Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Eagles Soar!

A few years back, Man Utd went to US for a tour competition thingy. Fergie left a whole lot of senior squad players in England and brought along a whole lot of youngsters. One of them that caught my eye was Chris Eagles. Playing on the right wing, he seems similar to David Beckham, another of my all time favourite players. He seemed like he had lots to offer and was brewing with potential. Sadly however after the tour, he did not have much first team chances, almost even to only a few bench appearances. I was thinking, "What is Fergie thinking about? Such a good player on the bench and not even used as a substitute?" Meanwhile, Chris Eagles was improving him game with the reserves, however you rarely see him in first-team action.

He went on loan, from Watford to Sheffield Wednesday, back to Watford and then to NEC Nijmegen. While playing in these teams, he never got a regular first 11 place. He came back to Old Trafford the beginning of this year, and I was pretty excited, because I believed Fergie believes in him, not like those managers who loan him and put him on the bench. I was wrong then because for the last 4 months, I hardly see him on the Man Utd bench too! Then as now Man Utd struggles with injuries, Chris Eagles' goal in the FA Youth Cup suddenly mattered to everyone. Everyone, to me, seemed oblivious to his abilities and talents only until now! For the longest time, I saw him on the bench. "My Chris Eagles on the bench," I was squealing away, but he never came on to play.

I did not catch the game yesterday against Everton, because I was working. I switched on Gamecast and I saw "Eagles (blah blah)." I knew he was on the bench because I saw the lineup but was kinda surprised that Fergie put him on for the last 8 minutes, including injury time, of the game. Coming on in the 86th minute for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, another of my all time favourites, I was thinking "Prove him wrong Eagles. Prove to everyone wrong. Prove to them you are worth the first team place." So it was back to work, serving customers. Next thing I knew, one of my colleagues said, "4-2." I went to check the scorer and almost wanted to cry when I saw "Chris Eagles." To some, his goal did not matter because Rooney had already scored the winning goal. But to me, Chris nailed in the winner, he nailed Everton to the "grave", so even if Everton scored one more in the dying seconds of the game, we would still win. The icing to the cake was that it was his first ever senior goal and he scored it barely 10 minutes since he got onto the field. Not many youngsters could do that!

I caught the repeat of the game just now and saw the goal. It was a darn nice curler. While celebrating, I could tell the players were really happy. Happy that they have confirmed the 3 points, happy to know that Chelsea's game has ended 2-2, or happy that their young teammate had proved his worth and ability and talent, I am not too sure. But there's one thing Chris Eagles wouldn't know. There's this girl, a Man Utd fan for over a decade, in the sunny island of Singapore, happy for him and celebrating for him. And that's me.

Picked out 2 clips from youtube...

1) Clip of Chris Eagles' goal

2) Fans celebrating and chanting "Eagles, Eagles"

Friday, April 27, 2007

Who's Responsible?

Add a blur and I-don't-know mum and a bo-chap-everything-also-don't-care-it's-not-my--problem-it's-mum-who-did-it sis equates to me being fed up, being blamed, being shouted at, fueling my I-want-to-move-out feelings.

Few years back, my khaki skirt went into my sis' stack of "throw-able"/ "can give away" clothes. All because my mum thought it belonged to my sis after it was washed, dried and iron. All because my sis said, "It's not mine, put aside". All they both could do was to open their mouth and ask who does it belong to. If I had not thought of my skirt in time, it would have been gone.
For the longest time already, every other month, my panties would come back to me stretched (my sis' bum is bigger than mine) or I find myself having to use new ones because I don't have enough (which can't be because I have at least a dozen on rotation basis). Mine have labels torn off and are all black, for the sake of trying to "resolve" this matter, stop this kinda nonsensical quarrels & arguments and trying to push blame to one another. All because my mum would not admit she placed the panties in the wrong room. All because my sis would not even bother to check if she's wearing her own underwear. Even with the thing called panty-liners, I still feel grossed-out with the thought that my sis wore my underwear.
I can't be a "laundry controller" and control the flow of laundry every single time clothes are collected. Sometimes, the clothes find their way into the rooms before I can pick out my underwear from the pile. Why can't everyone do their own part? Even when some spaghetti-strap tops are in my room and they are not mine, I don't throw them into my "throw-able"/ "can give away" stack of clothes. Either I ask who it belongs to or I put it into my sis' room because my mum doesn't wear spaghetti-strap tops. I check my underwear before I wear to make sure it's mine!

Today, my tongue-cleaner got missing. In the past, there was only one tongue-cleaner in the bathroom and it was supposedly mine, till one day I find whitish stuff on it (I always clean it properly) and I discovered someone has been using it all along. So I bought 2 new ones and place them together in a container with my mouth rinse and tooth moose. I didn't bend them because the other one that was already in the bathroom was already bent, and thus could differentiate.
Then one day, one went into my sis toothbrush holder, bent. I ignored it because I still had one. Today, the other one went into her toothbrush holder. She used the bathroom before me so I asked her about it and she only give contradicting statements like "I never use them at all", "I only use that one", "I only got one in my cup", "I didn't see the other one in my cup (and I assumed you brushed your teeth this morning?)", "How I know how the other one is there?" and "It's daddy and mummy who put it there."
If wearing someone else's underwear is not gross enough, using someone else's tongue cleaner is not? OMG! Help me!!! If it's not yours, and you know you have something extra there, speak up! Ask who it belongs to and don't just keep quiet. Just because someone placed it there, doesn't mean that person is not wrong. If you are not using it anyway, why should you "hold on" to it and leave it inside you cup?

Relate these scenarios to an office environment. There's an important document that somehow got misplaced on your table. This document is very important as it is related to a deal worth billions or even trilions. Since it doesn't belong to you as you are not the person-in-charge or you didn't draft it, you shove it under your pile of documents or place it at a corner of your table and ignore it?

Oh Lord, pls help! What am I to do? I'm doing everything I can already to make sure my things don't get missing. Must I move my shampoo, bathfoam, toothpaste, tooth moose, mouth rinse, toothbrush, tongue-cleaner, cleansers, shaver, etc to my room? And my underwear, instead of dripping dry in the bathroom, hang them up in my room to dry?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chips Have Changed

Potato chips. Yummy! While eating them just now, I recalled how I've loved certain brands and flavors, abandoning them for others and rarely looked at the "old favourites"...
From Jack'n Jill & Calbee when I was a kid, flavors like BBQ and Hot n Spicy...
To Pringles and Lay's when I was a teenager and in my early adult years, flavors like Sour Cream, BBQ, Cheese...
Switched to Red Rock Deli about 2 years back. Current favorites are Sweet Chili & Sour Cream and Honey Soy Chicken. When is Cold Storage, NTUC and Candy Empire bringing in new flavors like the Red Wine and Bacon!?!? I can't wait! Now, I rarely touch the other 4 brands I used to love as allegiance for now is towards Red Rock Deli.

Hmm, been tempted to try Kettle though... Heard its good.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Can't Help It!

I thought I could survive through today without blogging. I thought I had the perseverance to study all the way through without needing a long break like blogging. I thought I had the perseverance to just take short breaks like going to the toilet or refilling my caffeine dose. But, its all Glenn Ong and the Flying Dutchman's (FD) fault!

If I am awake anytime from 6am to 10am and not watching tv or any activity that uses the ears, I would tune into Class95's Morning Express. I love the banters that they throw up, anything from body parts, to sports, to "useless" information, pratically anything under the sun! They were reporting sports news and FD was talking about Man Utd's game with AC Milan tonight and was rattling off the names of Man Utd players who are injured. Glenn Ong said this and I really had to log in to blog. Glenn Ong said...

"But still, Man U's gonna win Milan 6-1"

Haha! How can I not blog this?!

Monday, April 23, 2007

They Are Just Like...

You know you are stressed, short of beauty sleep, tired, crappy, look like shit, UGLY, and a geek or a nerd spending too much time studying when you are just like me...

The me now, and my zits, the outbreak I'm having. They are just like one of the games you play in the arcade. The crocodile thingy where you have to hit a croc when it comes out, and when once you have hit it and before you can say "sayonara" or even a one-syllabe "bye", it emerges again.

I hate it when I look like crap.

Excuses & Loads Of BS!

My method of studying: copying out the important stuff from the textbook and combining them with notes taken during lessons and form my own set of notes. I know when I'm tired, concussed, bored, restless, and all the "whatevers" when the following happen...

1) I make all sorts of freaking excuses to "take a break", for eg: finishing up my drink real fast so I can make a trip to the kitchen and "take a break".
2) I no longer try to understand what I'm copying and just copy word for word.
3) I can copy wrongly and instead of "which took" I wrote "whick toow".
4) I look at my lappy, click around at stuff which I did just an hour ago, for eg: Starhub telescope online to check for programs when I'm not even watching tv and I already know the timings of the programs I want to watch.
5) I made an excuse to say I need a break though I was watching Amazing Race All Stars just now, and just sitting there, stoning and watching. One hour of tv, and yet I still say I need a break.
6) I RE-start (read: again & again) thinking what are the things I want to do to my blog to "revamp" it and I know already what I want to do!!!
7) I check who's online though I know I won't message them cos I want to study. I just want to pry my eyes and attention from the (as of now) 376 pages of text and 19 pages of lecture notes awaiting for my attention.
8) I yawn for the Nth time in 10 minutes.
9) I look longingly at my beloved bed.
10) I stare out of my window, look at the block opposite blankly and can't see shit.
11) I stare at my fingernails and cuticles and start thinking if I should take the file out though I just filed them 3 days back.
12) I look and stare at my schedule and working roster, though I know when I'm working, know that I'm behind time and know how many days I have left to exam.
13) I sing to the songs broadcasting on my lappy, pen not moving.
14) Last but not least, when I blog.

Damn! I need to concentrate!!! I'm sooooooo behind time, so 10 more pages (cos that's the end of the chapter) before bed time! I think I'm so gonna hate political science...


When you see me post, it shows that I'm bored of studying and I give up, and I need a break. Maybe like what Dear said, burned out...

After reading Jo's blog, "A Journey of Faith" (added a link under "Connect To") that day, I've "embarked" on something these few days. It was something I wanted to do all along, but I was lazy and since I need a break from the books, I decided to do it, since it wouldn't take that long after all (but I end up averaging 2-3 hours doing so... hurhur...). This mission of mine is also kinda sparked off and ignited due to the constant "I'm going over to whatever-the-place-is for a-period-of-time to work" I'm hearing.
2 of my closer guy friends are in US, one most probably not coming back, the other for work.
Another guy friend is in UK for sooooo long already, I think he most probably won't be coming back.
Jan don't know there for how long.
Prior to these examples were friends going away for shorter periods of time, but nevertheless, I'm still worried. The world we live in is not as safe as we would think it is, due to the complicated matters of nuclear power, weapons of mass destruction, war on terrorism, terrorist attacks, crazy shootings, "this island belong to me", "I'm and independent state", "democracy is better than communism", "let's attack !@# for oil", bombings, global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, and all kinds of whatever-I-hope-it-would-not-happens. (Pardon me if I sound "political". I am doing a political science module, 2nd one in a row. Think I'll go crazy soon...)

So, my mission was to find and search for friends I've lost contact with since 3 years ago when I lost my handphone - together with (sob sob) a 21st birthday present, a handphone ornament that was on the phone, from my jie-meis. Anyway, the first thing I did was Friendster, because I gathered that was the only way I could do it by typing their names in and search. I can't remember handphones numbers since the existence of phonebooks in the handphone; where you just type in a number, store and scroll to the name when you need it. I definately cannot remember email addresses because of the existence of address books. Even I had super duper memory, people do change numbers and email addresses, so Friendster was definately the best choice.

The main reason most probably I'm searching for these "lost" friends is because standing just a few steps away from death is scary and it made me realize the power of friendship and it's something I can't do without. Friends and family are the people I cherish most, and thus wanting to get back in contact with these people after losing my handphone was "pushed" due to being sick and friends leaving this country.
My only fear now, these friends can't remember who I am...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Simply Delightful!

Thank you Newcastle. Thank you for holding Chelsea to a 0-0 draw. Thank you!

30 Months

Dear was commenting just now that he's afraid that I might get burned out from pushing myself so hard now. I wish I have a few of the super powers in Heroes so I don't have to study so hard now. I wish I have the super memory like waitress Charlie, and Hiro's ability to stop time, so I can complete more stuff in a shorter time. Unfortunately, I'm not the chosen few whose DNA that scientists want to experiment with, thus my memory sucks big time and I can't stop time. Thank God its a "open-notes" exam, so I refer to my notes during the exam.

Time flies and Jan has been there for a week.
Time flies and I haven't been able to meet up with some friends, especially my EM colleagues for a long long time. The last time I met them was last year.
Time flies and I only have 2 weeks to really study as I have to go back to work.

Time flies. 30 months together, me and Dear. Long? Not very. Short? Not either. But during these 30 months, we've been through a lot, and I guess, a lot more than other couples dating out there for 30 months. We've been through highs and lows, happiness and sadness, hopes and disappointments, worries and fustrations, and of course most importantly, standing together in the face of death.
Though a third of the time, I was completely lost, weak, having crazy fevers and in pain and can't remember a shit what happened, except knowing I was travelling to and from the hopital, being pricked by needles and sleeping my life away. Dear was there throughout the entire time, giving me loads of love, care and concern, giving in to all my nonsense, whines, over-the-top requests, and all this while, I only knew how to flare up and scream at everyone around me; short-tempered due to the pains and fevers overcoming me.

But I'm glad, glad that God made us went through all this shit.
Glad that God never left our sides, giving us strength and support.
Glad that God made me realize how much this man is for me, how much I love him and how much I can't do without him.
Glad that God brought us closer and stronger together.
Glad that God opened my eyes, ears and mind to see things very differently now.
Glad that God gave me a new life, a new me, a fresh me so I can start living all over again.
Glad that God made me realize the important beloved friends and family who are dear to me and whom I love in my life.
Thank You Lord ! Amen!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Slacking My Time Away

I was slacking, really slacking and I know it when I type "blogger singapore nose cancer" on Google search to see what pops up. And I chance upon this blog "A Journey of Faith". Reading it brought memories flooding into me. I can't help it because there are similarities between me and Jo. We were diagonsed with Stage 2 nose cancer and later the cancer spread to our liver. We are both Christians and draw strength from God during the battle.

While someone can legally buy a gun and go round shooting and killing 33 of his fellow schoolmates and later kill himself; it just translates to "no regard for life". Meanwhile, so many out there, like Jo, are fighting illness to survive. I'm still battling, though Dr Hwang says "NED, no evidence of disease", I'm battling not to have any relapse. Meanwhile, some have fought bravely and lost the battle like my dear Aunt Mona. I just don't understand why some others can give up lives so readily and easily?!

Jo and Alex, my prayers go out to you and everyone around you as you fight on. It's tiring, I know. Mentally and physically draining, I know. All kinds of irritating side effects, I know. But hang in there. This battle is not just your's, Jo, but it belongs to everyone who are giving you support too. When you emerge victoriously, which I know you will, you have ultimately won this for your friends and family too!

My prayers also go out to the victims' family of the mindless massacre. Stay strong...

Childhood Silly Memories Part 3

I haven't been doing this childhood memories thingy for a very long time...

Date: Pre-primary & primary school days
Time: Hmm, anytime?
Venue: At home
Activity: Playtime!
Silly Me: Besides keeping you warm, blankets have many other uses, as I discovered while playing with them when I was younger.
1) I'm a big vainpot. From young, I always wanted to have long hair. So I would take a blanket, place it over my head and secure it using clothes pegs, ah-mah clips, hairbands, rubber bands, etc and pretended I had long silky tresses. Being so intrigued by those Chinese period dramas and those hairstyles they had, I would pretend those ugly clothes peg were my jewel-decorated jade hair ornaments.
2) Again being influenced by those period dramas, I would drape the blanket over my shoulders and pretended to be a princess. With the blanket dragging on the floor, I would walk around in my "robe" pretending to look pretty. I would never forget how many times I had to tug at it so it would hang and drape nicely on my small frame. After taking a few steps, it's tugging time again. But after a while, I would be perspiring, and I would get throw the blanket away and played something else. However, after a while, it would be back to the "pretending to be princess" game with the blanket, fully knowing so well, it's gonna be damn hot!
3) Me, the big vainpot, pretending to be Miss Universe or Miss World or something like that. Draping the blanket, as a "robe" over myelf as I got crowned.
4) Period drama time again. You know those flowing curtains and silkscreens? In my days, made of blankets.
5) Think I've used blankets as tablecloths during pretend times too. If during dining times, I would have gotten killed by my mum.
6) I would play "pretend sick and dying in hospital". With the blanket right up to my neck and one hand sticking out for the "drip", silly me would be perspiring again after a short while.

Its just funny now recalling how blankets can do so much when I was younger. Now, blankets only keep me warm.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Busy & Tiring Friday

On Thursday nite, I hardly slept at all. I was waiting for Jan's flight details to be confirmed and then, Dear came over. I chose not to sleep, because I was afraid I would not wake up in time to see her off at the airport. 1055 flight meant reaching at airport around 0830 meant leaving the house by 0745 meant waking up at 0615. After everything was confirmed it was close to 1am already, so Dear and I went for supper at Al-ameen, so we could stay up! But I gave in close to 5am and took a power nap, while Dear played DOTA on the computer in the living room.

Went to airport to see Jan off. When she started crying, I held back. I tahannnnnn, really toooonnnngggg all the way till she went in, saw her mum cry while her nephew asked where "姑姑 (aunt) is going", till her mum ask me where I "going now", till deciding where to eat with Dear, till Dear went to toilet. When Dear was in the toilet, I could no longer hold back the tears. When Dear came out of the toilet, he saw my wet eyes and kept saying, "want to cry, cry lah." But I want to cry because I'm happy for her for the fact that she's fulfilling her longest dream, not because I'm sad to see her leave Singapore and be based in a foreign land for like don't know how long and because I won't get to see her for like don't know how long.

Went to town, ate brunch, went to buy stuff, by the time I reached home was almost 3pm already. Unpacked the stuff I bought and put them properly, washed up, etc, it was almost 5pm already. Meeting friends at 8pm meant leaving at 7.15pm, meant preparing at 6pm. So, 1 hour nap? I decided not to sleep and study. Less than half an hour, I gave in. I need the nap. I slept, alarm rang and rang, only woke up at 6.45pm. Ended up reaching at 9pm by cab but the rest were later... Hehe...

Went to MOX, a non-smoking bar and drank very very little. I swear! It was definately less than a quarter of the cup, less than 3 mouthfuls. It was a Screwdriver, only with Absolut Peach, rather than Absolut Vodka. It tasted better than any other Screwdrivers I've tasted, don't know it was because Absolut Peach really goes with orange juice better than normal Vodkas, or the orange juice was fantastic (we could not taste the Vodka). After that we played pool for a little while and then went for supper at Lau Pat Sat. While waiting for a cab home, I sms-ed Jan, hoped she could receive it. By the time I reached home, it was close to 5am, so I only managed to sleep around 6am. Woke up just now at noon, but went back to sleep again, waking up at 3pm instead.

Check to see if Jan sms-ed back but no reply for her. Don't know how she is now till I read her bf's blog and logged into friendster to know that she has arrived safely.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gal, Take Care!

Throughout my 3 years in Poly, the happiest and most enjoyable times must definately be the days when I keep late nights or even stay overnight in school dealing with my projects or when the editing machines don't hang on me. But nothing beats the days and times with my softball team: the birthdays sabo, mudfight, trainings, camps, dinners, pool sessions, etc. The closest kakis I have from my Poly days, are from my softball team, without any doubt.

One of them will be leaving for Dubai in a few hours' time. As of now, she still yet to receive any flight details except knowing that she will be on a Cathay Pacific flight tomorrow and transiting in Hong Kong. If they gonna call later and say she's on the 0800 flight tomorrow, I'll be damn pissed! Where got time to sleep and double-check if everything's packed in?!

Anyway, I'm damn sad to see her go, she'll be based there for minimally half a year! But the sad and selfish side has to go away because being a cabin crew has been her dream for the longest time, so I should be happy for her instead because she's fulfilling her dreams. But, she won't be in Singapore for minimally six months, and its a blardi long time! I was still kinda hoping that if she flies to Singapore and stop over for a few days, we can still meet up, but the airline she's joining does not fly to Singapore!!!

We call each other "gal", something which we once asked each other, "when we started calling each other gal ah?" Now I won't be hearing that voice calling me "gal" for quite some time...

Gal, must take care k? Try to come online as much as possible and once you get your line there, inform all of us k? Must stay in contact hor! Update your blog, friendster, etc to keep us updated on what's happening. I will miss you deep deep one, especially your suan-ing. Hehe... If you need us to send anything over to you, let us know... I know I very naggy, but call back to your family often k?

I'm very scared I'll cry buckets at the airport tomorrow, must remember to bring tissue... Just typing this entry is making me cry already... Ahhhh, I just can't bear the thought of her not being around!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Amazing Amazing Race

Uchenna & Joyce came in last in this week's episode in Amazing Race: All Stars and were eliminated. Why this episode was amazing was due to certain reasons...
1) I actually got up early at 8am to watch the simulcast from the US.
2) Coming in first last week, they took very very risky decision and kind of stupid too, and thus ended up in last place.
3) When you depart from the pit start, in cases of travelling to another country, the clue will tell you which airport to land in that country and which mode of transport (walk, taxi, drive, public transport, etc) you should take to your "first" destination upon arriving that country. From there you will retrieve your next clue which either informs you to go to another destination, or perform a roadblock or detour. It was the first time I saw a clue that said: "Take a taxi to the next pit stop..."

Uchenna and Joyce were almost the first to get tickets to fly out, but they took a very risky route, choosing one that only allowed an hour of connection time for transit. For most international flights, you need at least 45 minutes and any delays will cause you to miss the flight. They had gotten a concierge to help them book tickets and could have asked him to find alternate routes, or do it themselves, before comfirming on this risky route. Always consider all options before deciding...
While waiting to check in, they were talking to three other teams, Ozzy and Danny, Dani and Eric, and the Beauty Queens, who were on a "safer" route but would arrive slightly later. Mirna and Charla managed to research their way through the internet for a much earlier flight. All the three teams cautioned them that it was too risky, and I was wondering if rules would allow them to change flights after getting tickets, which I think they should be able to, because Dani and Eric did it once.
If I were them, I would reconsider and tried to change for the flight they were taking because there are three other teams with you as an "insurance." Uchenna and Joyce are aggressive racers, but I never thought they would take such a kind of risk, knowing that there are three other teams on the same flight. Reaching early in the next destination does gives you lead time to do the tasks, but if there are three teams together with you, it just boils down to who completes the tasks faster. In the end, their first flight touched down ten minutes late and thus they missed the connecting flight.
By the time they touched down, all four other teams had already completed the tasks and were checked in. Hence, that was the reason why the clue read: "Take a taxi to the next pit stop..." when they arrived at Batu Caves, the "first" destination upon arriving in Malaysia.

I was kinda of sad, but now am ok. Maybe I would feel sadder if they had lost because they finished the tasks last. Now, I hoping either the Beauty Queens or Ozzy and Danny will get the million bucks. I just can't stand Charla and Mirna and Eric's too bitchy for my liking. I kind of thinks he bullies Dani too! She always ends up doing the tough roadblocks and Eric gets all the less physically challenged ones, I really pity Dani as being his girlfriend... Poor girl...
The Beauty Queens are really seemingly nice (not as bitchy as Eric), though they yielded Dani and Eric in this week's episode. They soak up the pressure, are polite to the locals (not like Mirna who always shouts at people) and not extremely cunning (the opposite of Rob and Amber). Nice people will have their rewards and I hope they will be rewarded with that one million bucks!
My reason of backing Ozzy and Danny, I think they are damn funny.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fuming Mad!!!

If having a big hole in central defense is bad enough and a disaster, what is an own goal? Mr Rio Ferdinand handed Portsmouth the 3 points and even John O'Shea's moment of brilliance could not help Man Utd get back a point at least. Ferdinand was handed the captain's armband today and a captain should always inspire his team to win, not score own goals!

If you want to tap the ball back to the goalkeeper, tap it back properly and of course, in the right direction! Ferdinand was great, maybe about 4-5 years back. Now, his laspes of concentration and slipping into daze is getting more apparent and Sir Alex Ferguson should really consider getting a few more defenders. Not only to take over Ferdinand asap, but also to "get rid of" Wes Brown and to cover Gary Neville who is going to retire in a few years time. Of course we have the ever trustworthy and loyal Heinze, Vidic, Evra and O'Shea who can simply take charge of defense, but who is going to take their place should they be injured?

Now, I simply just miss Ronny Johnsen's, Gary Pallister's, Steve Bruce's and Jaap Stam's presence in central defense... When Ferdinand first came to Man Utd, I once thought he would go down into my memory as a central defender worthy of my respect like Johnsen, Pallister, Bruce and Stam; now, I know he would not...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Phonics & Spellings

How you pronounce a word is very important because it affects how you spell it.
I pronounce "territory" as terror-tree. So whenever I write out territory, I would spell it as "terrority". But when I type it, it would be "territry" and then find the "o" missing and correct it as "territory".
So from now on, I must pronounce it as "terry-tori", then no more spelling mistakes!

Friday, April 06, 2007

F1, MLB & Other Yak Yak

F1 coming to Singapore? I'm for it! Thinking of it, is just so exciting! But it's still in the "talking" stages...

MLB season has started, but I have not watched any games yet. Must remember to watch ah!!! But there's another catch... Can I wake up so early? Hehe...

My ears are driving me nuts, especially my left ear. They keep having this "on the aeroplane feeling", the kinda "bubble in the ear" feeling. Sometimes, it's so bad, when customers speak a slightly softer, I can't hear a thing. Maybe I like Phua Chu Kang, need someone to blow a whistle into my ear to "clear" it.
But what I really is a doctor to check it. When I wake up, its ok, but as I get through the day, it gets worse and worse.
People tell me to drink water, swallow salivia, hold my nose and close my mouth and breath out forcefully, bend down, etc. In the beginning, one of these methods used at any one time will keep me ok for at least a week. Now during a day, I can be using any of these methods several times.
Maybe when I wake up tomorrow and bath, I should just spray water into my ear.

I'm kinda slow in doing my notes this time. Maybe no sense of urgency because exam's in 12th May. But I have no time. I have to constantly remind myself that I have not done the essay proper yet, which might be actually good news. Taiwan just came up with some draft constitution a few days earlier and China's still "responding" to it. Luckily, I have not spend much time on my essay yet, if not, I would have wasted it totally!

Saying that, I spend much time blogging today. Gotta gambatte, do some notes before sleeping because tomorrow gotta work.

Soccer Stuff

The reason given for Lampard's absence from the Andorra match was because he had a "hairline fracture" in his hand/ wrist/ arm and though the medics had cleared him to play, McClaren chose the "safer" option to keep him out of the action instead.
My opinion: drop say drop lah... Most non-Chelsea fans know already for the fact that playing Gerrard and Lampard together will only hamper England's chance of winning because...
- Lampard can't defend for nuts and thus Gerrard has to "cover" Lampard's defensive duties.
- When Gerrard "covers" for Lampard, he does not has much chances to roam and attack like when he plays for Liverpool.
- When those chances are cut down, England's attacking options are also limited.
Then some may argue, "Lampard can attack what!" Did I hear attack? Hello, wake up your idea ok?! Gerrard can shoot straight and score, whereas Lampard NEEDS a deflection to score, no deflection, no goal.

The Man Utd vs. Roma game was what I call a disaster. Putting one dreamer by the name of Rio Ferdinand in central defense is bad enough. Putting another dreamer by the name of Wes Brown, Ferdinand's good friend, to partner him spells disaster! With Roma's constant attack, it was obvious that two dreamers together do not equal to a "Mcdreamy" situation. Heinze plays in central defense, just swop him and Brown around, the hole not that obvious, maybe we could have drawn the game with Rooney's goal and not lose 2-1.
If I could have Mrs Incredible's power and become Elastigirl, I would have stretch my hands all the way to Italy and slap the daylights out of those two dreamers to wake them up. And slap the legs of Brown's for helping let in the first goal by trying to clear the ball which deflected it to the left and into the goal while Van der Sar had already covered the angle.
Ref spoilt the game by putting Man Utd down to 10 men half an hour into the game. That's wayyyyyyy to early! It was kinda obvious that Totti, such an experienced player, could have been play-acting and Scholes did not get any warning even before the first yellow was flashed in his face.
Carrick, as always, being Mr Invisible, added to the already big hole in the middle with the absence of Scholes.
The good part was, the subs were warming up, including Chris Eagles, and at least I managed to see him after such a llloooongggg time. But I guess, he didn't had a chance to get into action due to tactic change because of one man down.
The funny part was when these subs were warming up, Alan Smith wasn't concentrating; because when (I forgot who) a Man Utd player fell due to a challange, Smith rose his hands up, as if as he was in the playing field. Haha...
Anyway, I didn't finish the game. I was too angry with Brown and the sending off and went to sleep. Bleh!