Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fucking Sick!

When I got home the other day, there were these posters plastered all over my estate; on the pillars, lift lobbys, etc... I guess the headline is quite self-explanatory. Apparently it states that SPCA's involved now. I don't freaking understand who in the right mind would do this! Damn fucking sick lor!
I've seen 2 dogs of similar build and colour running around the estate at night before and one of them is Rajah, as seen at the bottom of the poster. They only come out to roam in the night and I've never ever seen them during the day.
It was only when we saw the poster, my sister and I then realised how come Rajah has recently showed up during the day. Perhaps Rajah is looking for its friend...
The night before, it was raining. Rajah was in the rain, behind my block, drinking water off the pavement. Rajah was alone. Usually there was 2 of them... Sigh...

I'm fucking sick too. A few days before exam the week before, I wasn't already feeling very well. One day I would have a heavy head, another day a headache, then another day, my body felt lousy and weak. I knew I was gonna fall sick and so I told myself, please please, after exam.
Last week, same symptoms, with gastric as an additional one. Still, I wasn't sick.
Yesterday, finally, everything came together and I declare myself full-blown sick. Fever, vomitting, diarrhoea, heavy head, weak and lousy body, churning stomach, etc... Finally, the suffering will be gone soon... 2 weeks already too much!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lydia Sum... China Scam Call?

My mum never buys Chinese newspapers because we don't read them. The only times she buys are when my sister or I request for them or when something she would wana TRY to read, like when I was featured on Lianhe Wanbao. When I went home yesterday, I found 2 Chinese newspapers on the dining table. Reason? Lydia Sum passed away yesterday morning.
After dinner, she kept asking if 48 (Starhub Cable TVBJ - Hong Kong channel) has anything in Lydia Sum. True enough, there was an entertainment news program and the entire episode was dedicated to her. My mum and I were watching and we both cried.
I cried because I was sad and happy at the same time. She was a strong and brave woman, bringing up her daughter almost on her own. The love she has for her daughter is really touching. When guests on the show were interviewed, they all spoke about the only worry Lydia has, and that's her daughter. They wanted Lydia to hear them and told Lydia that "all the uncles and aunties around her would carry on to protect her and take care of her" and that because Lydia had been a very good friend to so many of them, her daughter would be in safe hands.
Lydia gave her daughter everything she wanted and nurtured her daughter when she wanted to enter the entertainment scence. It was rumored that in her last few months, she had slowly transferred her assets in her daughter's name. She never gave up fighting the dreaded C. Right now, she has passed on and need no longer suffer. Sigh... Hong Kong has lost an endearing and loveable celebrity.
And hence, I declare again, I'll win this long battle with cancer. Die cancer die!!!

I was receiving these "private number" calls almost everyday since mid-January. I dare not pick them up because it was indicated on my phone as a diverted call. Whenever I see "weird" calls like that, my instant reaction would be to wonder if its a China scam call. There was even once that I got 4 missed calls in a row! One interesting thing bout this/these caller(s) was/were that no calls were made when the sun sets. Hmm...
But the calls ended about a week before my exam last Saturday. Maybe that fella gave up...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Place Singapore On The Monopoly's World Map!!!

No, Singapore is not part of China, Hawaii or some other place, we are a country on its own. Let's do our part to establish ourselves on the world map as Singapore. If we can support Singapore's bid for the Youth Olympics, why not support this too! Singapore's currently on the 35th position and according to Monopoly's webby, only 20 places will be up for grabs.

Its fairly simple.
1) Enter the site at
2) Click on the yellow "Log In" button on the top right
3) Signup for a login
4) An email will be sent asking you to verify your account. Login to your email and "validate" the email
5) Locate Singapore either by scrolling down the list of cities on the right when on "Vote for a City" tab, or on page 2 of the "City Rankings" when viewing "Leaderboard"
6) Click on Singapore and a picture of a Merlion will be displayed
7) Click on "Add to my cities"
8) Click on "My Cities" on the lower right
9) Click on "Vote" and complete the voting process
10) Viola! Your vote has been cast!
You can vote once daily for one city.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Why Is This Happening?

I'm feeling lost. It used to be so absolutely perfect. I really don't know how to begin... What's really happening?

You always say that after I have recovered, I've changed, but have you? All I know is that tempers rise much easier compared to the past. Perhaps it the stress we are facing. But somehow, why am I being blamed?

It is no one's fault and we should shake it off instead of nit picking the factors of what's happening and finding who to the blame for it. I have always been blur, stupid, dumb and slow and you know it. Control, curb, cool down, relax...

I had a dream nightmare the other day. Some guy was wooing me, but I have you and he has someone else too. Apparently, that guy was kinda good looking and was asking me to leave with him. I got woken, or rather, shock-ened up. It is something I absolutely don't want it to happen. It's scary as sometimes dreams do come true, think, deja vu.

Tears, you gotta stop flowing...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kena CONNED At Chinatown!

Anyone planning to buy Chinese New Year goodies and snacks at Chinatown later or tomorrow? BE WARNED!!!

My sis and I love those Taiwanese jelly and during CNY we buy them from those "ah beng" uncles who sell them at about $1 for 100 grams. After picking & weighing, the hawkers would go, "take a few more to round off to (some)kg," and at the same time, they'll throw in some and say that it's free.

After buying them for 3 years already, I already knew their "free" is not free afterall. They throw in the "freebies", add to the weight and in total, I'll be charged about 500grams to 1kg worth of products I did not picked.

What happened this year was, as seen below, I and my sis had picked about 2kg worth of jellies. Then these uncles told me to take another 3 to make up 4kg when adding some "freebies" to the bag. When I heard 4kg, I somehow mentally estimated that we did not pick that much! But, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I took another 3 more and then the uncles piled in some more "freebies". Thus in total, they piled in the "freebies" TWICE! When I reached home and counted and laid out the goodies, it was correct that we paid for 4kg of products, BUT half of it was NOT picked by me nor my sis! It was damn obvious that we only took the lychee, mango and strawberry flavored ones!
I do not mind paying a little more just like past years, but to pile on as much as I took (and even slightly more than what I took) and to lie through your teeth and tell me "3 more to 4kg", that's way tooo much!

From now on, whenever anyone (yes, including myself) wants to buy these jellies and mua chees, take note of following individual weights and mentally calculate how much was taken...
Jellies are at 50grams each. Thus, 2 pieces = 100grams, and 20 pieces = 1kg.
Mua Chees are about 14-16 grams each. Thus 6 pieces = 100grams, and 67 pieces = 1kg.
These "longish" packaging of muah chees are 30grams each. Thus 3 pieces = 100grams and 34 pieces = 1kg.

I can only think of one reason why in the past I was charged slightly more, but this year I was charged "sky-rocketing" more: In the past, I bought them outside Clementi Central's NTUC while this year, I bought them at Chinatown...