Sunday, August 19, 2007

Man Utd Is Now Bottom Of The Table

3 games played, 2 draws, 1 loss, adding further insult, the loss is to Man City in today's derby. Some points which I think could attribute to the situation now...

1) Fergie started Nani, and throughout his 59 minutes on the pitch, all his moves except for a few good passes, I was almost pulling out my hair, screaming nani in Japanese... His crosses were %&(^!#...

2) If Chris Eagles started instead of coming on in the 59th minute for Nani, he could have major contribution to the game. I'm not being biased, but Eagles' 31 minutes of work on the pitch was so much more beneficial compared to Nani's.

3) However matters are not settle, why can't play Gabriel Heinze? He was not even on the bench! So you have Vidic and Wes Brown whom I think were a complete mess in this game. Brown as usual is always daydreaming and Vidic, cowardly siam and result in the lone goal of the game. If it was Heinze, he would have moved forward and tackled that fella.

4) It is hard to throw a whole bunch of players who have not played together before to create miracles. The players need communication and 默契. Especially when you are playing attacking football, it is damn hard for players who have not played together to gel. How do you think Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole had so many goals for Man Utd last time?

I'm really really getting disappointed with Fergie. Like what Dear said, he prefers tried and tested players. Who doesn't? But can they gel and make the team work? Football is a blardi team game!

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