Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tis The Season... To Be Jolly?!?!

Tis the season for the flu bug, the hunter/commando flu bug, perhaps... I was at Clementi's 24-hour NTUC last nite to get some Panadol Flu, and there were only 2 boxes left. Can tell that a lot of people are down with flu.

For close to 2 weeks, I've been having headaches, tiredness, tummyaches and/or gastric pains. Since I had a happening, blasting, eventful and happy weekend last week, I guess my immune system has been kind enough to persevere through to this weekend. Now, it has decided to give up at last.

So, may I annouce I have a full blown flu. I'm having a bad throat, sneezing and having a not-so-runny-but-not-blocked nose. I'm trying soooo hard not to break out my first cough as my throat started itching last night. Drank so much water, I had to wake up to pee in the middle of the night.

Now, I wonder if I'm making any sense now. It says "Non drowsy formula" on the box of Panadol Flu, but my head feels light and is spinning a little...

Nevertheless, I'm still a happy girl! Cos I got the latest album by Janice Wei Lan (卫兰) and Bosco Wong's (黄宗泽) 1st album!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happening Weekend

Short quick one before I succumb to the headache that made me stayed at home instead of having the reunion dinner for the winter solstice festival at my Grandma's place. So, if I sound weird, forgive me. I can't think straight now...

Finally, I was able to catch up on some sleep yesterday. Went for Rinaz's wedding dinner where I saw so many blogger friends. It was almost like a blogger gathering!

I then scooted off to a classmate's place for a Xmas meetup/gathering/party with my classmates. We then proceeded on to Butter Factory before heading home. I haven't clubbed for soooo many years, but I can say, personally, Butter's is not my favourite place if I do club on a regular basis. I prefer R&B, Hip Hop, Retro, Top 40s, etc, over House, Trance and Techno and Butter plays mainly House, with a smaller, warmer, less air-con room playing R&B/ Hip Hop.

Woke up late again today, but I woke up with a headache. It was not even a hangover, taking into the fact that I did not drink a drop of alcohol at all. On my way home, my dad sms-ed to ask if I'm going to my Grandma's place. Since I was a efw block away, I decided to reach home then tell them that I'm not feeling well. When I reached home, my parents had already left for my Grandma's place. So, I called my dad to let him know.

Rotted at home, eating tang yuan my mum left in a pot on the stove, while watching Man Utd being crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Now, I'm wondering if I should go to bed or watch the 2nd half of Singapore vs. Vietnam game...

Monday, December 15, 2008

My 2009

A new year. A new job. A new beginning. A new life. A new me.

Some things will stay the same while some things will change. May God bless that the changes will be for the better.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yet Another Of The Boyfriend's Nonsense

Most of you would know by now that the bf irritates me, to the point that sometimes I suspect he has never irritated anyone before in his entire life and thus vent out his irritating-ness onto me...

Here's what happened a few weeks back...
Bf: Why are they digging the ground there?
Me: Maybe they want to put the foundation thingy?
Bf: Then when put make up?
Me: Huh?
Bf: Put foundation already then must put make up mah...

Here's what happened yesterday on the bus...
Bf: Ask you ah, in winter, what do you call a Comfort cab in Korea?
Me: Winter Sonata
Bf: Y you so clever?
Me: (Gave him the duh look)
Bf: (Turn the aircon vent towards me) Very cold rite? (Smiles happily like a little boy)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm freaking lazy and nothing has irked me so much that I need to do a blogpost to rant about it...

I know, I have yet to finish my updates about the US trip... I look at all the topics/drafts sitting in my post listings, a bit scared-ed lor. Will try to push myself to finish up a post by end of next week... No guarantees k?

I guess I'm like that. When I work, I tend to neglect my "online" life. Bah... But sometimes, I really wana slack and stone to relax mah... Anyways, I'm still working part-time, haven't found a full-time job yet. I'm searching damn hard, but I believe God will lead the way!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Warning: Rant Ahead. Proceed With Caution!

Sorry guys. I know I haven't been updating much and now when I finally do, its a rant post. But I really need to vent it out, so allow me a few minutes here...

Today is a damn damn f-ed up crappy day. I thought the day began well when I had time to buy coffee and breakfast before I start work, but it was a "blessing in disguise". In a way, the blessing of having my favorite latte was a disguise behind the crappiness of whatever's gonna happen throughout the day.

Lunch for most of us, who are too lazy to walk too far, would be from the basement foodcourt in Cineleisure. And so, while some of my colleagues went to Ngee Ann City for lunch today, I went to Cineleisure to get economical rice. Not being stereotypical here, but why these young chaps who sell economical rice all have so fucking sweet tongues, to the extent that I feel like cutting them off? Whenever I approach ANY economical rice stall tended by a young chap to look at what dishes are offered, the first 2 words that I would hear from them is 美女 (chiobu/ pretty gal). Ok, I understand, sales pitch... Make me happy before I buy from you. So fucking stop it when I have decided to buy from you!
What really irked me today was that when I said a pack of rice to go, the young chap went, 美女, 什么菜 (chiobu/pretty gal, what side dishes)? When I ordered the 1st side dish, the young chap went, 美女, 还有呢 (chiobu/pretty gal, what else)? When I ordered the 2nd side dish, the young chap went, 美女, 还有呢 (chiobu/pretty gal, what else)? And also after I got my 3rd and final side dish. In short, every single phrase/sentence he spoke to me begun with 美女 (chiobu/ pretty gal).
I'm not interested in making small talk nor flirt with you. Just treat me as a normal customer who only wants to get economical rice and go!

It was crazy in the processing room today. Quite a few new releases and chart items that were on high priority to get out onto the sales floor asap. So, it was non-stop bagging and tagging the stocks. Well, everyday is, but it was double-/triple-speed non-stop today, especially after lunch. And the number of cartons of products waiting to be processed never shrunk, but only grew. Despite how much me and my colleagues had done and how many trips the peeps on the sales floor had to come in to take their products out to rack.

After work, I met my friends for dinner. I took a bus to get to Bugis from Orchard. I think most of you guys have sat on the new disabled-friendly double decked buses. I saw an empty seat and I was determined to get on it because I was damn tired. It was one of those like the ones you have on the MRT, with the windows behind you, and you face everyone. But on my right was a big sized lady who took 1/4 of the empty seat, while an auntie on the left sat "diagionally", facing the front, and thus took up 1/4 of the seat. Tired me didn't care and squeezed my butt into the seat.
Big sized, I don't care and I don't mind. But auntie, can don't sit "diagionally"? If the bus is empty, you can sit "diagionally" across 3 seats, I don't care. But it's crowded leh... I hate to say this, but sit "properly" can?

When I got home, all I wanted to do, was to bath and then go to bed. But have to "fight" for bathroom and I was too tired already. Sometimes I really don't understand. Why the hell do you have to wait till the freaking last minute before you go to bed then bath. Yes, have to cool down first. But try to think lah. Since you are home early, why can't you go bath first? Why must wait for everyone to come home then bath? This is not the first time that I come home, put down my stuff and while gathering my stuff to the bathroom, and then, to find you rushing to the bathroom.

And the internet also bully me... So damn freaking wols!!!

Crappy irritated day. Off to bed now...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Updates...

I've been in touch with a fellow NPC survivor. The last checkup revealed a little scare, but Thank God, after further checks and a PET scan, all is still clear! Die cancer die!!!

I started work on Monday, going back to HMV to earn some teeny weeny spare cash for about 2 weeks or so. Actually cannot say "going back", because the department that I'm in has a headcount freeze for part-timers, so I haven't been working, I am not being sacked and I have not resigned. Right now, I'm with another department.

Don't know if I have the time, but I will try to blog... Working and then coming home to look for jobs and fill/send time-consuming online application forms cum resumes, I don't think I have much time left on hand everyday...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Is Blind... And Deaf...

Some say love is blind... To me, no matter how much he irritates me, makes my blood boil, and no matter how many bad habits he has, I can open one eye, close one eye. I would be fierce at him one minute because of all these, but the very next minute, I'm no longer angry, pissed and in fact I might even be trying to pretend to be angry or pissed.

But now, may I also add that love is deaf... Not that the Dearest cannot hold a tune, but he snores, real real loud sometimes. And yet, I still can fall asleep beside him. To me, his snores are like a lullaby, putting me to sleep at times. Sometimes when we are not sleeping over at each other's place, I would actually miss his snores.

In a week's time, it would be the 4th year since we first got together. Time really flies. Looking back, 4 years seem to be just yesterday... Sometimes I can't believe we would have gone this far because of my illness. Really have to Thank God...

Monday, October 06, 2008

I Saw Hiro Nakamura!

Here comes yet another long overdued "edition" of my US Trip posts, as continued from the previous one about the freaky taxi driver I met on the way back from the airport after the New York day trip...

The next day, we drove to Universal Studios. I must say that I really love the GPS system lah. Without the system, I doubt we would have had problem-free navigation througout the entire San Francisco and Los Angeles legs of the US trip.K, reality check... Not "just" for me lah, for all visitors lah...Then we went on the studio tour to the backlots where we visited sets, soundstages and studios where filming is done.
This part of the trip was almost cancelled off the itinerary if not for the already bought tickets, because Mum was damn worried and wonder if it was safe enough to go. Apparently fire broke out and part of Universal Studios was destroyed.Adoi, Desperate Housewives fans, are you guys sleeping? LOL... Yep, the tour also brought us to the set of Desperate Housewives.As we exited the theme park to have dinner, I saw a filming schedule for the day.And that marks the end of the day!

Last 2 days coming right up...
p/s: "right up" may not necessarily mean right now. This week is a busy week...

Friday, October 03, 2008

The "Horror" Of Online Job Application Forms

I have decided at 5.30pm just now that I will stop sending in resumes for the day. My excuse: No one will be going through resumes and do much work because the weekend is beginning.
After wasting brain cells tackling application forms online, I seriously think I deserve a break mentally. If u think filling in application forms online is easy, imagine me in these "horrifying" situations...
1) I have more than 3 working experiences and a particular one only allows me to enter in 3. And with no section for one to input other details of my resume, or a text resume, I can't even "display" my "all-roundedness" in "excelling" in both academic and co-curricular activities.
2) An error prompt of overlapping dates in employment history. Hello, cannot hold 2 part time jobs at one time ah? Thankfully this site had a text resume portion so I can "customise" around and fill in stuff accordingly.
3) Text resume portion with a limit of characters. What's the point in having a section for text resume then?
4) After filling up the entire form and had "errors" like above, you tell me that "there's an error in submitting your resume"?! Waste my time and effort and brain cells rite?!
5) Having to work around sites that limit the number of characters for job descriptions.
6) Having to work around sites that require you to type in your entire transcript. And you dare tell me "this application form takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fill in". By the time I finish ctrl+c, ctrl+v everything, 1+hour gone...
7) Having to work with sites that tie up with online job portals like jobsbd and jobstreet. Instead of entering your ID and password and the system extracts your resume from the online job portals, you have to fill in every single field of the application form all over again.
8) A combination of almost each n every single one of the situations listed above.

And so, I sent out my last resume/online application form and I begin packing my bag and preparing for tomorrow's graduation, but that was done pretty fast.

But the next thing on my "to do" list is something which I dun feel like doing now. My excuse: lazy and no mood to churn brain cells. I seriously think my brain cells deserve a break.
I should take this time now to catch up on what I want to blog about. To me, these are issues I do care about and like writing essays, I do want to do up a good post about it. But my mind's shutting down, I cant think through them properly and how to do up those posts.
Also, the US trip posts. My excuse: too mentally drained to think through what happened chronogically...

Maybe I shall spend this evening on my facebook applications or games, clicking away without spending a bit of "intellectual energy". Or maybe I should watch my TVB VCDs...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Short Random Update

This is going to be nice, short and sweet. I'm still alive and was spending the past week searching and applying for jobs, watching Heroes, F1 and soccer, being with the Dearest, went out with my galfriends cos we owed one of them a bday treat and went for 1 interview.

I have yet to finish my entries on the US trip. Hopefully my memory doesn't fade and I can still clearly remember what went on. Maybe I should spend one day during the weekend to do up these entries, but I doubt it is going to be this weekend.
Saturday's graduation ceremony and after that will be A*Mei's concert. Sunday's free, but, dunno what plans Dear might have...

The pending drafts in my lists are growing and growing, to the point that I feel some of them are "out-dated" already...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heart Pain...

The Dearest is having his reservist which started on Wednesday. Did not manage to see him for the past 3 days only till just now...

Heart pain, I tell you... Dear look so tired lor... Then his face looked sharper also. *ouch* But his belly is still existing! Thanks goodness for that! So still very huggable! hurhurhur...

But in 3 days, he's tanner and he definately looks cuter now... Hehe... *swoons*

Ok everyone, stop puking already! Can cut me some slack? 3 days never see him, miss him deep deep mah... hehe!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here I Go Again... Argh...

Okay, so Johnny Evans got to start instead of "Where's" Brown lah, because the latter got a knee injury. But Brown is still on the bench leh, so is John O'Shea. Hmm, a youngster starting instead of O'Shea?

Maybe the manager's worried that O'Shea might pick up some knocks and would like to have him fully fit for the match on weekend? And thus, Evans is picked to start?

Whatever lah, whatever... So what if the squad has no depth? These are all defenders. Chris Eagles is a midfielder, so should leave. Should lah, if not dun have regular football to play.

Argh!!! Stop it Jasmine!!!

Villarreal seems to be Man Utd's nemesis... 0-0 draw... Haiz...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Sincere Appeal For Help...

I know I don't have much readership, but I kindly appeal to everyone out there to help spread the word around. To me, this is an important issue and I hope someone would join me and do a small part to help...

During the Beijing Olympics 2008 closing ceremony, one of the cameras managed to take a shot of a few people who wrote "SOFTBALL 2016" on their arms. It was a very fast shot and was on air for only a few seconds and I wondered if anyone caught that. It was a very touching gesture taken by these people and I do not know if they were athletes or people from the audience in the Bird Nest stadium. Thank You so so much...

Although I no longer play the game, but I still love the game very much as I used to play in while in school. Please do bring softball back into Olympics and onto the international stage, so the sport would not die out.

Part of the reason that softball was excluded was that there is a misconception that it is an "American" game and there isn't worldwide participation of the game. Now now, who said only Americans play the game? Japan won the gold medal for the Olympics this year and Australians went home with a bronze.

During the recent SEA Games held last year in Thailand, our girls won the historic silver while our guys (my coach/poly senior, another poly senior and a secondary school senior were in the team) got the bronze. The win was sweet because for years we have not gotten any medals from huge events like this!

You can do your part by leaving your name on the following websites. Whether it would work? I really do not know, but I'm not giving up that glitter of hope.
1) (My signature is #11427)
2) (My signature is #2551)

p/s: to my ex-teammates, seniors and juniors, it's time we really can do much more for the sport... Please spread the message round to all other players in out community. Thanks!

Friday, September 05, 2008

For The Past Week...

I just realised that I haven't blogged in a week. To cut long story short, I did not have the time in the past week to sit down for at least an hour to do up a proper post. There are things I want talk about, but these topics deserve my full attention and I REFUSE to come up with a "chop-chop-anyhow" post on it.

Yah lah, some of you see me on plurk and on kuwakchai, but in the midst of clicking and typing and clicking, I'm actually checking emails and tidying up some SC stuff too. And I have a social life and need to see the dearest...

Finally I got all my results and my convocation date. Time to start looking for a "sign-my-life-away" job, but before I actually embark on flipping through the papers and job webbies, I still have to do up my resume, etc...

Suddenly, now I realise why I've been having fast-paced-adventure-filled dreams and wake up the next day feeling tired, as though I had ran from Tuas to Changi and back. Because I keep thinking and trying to remember what is the next thing to do, which is more important at this very moment, etc... Not very good rest lor... The best part is that I had wrote down everything that I ought to do and thus can relieve some burden off my brain cells but... haiz...

Time to koonz...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Coffee At Starbucks!!!

Exceptional surprise! I didn't know Starbucks would serve coffee on the house and not charge a single cent. I've taken samplers given out by Starbucks staff along the streets but this is the first time I got a Venti Latte for FREE!

What happened was...

I was with my council mates at Starbucks at Cathay, the one at Handy Road near Plaza Singapura for a small discussion yesterday. While settling down, joining 2 tables for the 5 of us and 2 laptops with a powerpoint nearby, the shop's light keep going on and off and at one point, I heard one of the staff even asked someone if there's internet.

When everything seemed "stabilized", I went to get my coffee. Since my friends were going to be late, I wanted to settle for a Venti instead of a Grande and have my favourite coffee drink, Latte. I went over to the counter and the staff joked and asked, "ice water"? I guessed it was because he thought I was just looking for a power point since I asked him earlier. Haha... I was kinda amused and blur at the same time lah. I told him I wanted a Venti Latte and he asked it I wanted a Super Venti. I don't know if it was meant as a joke, but seriously, a Super Venti would be caffeine overkill lah! So I told him a Venti would be ok.

Now, the best part was, everything was up and running, except the Point-of-Sales (POS) machine aka the cash register. I didn't know what was happening to the store or the register, but I just wanted to pay for my coffee and there wasn't some "welcome" message on the thing that tells you your bill. Meanwhile, there was another staff at the register who was looking for the key or something to open the register. And so, when I asked how much, this staff who was at the register told me it was on the house. That's when I managed to put everything together.

I told them, I can give you exact change, and you can key it in later. The staff at the register kept emphasizing, "no its ok, its on the house, really", while the joker one kept saying, "its my treat, but dinner's on you". When I got my Latte, I still wasn't quite sure about the free coffee. But the staffs ensured me again and again.

And so, I got my FREE coffee!!! Hiak hiak hiak...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stop! Damnit! STOP!

I think I really ought to slap myself real hard over and over again so that I can wake up, face the real facts and the truth and move on. No more "what ifs" and "by rights" anymore!

But why do I still cry everytime it happens? What's done has been done and there's no way it can be reversed. Time can't be turned back. Why can't I ever learn? Wake up wake up... ARGH!

Man Utd won Portsmouth just now and I should be darned happy because we don't look miserable at the bottom half of the table. I am happy, but because I'm still sour, sad, disappointed, grieved, (insert your description of negative emotions here) over the transfer of Chris Eagles, I did not feel as happy as I think I would have.

Seeing the lineup, it was torturing and tormenting and I became overwhelmed by emotions and the whole vicious cycle happened all over again. With the Brazilian de Silva twins, Possebon, Campbell and Gibson named as some of the substitutes and with John O'Shea playing in central midfield, the thought that one of them could have easily been Chris Eagles once again brought tears to my eyes.

And I start to wonder again if it was the right choice... ARGH!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Freaky Russian Taxi Driver

I was alone and when someone is so friendly to you, asking all kinds of personal questions at some unfamiliar place, its really damn scary lah... Anyway here's what happened...

I reached back LA at 11+pm after the New York day trip and boarded a cab back to hotel. Upon boarding, I said "I'm going to Ramada Hotel at North Vermont Avenue." The taxi driver said he did not know where is the hotel but would drive me to the exact street and I could give him directions. Well, I felt brave and confident enough to do that, after all, we had driven around and I can kinda recognise the area around the hotel. He also said that he did not know how to go by the minor roads and would take the freeway all the way. Of course I knew taking the freeway was a small detour (imagine taking the MRT from Orchard MRT to Raffles Place or City Hall MRT then to the final destination at Bugis MRT, where taking SBS bus service number 7 is faster), but I was tired out from the day and anyway that gets me back to the hotel is good.

He then started chatting, asking where I am from, what I was doing in the US, what I was studying in Oklahoma, where my flight arrived from, what I was doing in New York, yadda, blah, etc. He then started asking personal questions like if I have a boyfriend, whether we are planning to get married, how long we have been together, yadda, blah, etc. I did not think much of it as I felt he had been "Americanized" (he's a Russian and had been in America for the past 7 years) and was just being very friendly. Furthermore, I could recognise that we were on the correct way back to the hotel, and thus did not sense "danger." But still, we were still not near the hotel yet, and he was freaking me out just a teeny bit...

Then, he commented I was a "good person" and very friendly. Ok, friends say that of me also, so again, I did not think much of it. Furthermore, I kept telling myself that he is just very friendly and chatty and brushed aside any thoughts of him as a scary person. I mean, afterall, he exited correctly on the freeway...

As the taxi was a few buildings away from the hotel, he said he would stop the meter here because I was a "good person". As we were pulling into the hotel driveway, he said that if I was free, he would like to bring me out for dinner because I was a "good person". I FREAKED OUT at this very moment. Where got people so damn freaking super duper uber extremely very friendly one?! Within 25-30 minutes on the taxi chatting, you ask someone out for dinner?!

So, I replied that my days are very packed and I would not be free. But this fella would NOT give up. He continued by asking when I was leaving. I told a lie, "a day after tomorrow." I felt bad because I was no longer a "good person", but I felt I had to because he was just getting toooooooo freaky for my comfort!!! I then thanked him for sending me back and said good night. He replied his byes and good night and wished that I have a nice holiday in the US. I quickly got off the taxi and brisk walked back into the hotel... I almost felt that I was running...

I wished I had bought more stuff but I was kinda scared that my debit card account didn't have enough. Bah!
(From left to right, top to bottom) Derek Jeter bobble, stadium commemorative replica, thermal mug, Derek Jeter handphone strap, display car plate, Alex Rodriguez tee, Yankees jacket (the most expensive item in the loot), Derek Jeter tee, souvenir bat, Derek Jeter-jersey-patterned bag and "the only team that counts: Yankees" tee...

Universal Studios coming right up!
p/s: So so sorry about such a delayed update on the US trip.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Contridicting Myself All Over Again...

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Fraizer Campbell started for Manchester United in the opening match against Newcastle. Rodrigo Possebon came on as a substitute and so did Rafael de Silva.

Could Chris Eagles have gotten a chance instead of them? Its a definate yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! But instead he played for Burnley in a 3-0 loss to Ipswich! Argh!!!

I dare not confirm that if Eagles did start and played in this opening match, Man Utd would have picked up a full 3 points. But... Argh... Rafael, can't say anything because he is a defender... But I seriously don't see how Campbell and Possebon would have been picked ahead of Eagles if Eagles is still in Man Utd!

I better stop here, before I start the Chris Eagles and the vicious cycle ranting again... Pfft!
*Start to psycho myself that it's for the better good for his career and hold back tears*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Vicious Cycle...

I looked at the Manchester United squad numbers registered for the 08/09 season and started crying again because I realised that, at one glance, if Chris Eagles was willing to hold out a while more, his chances of first team regular football is actually quite high.

Some youngsters were given numbers and the squad registered is actually bigger this year compared to last year. And honestly, these youngsters, I feel, are still nowhere on par with Chris Eagles, although I have high hopes and expectations of the Brazilian twins.

At this moment when I'm still grumbling, which does not change the fact that he has already signed for Burnley, I realised it becomes a vicious cycle. The cycle of me grumbling and crying about him leaving Man Utd and then trying to psycho myself that he needs regular football if he wants to have a chance to get back into the England squad and the possibility that another EPL club will buy him or Burnsley will get promoted and that will bring him back to play in the top flight.

And at this very moment, I realised that I have to add another label, "Chris Eagles"...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Singapore Finally Get Its 2nd Olympic Medal In History!!!

Sorry for the false alarm for all the weird reasons it happened. Here's the real deal...

The women's table tennis won their semi-final against Korea. We now confirm have a medal, dunno what colour only... Haha... Wooooooot!!! Well done gals!

It was damn exciting and it was a close fight with the Koreans. But Li Jiawei have to stay calm and composed lah... Lost to Kim Kyung Ah 4 years ago in Athens, gotta learn from that lesson.

Feng Tianwei is a player we ought to watch. Very clever and composed... Won us both singles matches!!!

But personally, I felt that Wang Yue Gu had a better day compared to Li Jiawei. Hopefully all of them will excel in the individuals later on also... 加油!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Message That Made My Jaw Drop

Guys, will you send this kinda message to girls whom you do not know on social networking websites such as Friendster, Facebook, etc? I almost fell off my chair when I saw this message from a guy whom I did not know!

Anyway, to protect this fella's identity, I censored some personal info like name, company name and handphone number lah...

Good afternoon.just back home from work , just eaten lunch at home.eaten "lontong" .you eaten yr lunch? do remember to eat yr meal soon.drink plenty of water as weather stuffy and hot .bit down on cough and flu , seen doctor two tme but did not recover .bit down on luck , injured one of my finger during work few days before .not heading anywhere today , will be resting at home .mind be a friend ?.let me intro myself first ... (name) here, 23yrs old Singapore Chinese guy , height 1.72m n weight 60kg .

Short profile of myself. Single.completed army last year sep . wrking in outdoor sale line for (some company). Tend to care for others more and also be truthful to others .wrking hard and hope to get my car licence so can drive mitsubishi lancer .love to eat dim sum and drink Soya bean.hardly clubbing , maybe once a year ,no smoking .Sincerely hope you give me chance to know you more.sometime do help out in housechores.always tend to care for others more before me.i do drink but it like only abt twice in half a year .

hi . as my friendtser got "connection error" .find it very hard to log in . you can sms me at (handphone number) if you don mind .Sincerely hope able to recieve your sms .

Am i allowed bring you cross over to malaysia to eat next time or perhap in time to come ?Do known of famous stall selling herbal roast duck and japanese food.

When you are free i make fried "BEER" chicken wing for you to try .

sincerely hope can bring you go eat nice food next time .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, My Dear Blog!

7 long years of blogging... I guess I might be even have been blogging longer than a whole lot of Singaporean bloggers and even some prominent and "famous" bloggers.

Compared to them, what have I achieved? Nothing... Zilch... No advertising payments (my ads as you see on my blog have only earned me less than USD$8 since I put it on 12 months ago) nor paid for endorsements and reviews nor even a manager.
But yet I still blog...
I only get like an average of 20 hits a day. Mind you, its 2-0, TWO digits, not like others who have a 5-digits hits daily.
But yet I still blog...

Since I have nothing, why do I still carrying on blogging in this boring blog?

To me, I blog because I want to and I love to. Its like an online diary. Some of you may say that diaries are not meant to be publicly read, but to me, my most inner thoughts are often kept up in my heart and not on this online "article/ document."

In the past, I used my blog mainly to vent out my fustrations, whines and grumbles. I did nothing else. As friends started to know I have a blog, I started to type about what's going on in my life to update them in a way.
When cancer came into my life, I still updated as much as I can to let my friends know how I was coping with treatment and all. Then I felt that there was something more then just talking about my daily life. I felt that I should use my blog to reach out to other cancer patients, survivors and their care-givers.

And thus, I moved my blog from a lesser known platform, diaryland, to blogspot. I also joined some blog "directories" to get my blog out there for people to reach. All I want is to share my experience and be there for other cancer patients, survivors and their care-givers out there. I just want people to know that there's this cancer survivor who has this blog and it is opened 24/7 for other cancer patients, survivors and their care-givers to contact.

I do not need fame and fortune from this. I do not crave for it nor do I look for it. I just want to be there for other cancer patients, survivors and their care-givers. If fame and fortune comes along, it is not a must, it is only a bonus.

I'm just a gal who has a blog, and because of that, I'm a blogger. But I'm not a full-time/part-time/famous/etc blogger. I'm just a plain old blogger who is a gal that has a blog and she blog because she simply love to and want to.

Happy 7th Birthday!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Leading Strong In This Long Battle Against Cancer

1 month and a 1 week shy of my 2 years in remission, I went for my scheduled regular checkup with my radiotherapy oncologist, today. He did an endoscopy for me and all is clear, at least for the primary site!

I remembered 3 years ago, this week, I was having my first chemo dose. I remembered trying to keep myself occupied by watching the tv in the clinic but was complaining to my bf and the nurse that I was damn drowsy and my head was really heavy and spinning away crazily. The nurse then told me to sleep and that it was ok to sleep, trying to make me feel less "pig/ lazy". It was there and then I learnt that sleeping was the best way to keep myself occcupied while having chemo, and many others felt the same way too. Haha...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The True Colours Of Authority And Administration?

First you say no to everything, giving no reasons or lame reasons, or reasons that have solutions to it. We listened and made changes and provided solutions and backup plans. Still you said no. Sometimes I wonder if you say no for the sake of saying no.
Then, we see our ideas and plans implemented by you and you pass it off as yours without crediting us any single bit.
Now, you clam down on us saying that we did not produce ANY results and try to discredit us in every detailed single way possible.
Erm, hello... You being the thickest, biggest, longest wall possible (even thicker, bigger, longer that Great Wall of China), saying no to everything and grabbing our credits, what results you want to see from us huh?! You taken everything already what!

Seriously, this is a viscious cycle. Want to see results from us, then give us the fucking due credit! I had enough of this kind of people. God, please bless me that my direct boss is not like that when I re-enter into the working world again...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Selling Chris Eagles Is Manchester United's Loss And Burnley's Gain

With the news of Sir Alex Ferguson (might be) giving youngster Fraizer Campbell a taste of EPL this season reaching my ears, my blood boiled AGAIN!

Oh, just because he scored the only goal in the testimonial match for Solksjaer and won the game!? HELLO, my Chris Eagles ALSO scored an only Man Utd goal during the pre-season Vodacom Challenge opening game against Kaiser Chiefs and saved you from a loss. Campbell is still untested while Eagles has scored in last year's EPL opening match against Everton!

Although the transfer news/rumours have been going on since end-June, early-July, he has never been really interested in leaving. He wants regular football and as a manager, you could have told him to polish his skills while he could wait till Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs to retire where he could stand a chance to have a regular football! Look at the Man Utd players who were sold to divisions below the Premier League, where are they now?! And now, I fear the same for Chris Eagles.

Eagles had been featuring regularly in the under-(age) groups for England and you can safely say that he is an England youth squad member. However, in the past 2-3 years, he was not picked. So, what is the reason? A coaching flaw in Man Utd's youth academy or England's youth academy (if there's one)? He's 22 going on 23 and now that he is playing for the lower divisions, I really doubt the chances he can play for England's senior squad.

Psst, Man Utd, you can start kicking youself for agreeing to let the fabulous Chris Eagles go... He scored in his debut appearance for Burnley...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sometimes I Feel I'm Unappreciated

In a certain way, I feel that no one listens to me seriously nor take me seriously. Even when facts are presented, whatever I say or do seems to be just a breeze that just went by, tickling just a single leaf on a tree while the others dun even shift a millimetre.

Is it because I'm small sized and look like a little girl. Ok, so blame it on my parents who gave me a baby face meh? Look at the fucking fine lines and wrinkles beneath my eye lah!
Is it because I have a sreechy high pitch voice? I'm not a guy, so my voice does not break upon puberty.
Is it because people who work with me do not know me well enough to see that I'm less serious and picky when it comes to work? Is it because I "worry" too much? I do admit I'm picky and go right into the nitty gritty finest details. I also like love to envision the worst case scenario. But why do I do so? Has anyone fucking understand why I have to play the devil every single fucking time?!
I'm not insisting that I want to have my way. I do so because we must think further and be prepared for things that would crop up. It is true that not all of us have the ability to foresee if a plan would have any hiccups or will move on smoothly, but is it wrong to anticipate than to let the matter catch us off guard?

Be it any matter that crops up, school, work, friends, etc, every serious comment I make is always for the better good. But has anyone fucking listened?! Which is why sometimes I feel damn useless too. Maybe I should not expect too much. I'm just a nobody in everyone's eyes. I'm just that small-sized gal who is part of their social circle, hidden at one end, away from everyone.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson, Its Your Fault!

Man Utd have lost a promising player, Chris Eagles. Why I'm saying it's the gaffer's fault is because Eagles hasn't been getting first team appearances that he deserves! You don't even let him warm the bench lah!

I thought he had a pretty good pre-season and was actually kinda looking forward to seeing him play in this weekend's testimonial match for Solskjaer. During an interview last year, he even said that he will remain in Man Utd even if he only plays in reserves. It just goes to show how loyal he is to the club.

If Eagles is on loan to another club, I still not so sad. But now, he is actually being sold to Burnley for slightly more than a million pounds. Man Utd, look at your blardi aging midfield, the question marks over Ronaldo's future at the club, Carrick's invisibility and Nani's forever off-forms, I don't understand why Eagles has to be sold! I don't think Man Utd is so hard up for that million pounds right?

I guess this will be the last time I'll see him in the Man Utd jersey... And I'm still in a state of shock...


The reasons behind this made me feel like a despo somewhat! But who cares? And so...And why am I crying when I blogging about this? Bah!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bad Start For The Day

When we went down for breakfast at the hotel, I started to miss Anaheim and even more of Oklahoma. Remember I complained about breakfast in Anaheim not on par with Oklahoma in this entry? I shall apply that complaint all over again here with some changes here and there.
1) The breakfast spread in Anaheim was bigger and better and the one in Oklahoma was EVEN bigger and better.
2) The eggs in Oklahoma were REAL scrambled eggs, not some pancake-looking pieces of eggs which tasted like flour.
3) There was only caffinated or decaf tea. In Oklahoma, we had green tea, chamomile, earl grey, etc., on top of the caffinated and decaf red ceylon tea.
4) Ignoring the poor tea range, at least we still had hot chocolate sachets in Anaheim, which was just like Oklahoma. Over here, none.
5) About yoghurt? None here to speak or even complain about.
6) In Oklahoma we have cheese sauce. In Anaheim, we have shredded cheddar. Here, nothing.
7) In Oklahoma, most of the time, we had sausage patties that tasted like McDonalds and on a few occasions, we had what tasted the same, but in the shape of a sausage. In Aneheim, we only had the sausage shaped ones. I'm suspecting that they all buy from the same supplier or something because over here, the sausages taste and look the same as the ones in Anaheim.
8) I don't think I'm being picky because in Vegas, breakfast was not provided and we had muffins and bread at our relative's place in San Francisco. I was kinda gearing for some kinda McDonalds Big Breakfast!
Haiz, so chin chye eat lor.

After walking around, we got back to the hotel early as I needed time to shower, pack and catch my flight out to... Hehe...

More US adventures coming right up!