Monday, July 31, 2006

And Then...

So, another week of not blogging. hardly come online too. after working, u just feel like slacking n not doing anything.

Dr Khor gave me something today to take to get rid of the smelly breath i have. hopefully it works. i cant help but feel sometimes pple are keeping a distance away from me becos of it. sigh... insecurity, as always...

and then, no and then. i guess that's all. just needed to type something out here...

MR STEVEN LIM HAS CHANGED LOCATION FROM TANGS/MARIOTT TO LUCKY PLAZA. targets changed to xiao mei mei's to filipinos? i have simply no idea. ladies, just be careful...

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Happenings

Haven't been blogging for slightly more then a week, but i guess no one misses me anyway. no classes, so have been working n working. next time i'm gog back to school will be for exams in mid aug... off days aso nvr blog, cos gotta run errands n go for doc's appts. so here i am, blogging, cos i can sacrifice a little sleep as i'm off on tuesday n am bent on staying home n slack out.

last monday, i went for my dental. Dr Andrea Khor is away cos her hubby got a posting to somewhere n she followed along. My new dentist is so so much more stricter. but strict is good, at least i know i'm in good hands. after that i went for my driving lesson after slightly more then one n a half years. when i sat in the driver's seat, adjusted my mirrors n seat, put on my seatbelt n placed my hands on the steering wheel, i almost cried! i 'm so so terrified of bwang-ing the damn car! thankfully it was an auto lesson! if it was a manual lesson, i thk my car will "stop fire". although i'm taking a manual license, i have to fulfill 2 auto lessons. anyway, the instructor saw that i have not driven for a long time, so he told me to circle round the circuit 1st. so i stepped on the accelerator n my fears started disappearing with each round i went. thank God i still could steer well n keep in my lane! as i drove on, i felt better n better. whn i went onto the roads, i felt so much more confident!

work work work n another off day on friday. but i had an appointment with Dr Hwang. She sent me for a ultrasound and all was good. no signs of tumors. no sign of my cyst enlarging. dinner was with Dear. We went to try pizza hut's new cheesy bites. yummy!!! cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... so damn shiok!

Woke up at 6.30am on Sat morning to have breakfast at clementi central's market b4 gog to work. haven woken up so damn early for so long. thn went to work. after work, stomach started calling for food. ate with Dear at west coast market. thn stomach pain pain. haven't had such bad gastric pains for so long already. took antacid to feel better.

Had brunch with Dear at mos burger b4 work today. cheeseburger plain... so so yummy...

cheese is the best thing invented on earth. so is LV n Hello Kitty. haha...

oh, abt the paranoia stuff abt pple talking behind my back n hating me cos i'm a bimbo n have bad breath, i still can't shake off tt feeling. damn! song of the moment: Akon's Lonely...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Childhood Silly Memories Part 2

Date: Can't remember. It's one of those primary school days.
Time: Afternoon
Venue: At home
Activity: Ice-cube making
Silly Me: It's one of those days when i played "pretending". This day, i pretended to be a chef, n i wanted to make pear flavoured ice-cubes. I decided not to use pear juice, but decided to slice the pear skin in smaller pieces n place them into the ice cubes. so, there i was slicing the skin off the pear, throwing the UNEATEN pear into the dustbin thn i realised that my mum told me there is wax on the skin of fruits n its not good to be eaten. so i acted smart n washed the pear skin in detergent, yes, detergent as in ma-ma-lemon... thn i carefully place each piece of skin that i carefully cut into each slot of the ice-cube tray. i then poured water into the ice-cube tray n placed the tray into the freezer. when my mum came back, she did not notice the pear skins nor that the ice-cubes were not fully formed yet. she emptied the entire tray into the ice-cube box! whn i heard the plonk plonk sound of the ice-cubes into the box n mum saying, "aiyoh, ice-cubes not formed yet", i screamed. i told her to throw everything away cos the ice had detergent in it. i got a scolding, n i told her, all i wanted was just pear flavoured ice-cubes.

ahahaha... silly me...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Childhood Silly Memories Part 1

Just in case i go senile one day, whtever i can remember of my childhood, i'm gonna record it down...

Date: Can't remember. It's one of those primary school days.
Time: Late morning
Venue: Public bus-stop
Activity: Waiting for school bus to pick me up to school.
Silly Me: Remember those old bus-stops with 2 bars of green coloured railings. pple usually sit on the top one, resting their foot on the bottom one. As kids, we love to imitate adults. I n my few other friends sat on the railing too. but i decided to do a small stunt. i flipped myself over the railing n landed beautifully. there were encores to do the little stunt again. however i denied by cracking up an excuse that the bus is coming soon... why? i banged my head on the bottom bar n was in a giddy state. but because my friends were cheering me on, i pretended nothing happen, but held on to the railing for support.

Hahaha... silly me...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Things I Left Out

Just the other day, i was passing by the outside of mariott hotel/tangs. Guess who approached me n offered to pluck eyebrows for me? yep... juding by the clues given, anyone could have guessed. I almost vomitted the subway turkey breast sandwich with extra cheese i had for lunch... i jus felt so damn fucking disgusted. look, i even left out the name, wht do u think. even thinking back gives me shivers... EEKS!!!

I thk i'm gonna flunk Researching n Writing exam. what in the world is a dangling modifier. dun even ask me wht's an adverb or adjective. i only construct sentences that make sense n sound rite. die... those i study nvr come out, those i din, came out... die... pls pls dun let me repeat the module! i wana grad asap!

i wana go ktv... so long nvr go liao...

watched sepet during class the other day. damn nice movie...

hmm... think tts all...

PMS? Paranoid? Feeling Depressed?

It's a period of time, again, when things bother you and you dunno if its real and you dunno why you r thinking like that n you dunno if it's becos of PMS or becos you are feeling depressed and down or becos you are just being plain paranoid.

I think some pple are gossiping behind my back. they are saying i'm very bimbotic and my breath stinks. i can't help it. i try to be optimistic and paint a nice picture that everything's fine but i just can't help it.

as a matter of fact, i don't think i'm pretty enough to be a bimbo. its just that i'm very naive and take n view things in a naive way. i say wht i feel, very blunt n straightfoward n dun bother to use my pea-sized brain to think if the things i say are diplomatic enough or not. for eg: when A tells me not so nice things about B, i'll try to neutralize things and help B to explain matters. then when B comes to tell me not so nice things about A, i'd do the same. i do that becos i like the "one big happy family" feeling. i believe if you're nice n treat others with respect, others will treat u like that too. i go round treating everyone nice without thinking if they are holding knives behind me, ready to just stab me at the back anytime, even if they are all smiles in front of me. i'm so naive to the point that if i got stabbed, bleeding badly with a major artery damaged, i still would not know n still treat that person as a friend.

which i guess is one of the reasons why someone actually treatened to beat me up during my secondary school days. also, that's a reason why i have never been able to score in politics, in school or at work. n of cos things would be different during bitching sessions with a common target "enemy" in mind.

i can't help it if my breath sthinks. i hate it too! if it stinks my whole life, i really have no choice. if you know why, you might sympatise with me too. i had nose cancer n this stinko breath is a side effect due to the recovering wound.

another thing i'm paranoid abt is my relationship with Dear. I love him so so much that I really can't bear the thought of losing him, which was why i told myself i have to win over the cancer cells n survive. Our love for each other is a major pillar of strength that is keeping me going to recover fully. however, as we're nearing our 2nd year anniversary, i can't help but think that things might happen. My longest previous relationship was 1 year 11 months. Dear was 2 years 3 months. our longest pervious relationships all ended around 2 years. so, i can't help but think that i might not be mrs. wong afterall. i'm so so afraid that history might repeat itself, n i'm trying so so hard not to let it happen. that y sometimes i ask Dear, "Will you dun wan me?". his reply would be, "if you treat me nicer, i won't dun wan you." then when he see me like wana cry, he would then say, "won't dun wan you." but still assurance is still not enough, n i really dunno y i'll still so scared n dunno what else can assure me.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Belated Bday Clebration With Dear

Had bday celebration with Dear ystday nite. may b belated, but its still great. we had dinner at crystal jade kitchen. he wanted to bring me to try the korean one, but i miss my soy sauce chicken n portugese beancurd. we ordered e-mian n n stir fried vege. Dear also ordered plain porridge. Yummy yummy dinner esp whn the spiciness of the portugese beancurd does not sting your mouth anymore! ahhahahahahahahhaha...

mee kuah, thk by the end of the year i can come challenge u already! hahahahahah...

u know yr bf loves u n spoils u rotten when he knows u like hello kitty but says no hello kitty room n or shrine in your future home together n thn also sometimes to treaten to throw all yr hello kitties away... but then he buys u this for yr bday...
notice the plastic is still wrapping it... cant bear to let it expose to the dust n pollution in the air n dirty its white clean face... hehe...

Revised Cab Fares

After stupid blabbering, its time for some serious stuff. cab fares are revised again, n increased... since whn revision meant a decrease? hopefully the next revision brings a decrease... some reasons the media gave for the increase was cos taxi drivers not earning enough n the reduce the demand for taxis during peak periods.

personally, y taxi drivers not earning enough is becos thy keep choosing passengers. n sometimes not smart enough to know whr to look for passengers. n aso high rental n high energy cost...

thy choose in a sense that thy dun like short trips. for eg, from clementi central to my place and back again to central is less thn 10 mins, but on avg they earn abt 4 bucks. in an hour thy can earn abt 24 bucks and minus the diesel n rental for tt particular hour, i thk at least 15... disel dun cost as much as petrol mah...
rental is quite high, so cabbies always say hard to earn... esp during off-peak... look at taxi q's during off-peak period n u'll know. but during peak periods, we start to complain not enough taxi. its a supply n demand thingy. mayb taxi companies can start charging rent at per-hour blocks for part-time cabbies. so thy need not pay the high daily rental whn thy only earn during peak hours. so, this will help promote pple to turn to part time cabbies to help out during peak hours.

Some cabbies i know share cabs to offload the high rental. however most of them change shift ard 4-6pm. thy usually drive out to the neighbourhood areas to change shift. but dun really drive back to the cbd bcos of the erp but there are more pple wanting to move out from the cbd thn wanting to move in. so mayb thy can change their timing of changing shift? thn we can stop complaining we cant get cabs during peak periods esp in the cbd areas. even the cbd charge we pay when getting onto a cab during peak hours in a cbd area, which can help offset the erp charges are not very attractive to cabbies cos thy have to enter town in an empty cab which thy thk is bo hua.

mayb peak period charge should not go up. but instead the charge of driving out from cbd area during peak hour. if this offsets the erp n empty cab charges, cabbies are more tempted to enter town in an empty cab during peak hours.n this will offset the prob of seeing so many empty cabs driving ard the neighbourhood areas looking for "ghost" passengers. increasing the number of peak hours will not help aso... whn pple wana take a cab at this hour, it really means this hour. pple will not wait an hour just not to pay a few dollars. to many, time means money.

high energy costs cant be helped... but lowering the rental may help. taxi is also a form of public transport. all these rental cost will add up to the consumers cost. n if consumers stay away, it makes it even harder to earn rite? poor consumers, even poorer cabbies...

Blabbers Of The Night

Can't sleep. no idea y. thking of whether to continue studying for exam on sat, to do a final proofread of essay to be handed in after the exam or to just sleep...

thn scared if sleep already, wake up very late tmr thn half a day gone not doing anything. but if ask me to wake up at 9am, i sure cannot one...

thking of whether to write abt the bday treat dear gave me just now. but too braindead to do tt now. since not writing abt bday treat thn uploading pic of bday pressie aso do later...

argh... too braindead to thk whether to study or sleep even...

coming online to type these stupid confusing blur talk going in my brain just goes to prove i'm braindead... mayb i should just zzz, hugging d bday pressie dear just gave me n snore snore. but i dun snore. bleh... zzz...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

England's Outta World Cup

England's out. But no one sees the mistake why they are out. World class players, but worse then team club tatics. Here's how i thk thy should play...

Defenders: Back four of Ferdinand, Neville, Terry and Ashley Cole. Alternatively, you can put Carragher or Campbell in. If only Luke Young was around.
Solid, stable if Ferdinand dun day dream and Terry dun make stupid mistakes and dun depend on Lampard or Gerrard to cover for him.
Cole n Neville can make decent crosses n passes and able to run down the flanks.
Midfield: Becks, Lampard, Gerrard and anyone except Joe Cole. can play a slightly diamond formation or straight line.
Becks would be needed for set pieces. who else can handle tt better thn him?
Lampard n gerrard very dangerous when they move up. y in the hell was gerrard playing a position slightly behind the midfield line? he's more dangerous when u play him supporting the strikers. lampard, bad form, keep passing to marked players when another players in the same line beside him is unmarked. highest shots on goal, but converted none.
Stuart Downing or Carragher or Hargreaves, anyone but joe cole. Same mistakes as lampard, cannot c their surroundings. dribble n lose the ball more then half the time. crosses n passes? i c none... just dribbling n losing the ball... anyone of those 3 mentioned could play better thn him. the liability of england 1st 11. y can't anyone c tt? very very extremely over-rated.
Fprward: Rooney n Crouch.
rooney never had match fitness. even match he played he did not have much support from his midfield. doesn't help that he's always having 2 plaryers marking him.
Crouch. best for set pieces. win hearders like 99% of the time. can chest down n hold the ball for midfield n rooney to run in n score.
with this formation n players, u can play on the ground with lampard, gerrard n rooney or in the air with becks n crouch (who will chest or head down for the others)

Defenders: Neville, Terry, Carragher n A. Cole. Same reasons as above with Ferdinand pushed to midfield coas he like to play with the ball, rather thn clear it.
Midfield: Ferdinand, becks, lampard, gerrard, rooney. diamond formation with ferdinand behind as a holding midfield, beck on rite, lampard mid n gerrard left, rooney in front of them.
ferdinand can pass the ball around n defend. he distributes quite well actually n can make decent passes n crosses when not day dreaming.
Becks, lampard, gerrard play as they should... passers pass, crossers cross.
rooney, in front of them to go forward. can aso dun play rooney. we have jenas, defoe... equally good n fast since rooney has no match fitness.
Forward: Crouch. u have gerrard n lampard to run in n do 1-2's with the person in front supporting them, in this case, rooney. thn pass to crouch or rooney to score.
becks can cross to crouch, n like above mentioned.

All these are without joe cole. he did not create, did not assist, did not win tackles, did not score n worse of all, kept losing the ball. even downing or hargreaves or carragher had a better game then him. should have never been in the 1st 11 this world cup.someone else deserve the place better.

another chealsea player that i thk played really badly was lampard. makalele n terry makes him look good in chealsea. over-rated player.

i admit my becks dun have decent games at times, but he did contributed when it matters. so did the rest. gerrard was great this world cup but he was like a horse chained to the half-way line. stupid tactics we have. gerrard is a box to box player, dangerous when forward. look at his club games n you'll know wht i mean. he kept playing behing lampard, which i really cannot figure out why. the only reason i could thk of was that he defends better thn lampard. but he's more dangerous in front then lampard. so y make him cover lampard? i really dun understand! i hope the next capt will be gerrard. although some say terry, i give my vote to gerrard although i'm a man u fan.