Sunday, December 29, 2002


Busy, busy and even more busy. Busy with my 'Ferrari' biz...

The only time I enjoyed and relaxed this month was playing mahjong at Louis' place on Christmas Eve. Played throughout the whole nite. Damn shiok, cos at last I learnt mahjong! Hehe... Reached home at 7++am, washed up, slept a while n I was off to ST. Had to reach there by 2.30pm for a big meeting about the China market.

Everything has to be on double speed now. We had originally challenged our business partner to become BDs one month before he does. Now he has accepted another business partner's challenge to get BD by June. That means we have to do it by May. 5 months!! Gambatte!!

Go D! Go BD! Go HBD!

Go Financial Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Toyota vs Ferrari

Well, well, I din keep my promise... Damn freaking busy ah... At first, it was the tuition agency. Have to overlook this n that, pratically zapped me of all my energy plus its a very very slow vehicle, a toyota kinda model... How to achieve financial freedom n my dreams?

So now, I've found a ferrari, or an evo 7... A much much faster vehicle for me to reach tt stage. A business venture fast enuff tt'll let me build a softball n baseball stadium in sg, adopt many many kids who are in need from all over the world n help Africa in educating them abt Aids n their children...

I've lived a very sheltered n comfortable life n I want unfortunate kids to live a better life. Whenever I c those documentaries on these kids, I cry... I really wish i can adopt all of them!!!

The tuition agency will be on hold for this moment now as we are building a business organisation for this "ferrari"

Onward to my dreams!!!