and countdown is happening here now.
Damn, I need to find some programs to fill the "tv-void". Maybe I should start watching 麻辣天后宫 (Gossip Queen) back again. I stopped watching it for close to 3 months already. I can't start watching my TVB or Jap serials. Because once I start on one episode, I'll carry on and on, no need to do my text readings or study already.

I'm bored and sleepy...

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm definately pissed, not pleased! Americans who voted for American Idol or say they are ardent fans of American Idol should get their ears checked. Reasons not in any order of importance or preference... (To those whom find it offensive, I apologise in advance...)

1) Last year, Chris Daughtry's place in the final was given to someone who shoved her boobs into the final. But never mind, he's now selling more albums any ANYONE on the show last year, well, that includes some of my favourites like Taylor Hicks & Kellie Pickler. But never mind, he's selling albums, not boobs.
2) This year, history repeats itself. The "Resident Pro" (as Randy Jackson always address her as) was voted out, and place given to Beatbox-er Blake. Hellooooo, American Idol is a SINGING competition, NOT BEATBOX competition. Like what Dear says, he sings out of beat! OMG!!! Why is he not voted out instead? I really pray hard some producer will sign Melinda Doolittle up.
3) Well, either the show is fixed, or Americans are really deaf. It happened with La Toya and Hudson, happened with Trias, happened with Daughtry, now Doolittle.

Luckily, I still have a reason to watch the finale, because another of my favourite, Jordin Sparks is still in. If she doesn't win, I'm kinda convinced that the show is fixed... I'm suffering from Doolittle Withdrawal Symptoms already.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Break? No Break?

Exam ended at 1300hrs on Saturday. Had late lunch with Dear, rested for a while at home and met up with "the guys" for dinner and boardgames. We played Runebound, which was new to us. We kinda ended up trying to figure out the rules (one was trying to read the rules and figure out some loopholes to exploit), figure out how to play the game, how to this and that, but we couldn't finish up one game of it. It was about 2200hrs and the foodcourt was closing, so Dear suggested we move to a nearby boardgame cafe to play a round of Puerto Rico but it was full house. We decided to play mahjong instead, at my place.
It was already morning by the time Dear and I slept. He woke up by noon and tried waking me up, because he knew I had things to do. But, I just slept and slept. By the time I woke up, it was 7 in the evening! Damn, whole day wasted sleeping. Can't be helped by the fact that for the past month, I've been averaging only 5 hours of sleep daily. Watch F1 and watched Man Utd lift the trophy.
Woke up around 1000hrs on Monday. Went to the library to return books, deposit money and buy the plastic covering for my table. I had wanted to "disinfect" my entire room since before CNY, but didn't have the time. 1st on the agenda was my table, which took me whole afternoon. Went out for dinner and grocery shopping, which at that time still not quite done. At night, I tidied my posters.
Slept around 0300hrs and woke up after noon. Met Dear for lunch, went to the bank, stock up on stationery and went for a 2nd round of grocery shopping, but I'm still not finished yet. There are some things which I just can't find. Reached home, rested for a while and embarked on the 2nd part of cleaning my room. I re-wrapped all my stuffed toys and changed my bedsheets and covers. I was tired and playing games on my computers, stoning away, preparing to sleep. Dear called for supper so we went to Bukit Timah to eat. Dear rented Just Follow Law, so we watch it before going to sleep.
Dear woke up early and went home first. I slept all the way till the afternoon. Practically stoned and did nothing then entire day. Now I am sleepy, class is starting tomorrow and I haven't done the readings yet.

Why are classes starting so soon?! I haven't had a long enough break! Sigh...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheaper Chips?

High maintenance? No I'm not. But it doesn't help that Red Rock Deli (my favourite chips) and Kettle (kinda hooked on now) are at sky-high prices when compared to others.
Red Rock Deli at Candy Empire: 100g - $3.90 / 200g - $6.90
Red Rock Deli at Cold Storage: 100g - $4.10 / 200g - Not seen so far
Kettle at Cold Storage: 142g - $4.40

I went grocery shopping ystday to stock up on my impending "war" with lessons and exams which will end most probably in August. So I kinda psycho-ed my parents to go Vivocity, since my mum had always wanted to see the Giant supermart there (and they like to shop at Giant), and there's Candy Empire there. At Candy Empire, the only had Lime & Black Pepper and Sea Salt left. So I bought the 200g Lime & BP. At Giant, there's only 1 miserable selection of Kettle Yoghurt & Spring Onion.
I went to Cold Storage just now to search for my Honey Soy Chicken and Sweet Chili & Sour Cream. Cold Storage has it, but only in 100g packets. There was only 3 packs of chicken left, and 1 was burst. So, I took 2 of each, and took a pack of Kettle Honey Dijon and Kettle Cheddar. Just 6 packs of chips cost me $25 bucks!
I need cheaper supplies of chips!!!

If anyone see anywhere selling Red Rock Deli and Kettle at cheaper prices, please kindly let me know. These are the fuel for my brain to work during exams...


Well, I'm not exactly an expert when it come to "love", but all I know is that you really love someone very very deeply, deepest to the right down the bottom of your heart when the following scenario happens...

It's time to get out of the house and you have switched off the fan and closed the window in your room. You ever dearest steps into the room, switches on the fan, says something and leave the room, wanting to leave the house. You then again switch off the fan and proceed out out the room, into the living room. The tv and fan in the living room are still switched on. There you have your ever dearest, sitting down there and telling you to switch off the tv and fan. You must be thinking, "Since he's waiting for me, why didn't he switch off the tv and fan. And why must he switch on the fan in the room again?" When you nag at him, he acts cute and tries to get away with it.

A few things that can follow...
1) If you are trying hard to be angry and still can laugh, you really love this idiot a lot.
2) If you are fuming mad and still can laugh, there's room for improvement.
3) If you are fuming mad and not laughing nor smiling, give the relationship a check.

Then when you hop onto a cab, you realise you had forgotten to bring your hp along.

All the while, I was "1"...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Thank You!

For once, I'm a Arsenal Fan.
For once, I don't spell Arsenal with 'a', 'r', 's', 'e' in CAPS.
Thank You, Mr. Gilberto Silva!
Thank You, Mr. Arsene Wenger!
Thank You, Arsenal!

Oh, last but not least, thank you, Khalid Boulahrouz, and of course, Jose Mourinho.
Thank you for making Man Utd champions of the Premiership!
2 down with 1 in the bag, 1 more to go...

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Besides making thru 330 pages of my blardi textbook, there's nothing else I did. Taiwan is throwing all kinda tantrums and is threatening not to participate in next year's Olympics. China not reacting much. US tells Taiwan to step up on defense. I really have a love-hate relationship with this love-hate relationship they are having. I really so desperately wana start on the blardi essay, but the day when I wake up and tell myself "start essay today", the papers will throw up some news about them.

What I really feel "proud" of now is that I've never studied so hard in my entire quarter-century plus life. So hard that now I am falling sick, but just on the verge, holding on & persisiting. I felt it last week when my throat was a bit dry and pricky. I drown myself with honey water and lots of fluids and did not fall sick. On Friday, my body gave in and I got a slight fever. Kinda went down but it came back yesterday afternoon. Yesterday night, I had gastric pains. It has been "Panadol-ever-6-hours" since yesterday night.

I'm buying time now. One more week to go before my body can finally break down and fall sick. I don't mind if I fall sick then, but definately not now. I need the stamina and energy to pull myself thru 200 pages of text and a blardi I-really-don't-know-where-to-begin, "can-they-just-go-to-war-and-settle-it-once-for-all" essay. I don't wana fall sick now!!! But it seems that my body is calling for a break...