Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In The World Of "S" Words

School started... Sian and stressed because this module is sibei hard to understand. Story-telling and history fills up the lesson time, but what are we suppose to know, understand and be tested about? Sigh... Reading my text just puts me to sleep. Because I dun understand and dun like this module very much, I feel even more stressed as I have to clear this at one shot and don't want to even have to repeat this module again. Doesn't help that the lecturer is sibei strict and calls roll at 2pm sharp, the time when class is suppose to start. Late 5 minutes also count as absent. Sigh, machiam his POWs like that. Maybe really treats us this way because he thinks he still a veteran in Vietnam... Sigh... sian...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Record Breaking Day

It happened just a few days back, on Monday. It was considered record breaking in terms of number of celebrities/ known personalities I've seen in a day at the store.
First came Jean Danker. Then came Kym Ng (who is damn super friendly and no airs). Then came Dick Lee. Then came Vernetta Lopez.

Others I've seen so far within my 7 months of working at the store are Adrian Pang, Cynthia Koh, Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie, Utt, Dan Richmond (Mark Richmond's bro), Kelly Poon, Cheryl Fox, Jonathan Leong, Paul Twohill, Bryan Wong (or issit Brian, tt Star Idol winner), some SuperHost contestant, some Bollywood star (whom I din recognise till my visuals colleagues told me), a few SuperBand contestants n one of the Lee bros (dunno if its Wei Song or Si Song).

Others I've heard that shopped but I did not get to c them are Sun Yan Zi n some other Bollywood stars.

Some days are really fun, esp when u get to c these pple. So when will I get to c Ayumi Hamasaki, A*Mei, Jay Chou, Xiao Zhu, Kyoko Fukada, Goto Maki, FIR or Janice at the store?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mystery Of The Right Lower Eyelid Twitch

Some people believe the twitching of the different eyelids represent something. Some say the twitching of the left side brings good luck, right brings bad luck. Some thinks its vice versa. Some even go to the extend to say how bad or how good the luck is based of the number of times it twitches or whether it's the upper eyelid or lower eyelid that's twitching.

If going by what's happening the past few days, then the twitching of right lower eyelid means bad luck and having it twitch for a few days in a row means super bad luck. First, I got a customer complaining against me, alleging that I had given him/her/it the wrong info. Then I quarrelled with Dear. Then today, my dept had a short meeting with the big boss due to another customer complaint alleging that we had missed out and racked up the CD we had ordered for him/her/it after letting him/her/it wait 6 weeks for the CD.

I feel sian, depressed, disillusioned, uneasy, pissed, annoyed, irritated, everything and anything but good. Doesn't help that it's the time of the month and I'm already putting up with womb churning cramps. It's worse when the twitching doesn't stops.

I shall comfort myself with common causes of eye twitches like stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, etc... Still, I don't feel that comfortable. F*** out twitch! Argh! Hope I can sleep the twitch away.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now I Remembered What I Wanted To Blog About

Someone made my blood boil last Friday when I was on duty at Promo. A choronology of what happened.

We were streaming the HMV radio from HK and Janice's MTV came up.
While I was enjoying the sweet voice singing while clearing the queue of customers who are paying up, I overheard this guy commenting to his girlfriend something like, "not bad, don't know who is she".
So I replied, "Oh, she is Janice Wei Lan. She's very popular in Hong Kong now."
Guy asked, "Janice ah?"
I replied, "Yah!" and he nodded his head and smiled to himself.
The girlfriend then said, "Quite normal what."
I almost wanted to take off my uniform, walk out of the counter and slap her. But I thought, too much hassle, why don't I just reach over and slap her.
Then upon hearing the guy said, "Quite nice mah", my blood tempreture then came down.

In my heart I was thinking that after I had slapped her, I would asked her to look into the mirror and see if she was 1% as pretty as Janice. Since she thinks Janice's voice is "quite normal what" and thinks so highly of herself and that her voice is better, go join Hong Kong's EEG, Singapore's Superstar or Idol or other big singing competitions lah.

Before commenting on others, look and compare to yourself 1st. Especially when you are commenting on a voice that has won various singing competitions in Hong Kong and various Best Newcomer awards the past year.

F*** off biatch! Thinking of that now still make my blood boil...... Especially that f***ed up haughty, arrogant and sour face. Jealous that your boyfriend comment that someone's voice is nice never say yours nice, say lah! No need to say this kinda comments one...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Comments Moderation

Dear lovely ladies and getlemen, I hate to do this, but I say I would have to. And that's start to moderate the comments you post when you click on "post-it's". I fucking hate to do this, but I have no fucking choice. Cos when I logged on just now to discover that some fuckhead had left some advertisments on insurance on the comments section of my latest entry. I somehow managed to remove it by deleting the entry n re-posting it... And I shan't put myself thru this shit again...

Now, I've forgotten what I have initially logged on to write about... Seesh...