Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Vanity" Car Plate Spotted In Singapore

I was in a cab in the evening (about 6.55pm) along Napier Road, just after Gleneagles Hospital, when the taxi uncle pointed out to me that the car plate number of the car in front of us was DK 65 OXL. I was like "huh", eyes blink blink and tried to re-confirm what I had seen. I know that we have plans to have vanity car plates aka personalized car plates in Singapore, but so soon?

I have 3 speculations about this and please correct me if I'm wrong.
1) I don't think this car could have been a Thai or Malaysian car that drove all the way down here because I doubt Thailand or Malaysia has a car plate number beginning with DK.
2) Could it be that the car was shipped or air-freighted over from another country?
3) Singapore has started issuing vanity car plates.

I don't have a pic to prove what I've seen because by the time I whipped out my phone from my bag, this white/ cream Chrysler 300C changed lane to turn into Tanglin Road while my cab went straight up into Grange Road, bypassing it. And the people who were in the car looked Chinese. Someone shed some light? Has anyone seen this car on the roads before?


Princess Winnilicious said...

It should be freighted over to be driven.

Some govt thingy?

Unlike SG will allow vanity car plate!

DK said...

Oh... that was my car you saw. :P

paced said...

DK, yah rite... lol