Sunday, September 09, 2007

Childhood Silly Memories Part 4

Date: On a weekend during primary school.

Time: Afternoon

Venue: On SBS bus service/ route #7

Activity: Going to grandma's place at Geylang Lorong 40.

Silly Me:
I was on a old double-deck non-aircon bus, sitting nearest to the driver on a single seater with a Transitlink machine behind me and the exit in front of me. It might not be a Transitlink machine, but it was definately some kinda self-paying device.

I fell asleep somewhere along Holland Road, and woke up somewhere along Orchard when I heard someone say something like, "sit here. 2 kids can share one seat." As always being such a nice little sweet gal, I moved in a little to share the seat with the other kid. Then I fell asleep again...

As the bus was nearing the Geylang area, I woke up to an elderly lady coughing beside me. Remember those old tv serials where people pass the "cough of death" around? I thought when someone coughs around you and you develop cough later, you'll die from coughing. I didn't know there was such a thing called tuberculosis and vaccinations I had when I was even younger could actually immune me to a certain extent. Being paranoid, I ran to my maid who was sitting across the exit and held back tears, because I thought I would cough to death. I can only remember asking my maid why she didn't wake me up when there was someone coughing beside me and then told her I would die.

Finally reach grandma's place and I felt that my throat was kinda itchy. Back then, I only thought I would cough and drop dead, but thinking about it now, my mind really knows how to play games with me... I kept thinking about it and cried. My mum was kinda shocked and asked my maid what happened. My mum then came to me and said something like "orbi-good, sit alone, something bad happen then you know." That was not comforting at all and my crying didn't stop.

Finally a family member, I forgot who but definately not my mum or maid, came and explained to me the vaccinations that I had would immune me to these illnesses and that coughing to death does not happen as frequent as in those tv serials.

Talking about vaccines... Ladies, please be informed that there is vaccination avaliable in Singapore against cervical cancer. Please check with your doctors meanwhile, while I source for more information... ;-)

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KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

lol.... those were really the days huh... childhood is always the best! I miss my childhood days...LOL

anyway, Gardasil huh... developed by the caucasians for the caucasian population... might not be 100% effective for asian women. But better than nothing.