Friday, April 04, 2003

Kor Kor, thanks for your "Zui"! Jeter hurt...

Sob sob... No live telecast of MLB games on SG's ESPN yet... Made me so happy for nothing. Checked out n found that they only start telecasting on the 10th... They betta not push it to a later date again... So i chked to chk out NYY's season opener's score. Thy won, but Derek Jeter (sob sob...) dislocated his shoulder n will be out of action for a while... Haizzzzzzzzzz........

There's never ending news of people getting SARS, when will it ever stop?! Poly n uni students have appealed for the institutes to be closed during this period, the ministry refused. Now, after a student from NP kena, they closed NP for 3 days n poly staff had to track those who were in contact wif tt student. I was thinking, if only these institutes are closed at the same time as the pri n sec sch n jcs, thy would not have to go thru so much trouble. Pardon me, but I think the authories are just not doing things enuff in order to contain the virus spread.

Leslie Zhang Guo Rong, singer of my all-time fave song "Zui" commited suicide on Apr Fools Day. When I first heard the news thru CNA, I was thinking, wht a crude Apr Fools joke. When CNA reported it again, the news started to sink in, but i just cant believe it. The next day, there was newspapers spread n the entertainment news progs aso reported, it was thn i really realised it was true. Although i still refuse to believe what has happened, the fact is that it has already happened. He's so so talented... "Kor Kor (which he is usually called), everyone will miss you n your songs"

His death reminded me of Zhang Yu Sheng. Although he did not take his life, he was involved in an accident which made him lay in hospital for many days, never waking up n died. The images of him layin on the hospital bed, Amei, Su Rei and other frds holding hands in a cricle saying prayers for him and an inconsable Amei who was crying n crying, all these images seems to happen jus only ystday. Even at a memorial concert on his one year death anniversary, the image of Amei crying on stage, unable to finish her song which he wrote for her, is still so fresh in my mind.

Do talented artists have to come to a not so good end? Y do thy have to pass away this way? Or are there many others who died this way, n jus that thy are in the limelight, we are able to feel the loss to the industry? Do most of them suffer from depression? Tao Zi made a comment on her show which i agree, "Leslie is like 'so up there', many of us would think twice abt calling to chat wif him cos we are jus small fries". So do great artistes have to be lonely?