Saturday, January 31, 2009


After much deliberation, I'm leaving the Association of Bloggers (Singapore). I'm really glad to have been a part of the protem committee but I know for sure that there are others out there will do a better job than me. It was an experience through this journey and I thank everyone who was working with me.

With immediate effect, I will not handle any issues pertaining to the Association, so if anyone has any comments, feedback or questions, please approach the Association directly.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Is This Happening?!

I seriously do not know how I want to write this post. Right now, I'm just feeling a HUGE mix of emotions...

My heart just sank as though weighed down by a million or even gazillion tons. My stomach's churning. I'm tearing. I have the urge to question God or maybe even shout at Him. But yet, I feel inspired, motivated and even more determined to win this battle. My hatred for this enemy has been renewed and the intensity of this hatred has increased.

Just die and fuck off because you have now left 2 kids motherless! When are you going to stop?! Just when?!?!

A memorial will be held for Shin this Saturday, 31st Jan. For more details, please drop by her blog.

Shin, thanks for showing me your feisty spirit against cancer.

I'm speechless... I dunno how to carry on with this post...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally, THE Day Has Come!

I've been blogging for a little more than 7 years and I can dare say that THIS is DEFINATELY the BEST thing that ever happened to me in my life as a blogger! I'm SO honoured, proud and excited to announce to you that the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is born!

The first half of my blogging life was just me, myself, and me, so much so that nothing else matters. After I have the privilege of being 2-6 months away from death's gate, my perpectives changed. It was no longer about just ME, it was about how I can contribute to the society and make myself useful as God would want me too. I made use of my blog to get "out there" so people would know that there is this cancer survivor out there who can help. As I did so, I got more involved in the blogging scene (not that I'm a blogger with celebrity status already), got to connect with bloggers who are now friends and also questioned myself as to how I can contribute to the local blogging scene.

Few months back, I had the privilege of meeting like-minded bloggers who initiated the start of an Association to contribute to the local blogosphere and thus decided to hop onboard. One of the main reasons I decided to do so is because I feel that the local blogging scene is not very united, in Mandarin, I would put it as 一盘散沙. And I hope with the Association, we can make things better and forward the positive development of the local social media scene.

I do not have to be a "somebody" to help contribute nor do I have big aspirations to be that "somebody" leading everyone else. I just want to play my part and help make the local blogosphere better. I'm sick and tired of the flame (blog) wars and irresponsible blogging antics. Though one might say, what's news/publicity without all these, but as Sandra Bullock once said, "world peace". Amen to that!

I'm IN. So are they:
DK aka Darryl Kang
Mr Endoh
How about you? Do you want to do your part? Check out at our temporary home at

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Very Exciting Week

And mind you, the week hasn't ended yet. So many things happened, I felt I was on a mini roller coaster ride. You have been warned that this will be a really really long post...

Firstly, I would like to dedicate a little letter/note to a friend here...
Dear Friend,
Though I don't know if you will read this, I still have to say this... Though we do not talk to each other frequently nor keep in contact frequently, I was glad you found me on Facebook! So happy to be able to re-connect with you again!

Next, a slightly longer letter/note to another friend...
Dear Friend,
Though you may not read this, though we do not always keep in contact, and have not met for more than 3 years, though we have moved on and got on with our lives, I still remember you as a friend whom I can talk anything under the sun to.
When you called the other day and when I saw your name flashing across my handphone screen, I was more shocked than surprised. When you ROM-ed, you did not tell me lor! (How dare you! Bleh...) So now, when you called, I thought a "red bomb" was coming my way, and was shocked cos I did not expect to be invited...
But a bomb it was, though not red. It was a bomb with my dreaded enemy, which MIGHT be now yours too. After you put down the phone, I prayed for you. Even thought its not confirmed, I really hope its not.
Though its a bit late now to say this, I still have to say it, cos its never too late... AH BENG, STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY LAH! That day on the phone still dare to bargain with me lor... *faints*
But remember, (choy, touch wood) you are not alone on this battle. Your family and friends, including me, are with you all the way! Jia you! And keep me updated hor!

I met a gal on the bus. She's here on an international exchange program at SMU. She said something interesting what I asked her why she chose to come to Singapore. Her reply was that Singapore was a tropical country and she wanted to see how it was like. No babe, Singapore's no jungle rite? Hehe...

The big bosses are in town, and so far, I'm being disrupted the least compared to my other backroom office colleagues... Thank God and I hope it stays this way...

I saw a teenage gal (maximum age I would give her is 20) and her 40-ish to 50-ish mum look alike. Let me put it this way, both have the same hairstyle, from the bob, to the fringe, to the center parting, to the length, except the gal's black, the mum's dyed brown. Both were wearing polo T-shirts, gal was wearing blue, mum was wearing pink, with checkered collar. Both were wear denim 3-quarts, colour and style a bit different. Both were wearing ankle socks and sneakers. Both were carrying tote/tote-ish bags, gal was carrying a pink one, while mum opted for a Gucci.
Psst, Sis, if you are reading this now, please do not let mum see the following...
After observing them, I tried to picture how I and my mum would look. *shudders* And seriously, I rather be caught dead! Thankfully or not, I and my mum have different dressing sense/styles...
Acutally, I'm ok with the idea that mum and their daughters and dad and their sons dress alike. But, I believe in dressing your age. More often than not, it is quite common seeing mums or dads dressing up their kids similarly. But that similar dress sense/style kinda gets less common when the kid is a teenager or older...

And I'm ending this post with a rant.
Fuck you understand! Fuck you! You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, steal. Understand that?! DAMNIT! I freaking hate freeloaders. After all the hard work put in, you DO NOT take that hard work and pass it off as your own. Seriously, may your God punish you and may you burn in hell...
p/s: I just need to let it out, but please reserve me the privacy and not ask what this is about till I'm ready to talk about it k? Thanks!