Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eww... Ewww... Freaking Ewwww...

During class break time, I'll usually go pee to release my contracted bladder. What I saw in the toilet today really irked, disgusted and pissed me. Why such a thing would happened?! I wanted to run back to the classroom and get my handphone to take a photo of it, but my blog's G-rated lah.

Girls, if you are afraid that your buttocks will get dirtied by the sitting toilet bowl, find a squatting one.
If you can't find a squatting one, find a cubicle that has loads of tissue for you to line the toilet bowl rim.
If you can't find a tissue-loaded cubicle, I really don't mind that you stand across the toilet bowl or squat on the rim. However, if you choose the latter, please have the civic mind(edness) to remove your shoes.
And by the way, please lift up the rim/lid/protective 2nd layer/whatever you call it so that you have no chance of dirtying it if people want to use it.
Last but not least, please freaking AIM. Yesh, AIM.
It is just like how we always tell the man/men in the house to lift up the rim if they wana stand and shoot their pee into the sitting toilet bowl and AIM.

Oh, in the scenario that the cubicle has tissue but you choose not to line the toilet bowl rim and still pee all over the rim, please CLEAN UP after your act.
If you think wiping your own buttocks after shitting is an ok thing to do, then wipe the toilet bowl rim too! If you think it is disgusting, either you AIM or you hold your pee till you get home. Isn't it more disgusting for the cleaner to clean YOUR pee for you?!

This is not the first time I've seen this pee-all-over-toilet-bowl scenario when I'm using toilets outside of my home. And usually I tend to contribute this to mums who would bring their little boys. Since these little boys have yet to master the art of aiming, it is not really totally these little boys' fault, although I tend to grumble about why the mothers don't clean it up.
But to see this where I do not see little boys existing in the place at all, it has to be one of the ladies right?
Honestly, no one would be so out of his/her/its mind to pour chrysenthamum tea over the toilet bowl right?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

All In Randomity

Warning/ Disclaimer: If you can't tahan a woman whining and ranting away, I suggest you stay off this post.

It's been raining and raining and raining. Maybe it is fate. Whenever I have to leave the house, Rajah will be at the void deck/lift lobby area greeting me. Rajah is the dog (who I talked about in this entry) who fortunately did not get poisoned to death. It would look at me and I would look at it. Then, shyly, this big fella would drop its head and walk away to avoid me. Is it scared of humans after what had happened to its friends? I don't know. But it looked damn pitiful.
On the way to meet Dear on Tuesday night, Rajah was there again. When it saw me, it quickly ran away as I approached it. When I met Dear and whined and complained to him. I suggested buying bread to feed Rajah. Dear said since he needs food at home too, he bought the bread and we went back to my void deck to look for Rajah. But it was nowhere to be found. We walked around the void deck and even to the basement. We found chicken rice, some dried pet food and a container of water. For the stray cats or Rajah, I'm not too sure. All I know was that the food looked untouched.
And definately I know poor Rajah is out there in the rain, feeling cold... If only I have my own house... Even Dear says Rajah looks damn cute! Hehe...

I can't believe it! Pizza boy is out while cannot-make-it-amazing-grace gal is still in American Idol! Although I can't stand David Hernandez too, I was hoping that between the bottom 3 for this week, Kristy would be voted off the show! But no, there was further proof that voters are simply deaf when the worst singer for this week is still in the show! ARGH! Simply infuriating!
And also, Syesha Mercado was in bottom 3! Sometimes I feel that American Idol is becoming a popularity competition rather than a talent competition. Not that I hate David Archuleta, but based on performance and since he forgot his lyrics, he should be there in the bottom 3.
I'm starting to wonder when I reach US, I'll be able to call and vote... Hmm...

When you work in a team, there are bound to be conflicts arising here and then. Without proper guidelines, we have to learn from things happening currently and build guidelines from it. Which organization does not have red tape, you tell me. We may not be a trillion/billion/million-dollar organization, but still proper channels have to be done up. This is part and parcel of life and when you go out to the working world, there are more red tapes, trust me. I just hope things will sail more smoothly...

I'm so so damn excited for the US trip. Going for the visa interview next Thursday and preparing all documentation needed now. Also have to prepare the list of things to bring, to buy, to prepare, etc...
Reminds me of one song from American Tail: "There are no cats in America, the streets are full of chhheeeeseeee".

I have requests from people whom I think I do not know asking to add me on Friendster and Facebook. Think it is time to send them a message to id themselves. Sorry if I sound rude, but I only wana add my own friends.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Americans Blind, Deaf, Stupid Or What?!

I can't help it. I need to vent my anger, sadness and disappointment. But I do agree firstly that some Americans are not like the above statement, people like my lecturers, my friends and their relatives who are Americans. I do agree that some of them do make some wise choices but then again, I'm just bewildered at the choices some others make.

Sigh... What is happening to American Idol voters in America?!?! I agree we love and support certain contestants because there's something we like about them BUT there are times I simply cannot understand "America's decision" (as per Ryan Seacrest)! I don't freaking understand why the fuck Asia'h is out while the "Amazing Grace" girl, Kristy is still in the competition!!!

Well, maybe we need a little diversity in the competition, thus, a slighty mainstream pop girl is out in place of a country girl. However, we have a country-ish Brooke already and she's so so much many times better than Kristy.
Ok, maybe we need a blonde who can sing. Brooke's blonde too what!
Well, maybe we need the babe factor. We need a chio bu in the competition to attract viewers. Hello, are you guys blind to the tiny powerhouse Ramiele?!

So, America, why did you choose Kristy in place of Asia'h?! It's so so not fair... Orh, I know lah, because Kristy's older right and need to give her a chance before she gets over-aged for the competition right? Grr...