Friday, August 31, 2001

Protests for Stanley Kubrick

There’s a test tmr, but I figured out that I’m not achieving anythg when I’m staring at the notes and the notes are staring back at me. Maybe I’m just plain lazy to study or simply I’ve no mood. Maybe I shall go back to them after I finish crapping out here.

Need to get new boots cos the old one has a BIG hole at the sole. There was an additional training session today but I couldn’t make it. There was a guest speaker talking and demonstrating on a more commonly used software in the market which is called DVD Studio Pro today.

So far, my lower left wisdom tooth hasn’t been giving me any problem. Hehe… Maybe its still too early to say, but well, it better stay this way, painless. Find it kinda of amusing, seeing the tip of the tooth sprouting out bit by bit. A bit exciting also. Just like when I was younger, seeing the 'adult' teeth replacing the 'milk' teeth. Now, I'm a BIG child, still so excited also. Hehe...

There's a new reality program on TV Works called The Mole. Must remind myself to catch it. Reality programs are kinda nice to watch cos u can see how one will behave under certain circumstances.

Talking about catching shows, A.I is screening AT LAST. Been waiting for it since Stanley Kubrick pass away on the 7th March 1999. Anyway, it was supposed to be his project. Since he has pass away, good friend, Steven Spielberg decided to take over. Heard that there are not so good reviews on A.I on the net, so I'm gonna take a look at them later myself.

Anyway, he has started on the first draft of screenplay and script, the art direction and the creation of the character, David, even before he shot Eyes Wide Shut. He had to put A.I on hold because the animators he wanted to work with were with George Lucas doing Star Wars at that time. According to imdb website, he's only credited with CONCEPT?!?!?! A bit unfair rite? I think he deserves a bigger credit than that! Before I lose control and start feeling "its unfair!", I'll shall watch the movie, opening next Thurs, open my eyes big big and look out for Kubrick's name in the credits!

Think I'll stop here and take a look at the reviews now.

** By the way, in case no one knows who Stanley Kubrick is, he's the one who directed (the controversial and wht some considered as a posh and class 'porn' movie showing how Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman having sex, which might be a disappoinment to some, cos it din happen) Eyes Wide Shut, (what many consider, including me, classics) 2001, Space Odyssey and Spartacus.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001


Sorta thinking why sometimes memories are so hard to get rid of. I had already forgotten what had happened while I was still a child.

Forgotten how my room looked like when I stayed in Holland Drive, except for a vague image of the small purplish timer light, plugged into the wall socket. And except of the vague feeling (hmm, can feelings be vague… heck…) of sleeping between my parents cos I was afraid of the dark.

Forgotten how my nursery and kindergarten friends and teachers look like even if I were to see them right now. Forgotten how I felt when I went up the stage at dunno where to collect prizes for coming in the top 3 positions in those 3 years. Forgotten how the crowd looked like when I was dancing as part of the prize giving day ceremony performance in K2, except for the thick make-up my nanny and mum put on me. And except the red polka dot dress, with an extreme flare bottom.

Is it becos memories fade with time or is it that when we grow up, our skill in remembering stuff is stronger, so we can remember all kinds of stuff better.

I could remember the joy when we beat Nanyang Girls in Sec 4. Our team had no more chance to go into the next round for the nationals. We were trailing by 2 runs and it was the last inning. Nanyang Girls had already batted and it was our chance now. Maybe we were determined to beat them or maybe we detest Jerry’s tuakang-ness and arrogance and wanna shut him up for once… Although I can’t really remember who were exactly the batters who scored these runs, I vaguely recall it was either Peijun, Jessie, BB or Chee who scored us 3 runs. I could recall the rest of us, on the bench cheering for those in the batter’s box or those on the bases. I could recall how I was praying, heart beating really fast, for 1 more run to be scored when the game was drawn. When the 3rd run was scored, all of us were thrilled, happy, delighted… High-fives everywhere.

I could also remember how I and Winn hugged and held to each other upon receiving our ‘O’ level results. I could remember how hard I cried for that moment. It was a moment of relieve and of joy of my English grade. And It was a moment of relieve and of joy of Winn’s Maths grade. We were most concerned about these grades cos they’ll determine if we were able to apply for MCM or FSV.

Other memories that flashes about are the bad ones. Ones about how that Peacock aka “Kong Que” treated us. About how he looked and talked to us, in a sense that he was almost threatening us, forcing us to change classrooms.

These are memories I wanna recall or keep. But there are some which I wish they would just disappear so I can at least say, “Hey, I’ve gotten on with my life!” Like how secure I felt when I was hugged or held by him. Like how he says, “as in”, “l.p.p.l”, “lan liao hor”, “ge gao meh”, “ah, suah”, etc… Like how he creases his forehead. Like how he holds his cigarettes. Like how much I still feel for him. Like how, how I wish I could just forget all these. Maybe they’ll just fade with time, just like childhood memories…

Monday, August 27, 2001

After (softball camp) aka I'm back!!!

Just came back from the softball camp ystday. Had lotsa fun and laughs.

On the first day, we could not get in touch with our teacher-in-charge, so while waiting for him, we slacked out at the clubhse. Too little pple to start playing games anyway. After training and dinner, it was slacking out time again. Some played Counter Strike (CS), some played card games, some chit chat and some gathered in the girls’ room to listen retro songs. Danced a bit too cos damn gian… Too long din go “cheong” already. Went over to the guys’ bunk to watch a bit of Shaolin Soccer. It was a show of “brainless” laughter, just like Goodness Gracious Me. MC, guys’ team coach gathered everyone later for a softball lecture. At abt 3+, 4, some started to fall asleep. Min, Qi, Kevin, Darren (aka T-Rex) and I, and can’t remember who else gathered in the girl’s room to “jiang gui gu shi”. After listening to a few, cannot take it, too tired, lied down into my comfy sleeping bag, zzz…

Next morning was kinda relaxed. Ate breakfast, chit chat, again some played CS. Zhou and (I think it was) Alvin went to collect lunch and bought bubble tea. After lunch, we changed and packed up to leave for Teck Whye Sec Sch for a friendly. Think we played quite well. Only kinda caved in during the 2nd and 3rd innings, letting a few runs in. During the 2nd game, the gals got to bat. It was a good experience for the newbies cos they tried out what was it like to be in a softball game. After the match, went back to NP. On the way, bought drinks and snacks from the Shell station nearby. Got a free packet a instant cereal, there were 5 inside. As usual, after dinner was a relaxing, slacking out time. There was CS session AGAIN. Guess the guys are so into the game considering there were ONLY 2 laptops connected. Yes, I repeat, 2… Somehow I think a LAN game is more enjoyable if its played in a bigger group. MC tried it out too. Guess there were enough pple that nite, so we played a few ice-breaker n team building games. A discussion session followed. After that, some listened to MC on techniques, some played card games, some fell asleep. Tried to sabo Zhou with toothpaste, but he woke up in time…

On the last day, I was asleep when MC went around with toothpaste. Dunno who he sabo. Just hoped that someone has recorded it down. I haven check the tape. Maybe I’ll watch it tomorrow cos I kinda need to rush through my project. Menus are only ¼ done. Have yet to edit my showreel and animate some of the menus too. Luckily I only got 1 moving menu and bridge menus to handle. Just hope that I can get Adobe Premiere and After Effects soon. Most left cos they had CCT test. The rest of us took lunch. After lunch, they went to the library to watch a tape on baseball while I went home to change, bath and unpack. We met up a bit later to go down to Kallang to watch MC’s team, Hunters, play against Safsa A for the 1st/ 2nd placing in baseball. Think the softball games will start next weekend.

Reached home, tired, watched a bit of soccer, slept at 2+… Woke up only today at ard 1+… Slacked a bit before starting on my Photoshop stuff. Watched Man Utd play Aston Villa. Damn si bei heng to get away with a draw cos there was an own goal in the 2nd min of injury time during the 2nd half. Dunno wht the defence doing nowadays. Somehow got lobang for opposing strikers to attack. Now Man Utd has sold Stam to Lazio. Starting to wonder if Fergie is ruining his own chances of retiring as Man Utd’s manager gloriously this seaon. Sian…

Feeling damn lousy too. Down with sore throat and slight cough. Found out that my lower left wisdom tooth is starting to grow while I was brushing my teeth on the first night of camp. Can see the tip of the tooth already. Hope it will not give me any problems cos I’ve heard too many “horror” stories abt wisdom teeth already.

Have to find time to call Ping, haven been toking to her for a long time liao. Same goes for my jie meis, the last time we went out was the weekend before Yue’s birthday. Sigh… I need more time!!! No time for crapping today cos I’ve got to carry on with my project. Ciao…

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Before (softball camp)

The day was spent in sch again. Became the guys' "delivery gal"... Hehe... Went to buy mineral water and bubble tea for them. Confirmed the friendly game with Mingchen so i could plan the schedule. It'll be on Fri. Been stressed up abt the camp for the past few days, seems that everything is starting to fall in place. Can stop freting, worrying or stressed up so much already.Tmr's the camp, kinda excited. Hope everything goes well.

Throat kinda feels funny. Let's see tmr to confirm if its sorethroat or cough... Hehe...

Amok had his graduation ceremony today. He was saying he spoke to Jere. Dunno wht they spoke abt. Hopefully not bad things abt me... Hehe...

Blackburn vs Man U starting soon. After the match still have to SMS some guy frds the score. Reason?

Well, when the government calls for guys once they turn 18, its 2.5 years of disciplined life with extreme short hair (most of the time). Standard waking up and sleeping time. If u r lucky, u're in a office doin clerical work. Suay = ok "allowance" = cheong sua, guard duties, yes sir, no sir, sorry sir, permission to (______) sir, outfield training (which ='s to fighting with mosquitoes and eating packets of "food" -which according to real life accounts- that dun taste like food. hey... no joking). Even more suay = a higher "allowance" during this period = parachuting, risking limbs and whtever a commando does. Above all, "po heng suay", no tv. So no tv = no soccer matches = poor guy frds have to be updated = Pacey has to SMS. But on only one condition that I'll do this... Updates are only applicable to Man U matches and Man U fans... Hehe...

"Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United! And the Reds go marching on on on!!!"

Better stop this "Man U screaming" cos the Liverpools fans will come after me! Am I correct, Amok??? Hehe...

'Nuff said today. Jus as i'm to log off...

Man U lead by 1 goooooooaaaaaaaaaal!!! Scored by Ryan Giggs!!! "Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs running down the wing (x2)..."

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Out Of Reach

Date: 21st Aug, 2001

Time: 5:37 pm

Venue: Pacey’s Residence, Kitchen

Event: Eating left over pizza and chicken drumlets from last nite’s dinner. Tv was switched on to SCV Channel 11 aka MTV Asia. First few notes of the song sounded familiar. Before I knew it, it was “my” song.

“Knew The Signs, Wasn’t Rite, I Was Stupid For A While.

Swept Away By You, And Now I Feel Like A Fool,

So Confused, My Heart's Bruised Was I Ever Loved By You...

So Much Hurt, So Much Pain, Takes A While To Regain,

What Is Lost Inside And I Hope That In Time,

You'll Be Out Of My Mind And I'll Be Over You"

Din bother to pay attention to the song in case “the river” flows again… Finished my pizza and chicken drumlets. *Yum Yum*

Suppose to wake up at 7 today to watch a softball match… but overslept AGAIN… Argh… Maybe jus not fated ah…

Online now, chatting a bit on ICQ, watching a bit of MTV, downloading A Little Respect by Wheatus. Dunno what song is that, jus download lor. Nothing to do now aso… No crap to write today… Maybe I should jus log off n go iron some clothes, if not got no clothes to wear. Got a whole load to iron… But so boring n who will iron clothes at this hour?!

Maybe I din warm up/ down properly… Aching all over now. Even when laughing, tummy also aching one…

End of this entry… Might think of crap to past time or just go iron clothes…

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Ren Yan Ke Wei...

Din put in an entry yesterday cos I was freaking tired. Spend the whole day in the sun watching softball. Tan all over, damn happy! Fair fair like (in canto) “bak jam gai”… Speaking about being tired, I even fell asleep while watching the first Man U match of the season. In the end, they won 3-2, with the first goal from Becks in the 35th minute. The other 2 were from Ruud. Wonder wht happen to Van der Sar, he’s quite a good goalkeeper…

Anyway, I’m kinda tired now too. Gotta pull myself up early tmr for a softball match at 7. Also showing on ESPN. Got ESPN damn shiok. Woke up early today, supposedly to catch the baseball game on ESPN. But fell asleep AGAIN during the 6th inning. Maybe I tie a string/ rope attaching the ceiling to my hair, (ma chiam like those Chinese scholars in the past when they studied for the imperial examinations) so I wun fall asleep. Hehe…

Crap time: A Chinese idiom/proverb: “ren yan ke wei”. To me, it’s the mixing up of the half-truths, false-truths n the real-truths together to form a story. Somehow when someone says something, it spreads round or whtsoever, “seasoning” is added. And when a person who knows nuts hears it indirectly, he/she will tend to believe what is said. This resulted in Ruan Ling Yu’s suicide. Ruan Ling Yu was an actress in the days where even our parents were not around. She was very popular in the 20’s or 30’s. Dun ask me too much cos I know nuts abt her too, I only knew of her existence when there was a movie screened on tv during my sec sch days. It was abt her life.

Abt how wide spreading rumours of her life by the media got to her.

Abt how she entered depression when she mixed reel-life, which was filled with crying, sadist, crying and more sadist scenes, with real-life.

Abt how she couldn’t stop crying after a scene cos she got too emotionally involved into that scene.

Kk… ‘Nuff crapping today… Time to walk walk in dreamland… *yawn*

Sunday, August 19, 2001

Crapping Time

Got to wake up early later, so I figured out that staying up will be better… Anyway, I’ve been sleeping at unearthly hours (read: 6+) for the past 2 days. Dun think it will make a difference whether I sleep or not cos I can’t get to sleep now anyway. Mind’s kinda bank now… Dunno what to write on…

Caught the Sun Yanzi’s mini concert held at Civic Plaza on tv jus now. Dunno why some songs in her last 2 albums kinda got “my” lyrics… Maybe her composers know how I feel… Hahaha…

Aiyah, what crap to write today? Downloading Bosson’s One In A Million nw… Been trying to d/l this song many times. Been requested by the “little princess” at home.

Got an e-mail frm Winn. After reading her mail, tears dropped. Maybe I’ve been counting n depending myself too much. Forgot that “Daddy” up there cares for me. Guess I’ve been backsliding too much. Guess my bible n daily bread been collecting too much dirt n dust too.

*yawns* but no point zzz now… half an hour to go n I’ve to prepare to go out… Showing the repeat of some Taiwanese variety show on channel 8 now…

Think I’ll stop crapping n Go check out scores of EPL matches played jus now…

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Sealed With Tulan-ness

At last subscribe liao… hehe… Went down to the SCV showroom at Wisma Atria just now…

Slept at 6+ in the morning… After loggin off yesterday, it was toss n turn time again till I got fed up. I got up and watched some tapes.

Wondering if I’ve got a “qian bian” or I-curse-you face. Think back now really damn tulan! As if as it’s my fault! Was on the MRT the other day wif some frds. A lady behind us called out, “hello”. I turned back n she showed me some Handicap Association pass/ card. She asked if I wanted to buy Christmas cards. I told her I din wan to. Cos I was thinking WHO buys Christmas cards on the train? Anyway, even if I were to buy them in the MRT, I’ll most prob be buying them in Dec, not now rite? (I’m thinking now, I haven even eat mooncake, u wan me to eat log cake liao… Hmm…)

Then she started to mumble to herself LOUDLY. (Read: LOUD as in almost that particular carriage can hear n it’s during the peak hours) She told everyone her life story abt how she made hamburgers, fried chicken and collected trays in fast food restaurants. She added in her statement abt how 4 companies rejected her application cos they find her action too slow. Then she ask me to buy AGAIN. I said I don’t have money n she told me to save up for the flag day coming up soon. Then the loud mumblings started again. She said something abt “u dun buy my cards NEVER MIND. Not say I wanna sell but I got no choice. Blah blah blah… I still have 1000 of these at home.” The way she sounded was like ma chiam I landed her in that state. As if as the companies that rejected her were founded by my forefathers. As if as I threatened her to order such a huge bulk of Christmas cards. Anyway, that’s only her tone of voice. You shld have looked at how she looked at me!!!

I mean when pple say dun wanna buy n u wanna “cry father cry mother” (read in Hokkien), go home and do it lah… I was damn freaking embarrassed. Luckily we alighted 2 stops later…

Friday, August 17, 2001


Went to “lim kopi” at Coffeebean, Holland Village (HV) with Keat n Chee today. Talked abt his recent trips to Taiwan n abt other MIA Mei Chin pple. Saw Jerry n Qi today too. Jerry was working n Qi came to HV for dinner wif friends.

Amok’s on his way to Genting now, coming back only on Mon. Nites online w/out him a bit sian cos we talk on icq almost every nite. But it’s ok cos I most prob got a test coming up nxt tues and I’ve to get some stuff for the upcoming softball camp starting on Thurs. And I’ve lots to catch up on my dvd project. Argh… Busy me again… Besides these, I still have to settle cable/ broadband n SCV subscriptions wif my mum.

Yes!!! I’m getting cable n SCV AT LAST!!! No more dial-ups n disconnections!!! No more nites where there is footy on telly n I can’t get to watch it!!! No choice but to subscribe to SCV cos they bring in ESPN. N ESPN got EXCLUSIVE rights to the English Premiere League (EPL). They even got rights to other big games n leagues over the world. Do u call that monopolisation? Anyway, once the SCV subscription is done, I’ll have access to EPL, baseball and softball games!!! Isn’t that SO wonderful? Yokuyata!!! As for cable? Need I say more?

Saw the advert for the “Xing Shuo” vcd jus now on tv. Brought back memories again. The theme song, “Stay” goes like this:

Stay, ying wei ye tai mei, ji mo de yue liang xu yao xing xing pei.

Stay, bu guan ye duo hei, bu guan tian hui liang, bu qu xiang ming tian.

Dai wo fei yuan yuan de, dao tian ya, dao hai jiao,

Hao han de tian ji li, zhi yao you ni pei.

Ye xu ku, ye xu tian, bu hai pai, bu hou hui,

Ying wei ai rang wo men zai ye fen bu kai, Just stay.

~Literally translates to~

Stay, cos the nite’s beautiful, the lonely moon needs stars for company.

Stay, not caring if the nite’s too dark or if dawn will break, not thinking abt tomorrow.

Bring me to a faraway place, to the end of the world n edges of the oceans.

The vast horizon only wants you for company.

Be it bitter or sweet, not afraid and w/out regrets.

Cos of love, that’s why we’ll stay together, just stay.

While translating the song, Kevin called. Long story, so I wun talk abt it. Dun wanna make it seem that my entries are always so damn long.

Time to check e-mails… That’s all for today, folks…

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Argh!!! (V.2)

Maybe if I dun tok about it, I can’t get to sleep anyway. What the heck! Maybe tok a little, let these thoughts out. Cos it’s better then letting these thoughts clog up my mind, in the end, still can’t find grandpa zhou for “chess” time…

Frustration 3… Am I still too young to tok about love or am I too old to be at the puppy love stage? If I was, what were that serious relationships about rite? Why would I wanna put in effort to make them work rite?

I look at my guy-friends. One of them, a cheong-ster, self proclaimed a bit gd-looking. Dunno why girls will flock to him leh. He say he dun mind making friends with these girls, but as for them being his serious gf, no way. His view on love is simple. A male and a female who have feelings for each other treat each other seriously. They must support each other in many ways like in each other’s interest/ hobbies, emotionally, etc… True enuff…

Another, put in lots of effort, but saw the relationship go down the drain.

Another, too slow. Well, the girl somehow had feelings for him too. But he din confess his feelings for her. Another guy came into the picture. Story ends here.

Lovely couples around me, W & M, WQ & V, YC & J, ZY & SZ, A & C, M & S… Envy, envy…

Maybe I’ve yet to forget him… Bloody hell, its been 3 mths! Maybe I’m not strong enuff. Maybe I din try hard enuff. Maybe I still have feelings for him. I really dun know. Maybe the hurt’s too deep, tears dropping again. Argh… Talked too much, think too much, wrote too much… Sad sad, sob sob…

Guess it’ll be another of those cryin-to-zzz nites. Nite everyone!


Frustration 1) Broke! So damn f***ing broke! Is there any job out there that pays 20 bucks an hour yet will allow me to work for only a day weekly? Si bei sian! Everything’s so important to me. Trainings on Mon and Wed, classes on Tues n Fri and “family n friends” day on Sat and Sun. How to work? How to get a job? Maybe Taka? Sick n tired of that homely turned posh/ classy, nice colleagues yet sucky management place but “connections” there can somehow allow me to schedule my working hours. Coffebean, Starbucks, Bubble tea outlets near my home? Hey, I patronise these places often enuff so I’ll find it weird to work there. Data entry? Where to find this lobang? Even if can find, forget it cos I dun think I wanna risk my 6/6 eyesight. Argh… Big headache ah…

Frustration 2) Toking about trainings… Dun wanna come training then dun come lah! Come training then tok so much, now say wanna quit. Too many projects, no time for commitment. I also need more time everyday. I also damn busy. If only we had 30 hours a day instead of 24. If this person can find a time-lengthening method/ solution/ miracle, I wanna know how too.

Frustration 3) What is love? “wen shi jian qing wei he wu”? Sigh… Dun think I wanna touch on this. Se-ka-li later I cry to zzz again… Sigh… Skip this topic… Lai next… (Hmmm… sounds like an auntie in NP’s canteen 1)

Frustration 4?) Went to Ange’s place today. Kinda small when compared to older 4-room flats. Think that’s how newer flats are like. My youngest uncle’s place also like that. Furthermore, blocks in the newer estates are very close to each other, not much privacy, I feel. Next time when I get a flat of my own, I will get the older ones. Although 2nd hand (or maybe 3rd/ 4th/ 5th…) they are bigger, airer and I will not have that someone-in-the-opposite-block-is-peeping-at-me feeling. Maybe flats are smaller and blocks are going up to 50-stories high is due to Singapore’s expanding population and limited land?

Limited land lead me to thinking about land reclamation. Something to voice out here. But before I do that I wanna say this. If this para is offending to any authorities somehow in someway, dun sue cos I dun think they screen any diary entries. And dun come looking for me cos as a citizen of Singapore, I have a freedom of speech, period. K, back to what I wanted to say. I know land reclamation is essential to the limited land space here, but hey, what’s going to happen to the kelongs n coral reefs? Authorities, pls spare a thought. Reclaim and reclaim, but no more kelongs n coral reefs, sad rite? Kelongs disappearing while our coastlines are expanding, can we at least preserve some of them? Jus like how the look of the pre-war houses in Chinatown is preserved nowadays. Take a closer look at Bugis Junction too. Coral reefs are dying cos it seems that the sea’s kinda getting cloudy and sunlight can’t reach them. Maybe my Chinese name has something to do wif corals, so I feel for these creatures.

Kk… End of today’s entry. Less frustrated now. Time to “play chess with grandpa zhou”

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

A Dedication To...

Dedicated to my dearest friends… (close/ good/ best, best-er, best-est/ normal/ ordinary)…

Sigh, it’s another of those “Sleepless In Singapore” nite… Same old story, rather write somethg then to toss n turn. While staring into space trying to zzz jus now, somethg pop into my mind. A (good) friend told me after my recent breakup (or maybe not cos it’s been 3 mths) that even w/out a boyfriend, life still goes on cos I still have friends. Well, I’ve known this when I started to have brains but it’s true n he reminded me of that.
FRIENDS r there, 24/7, showering u wif love, concern, care, attention, blah, blah, blah…

My JIE MEIs… Been together since secondary sch, still together now, ne. One happily and blissfully “unavailable”. Remaining 4 of us, which includes me, are happy and carefree while waiting for our Prince Charming to come by. We’ve been through numerous quarrels n arguments. Luckily, we are all easy-going souls. Bygones r bygones, but sometimes “that” yesteryear quarrel becomes a teasing topic today. Really glad to know u gals! Love Ya!

MCSS 4A… My dearest jie meis are included in this lot too. Some MIA, dunno go where liao. Guess it’s NS who took my class’s boys away. Hehe… The occasionally, twice a year, gatherings somehow helped us keep in contact. Can say we’ve been thru thick n thin, lots of fun and teasing. Will remember the almost daily afternoon bowling sessions, (By the way, we still haven decided on whether he/she is an auntie or uncle) outings/ gatherings at East Coast, Sentosa n Boat Quay, Shakespeare’s Twist, etc… Can’t forget common enemy “kong que/ peacock”, scrapping of hardened (n only God knows how many years they’ve been left there) chewing gum “yada”, etc… Must keep in touch k?

NGEE ANN POLY Softball 2000-2002… Fun grp. Lots of teases, jokes and laughs, which some are somehow directed at me, eg. “steal base”. I’m the “strikeout queen” who manage to get a hit in the last IVP game of my poly life, but din get to first base unfortunately cos I’ve got short legs. Hehe… Really hard to say what binds us together, maybe it’s the KAP dinners or the working formula of teasing and jokes or the tough trainings or maybe we are jus the fun-loving lot…

TAKA Ex-colleagues (Group 1)… Let me begin wif a song. “Takashimaya, We can Do! We Can, We Can Doooooo! We Can, We Can Dooooo! Takashimaya, We Can Do!” How can I forget these 2 groups of pple. Ping, “Super Darlin”, Val, Jester, Francis, Andre, Joey, Tony, Choy Yeen, Juraimi, Priscilla, my Bros, the list goes on for a while. Suppers at BK and Starbucks helped, I guess. But only for a while cos not many are in constant contact now. Sigh… Kanashii…

TAKA Ex-colleagues (Group 2)… “xiao di, xiao meis” and the CHT (u pple gave tis name to yrself) I’ve worked wif during my “comeback” to Taka. Sanrio fair was fun cos I’ve got Hello Kitties for company. Toking to some of the “xiao di, xiao meis” made me feel immature cos sometimes thy sound too mature for their age. CHT, thanks for the “Tiger times”, hehe… Too bad u guys in NS now so a bit hard to keep in contact, n aso esp hard for that someone cos we dun even tok after that cruise. Hope we all can keep in contact for as long as possible…

My 5 major groups of friends…

Other friends include poly pple and other acquaintances… U know who u are…

Having written so much, it’s time for bedtime!

Nitezzz… Log Off… Lights Off…

Monday, August 13, 2001

First Proper Entry

Title says it all... Can't get to dreamland anyway so i figured out typing smthg out here tts worth reading wld be better thn wasting my time tossing n turning on my bed. So since i can't get to sleep, i hope toking abt dreams will bring me to "play chess with grandpa zhou".

So, wht are dreams? Experts (can't be bothered to kn n quote names) say lots of stuff, which i can't be bothered too. But i believe thy are wht we "c" while sleeping and thy represent our subconcious minds and sometimes our innermost thoughts which we nvr realise.

"Dreams" are our Subconcious

"Dreams" are our Targets

"Dreams" are our Hopes

"Dreams" are our Goals

If Targets, Hopes & Goals can come true so can "Dreams"!

Whn dreams (as in "dreams" while we are sleeping) come true, tt's wht i thk its called deja vu. Freaking eh? Kinda had tis thingy before.

As i'm typing through, i thk i'm turning "learned stuff" into crap. Yes! I'm sleeply, tired, brain dead...

"Chess" Time!!!

Test Test

First try at html... I'm an idiot at tis... Maybe shld get tt "dummies" book... hehe...

I'm back... Aft a week...

Muahahahahaha... Life with broadband has never been better... Muahahahahhahaha... Fast and shiok!!!

It's been more than a week since I last updated. Been kinda busy and tired lately.

This was how the rest of last week was spent. Trainings on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Sat was the first IVP game. Sun was "Kallang" day. The guys' and gals' team played against NTU. Gals won while guys threw away a 7 run lead. Really dunno wht happen aso. I was kinda shocked. Anyway, that game is over. Shld only look back on it to learn abt the mistakes commited and learn from it and not brood abt it anymore. Let's look forward to the next match against NUS!!!

Training as usual on Monday but not many turned up. Think its cos Ming Chen was at chalet. Hehe... Janice, me, Bo Shen, Sebastian and Kah Hong went over to his chalet aft training. Wanted to play bowling but the alley was closing when we got there. Ended up watching them play pool.

Since ystday was the last nite, Tuesday was "check out" day. Went to bowl and played pool. Had my first game of pool in my life. But my basics still not that good. Gotta "pay more school fees".

There was training today but I din really train. Din feel too good, headache. Jeffery(SP's guy's team pitcher) came down to pitch for the guys to bat. Think it was kinda good experience for the guys to bat his ball cos its kinda fast. Went to the UEFA website just now, seems that the soccer match later are postphoned "due to repect" to the alleged terrorist attack at the New York World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Sian, no baseball games according to ESPN website also... Ntg to watch on telly liao... Dunno wht's the update on the attack yet. Might go chk on some websites later...

Amok's down with pox . Just one mth before enlistment. Haha... Pity him a bit cos he keeps saying he looks like a freak. Hehe... Now I've got no one to watch A.I with... Supposed to watch with him, then the bad news came. Guess have to wait till his pox is over.

Sunday, August 12, 2001


First day, first entry... jus a test drive to see hw thgs work ard here... =)