Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One More Down

Al last, exam over and done with... Not another one in sight till at least about two months later! But today's paper is a KILLER! freak man... write so much till my hand tired! It was almost like doing my geography paper during O's.

After the paper, I met Dear for lunch and then we went home... He played DOTA on the comp while I watched 一公升眼泪 (1 litre of tears)。Its just the 1st 6 episodes, but i thk i already cried more than a litre of tears already... Its based on a true story of a Japanese girl who suffers from a muscular disease, the same one that scientist Hawkings is also suffering from.

I thought having cancer was bad enough. The pains from the growing tumours, the dropping hair due to chemo, the tiredness, etc... But this is worse. You just rot and wait for death literally. There are cures for cancer, but there's no cure for this disease. For cancer, when you are already dying and bedridden, you just die in a matter of months. In this disease's case, you may be bedridden and can't swallow your food, but you can't die yet. You would just lie there and pass time, more like a living dead. Its damn terrible.

Cancer cures are so successful nowadays, how about researching into this disease instead. Compared to this girl, what I went through is really nothing...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brakes Switched On

For the entire week, i've been alienated from the online world. No blogging, no checking of mails, no this no that. I was working, rushing out the cross-stitch in time for Dear for our anniversary, sleeping and eating... For the entire week now, I'll be studying... And next week back to work and than, last few days of studying before exam on the 30th.

To celebrate our anniversary, Dear brought me to Coca at Ngee Ann City for lunch. Believe it or not, it as my first time eating Coca in my 25 years of life. Its just normal steamboat while the chilli sauce made the whole difference. My favourite item in the steamboat was the fish slices. What even made it even more worth it was getting a student price, so we didn't paid for 2 adults. Although the savings was just a mere $5, the $5 bought us gelato for dessert! This is really what I would say, making full use of the dollars...

Anyway, i really have no momentum to study. I'm getting a tad complacent about my perfect score, so it seems like slacking a bit does not matter at all. However, i know that if i did not give my all, I would not be able to score and thus end up dropping points for my GPA. And once my GPA drops, I would just "hack it" and lose momentum all the way. What should i do? Sigh... I just feel like relaxing n doing nothing at all for the next few days, but the gan cheong part of me tells me that I'm running outta time. Damn!

Maybe its time to switch off my brakes... Oh, covering 2 and a half chapters today just made me more complacent and slack and braindead and tired... It makes me think I can spare time out to relax. Argh! I need the "cheong ah" n "ganbatte" spirit!!! Knowing I don't have enough time, I can't relax!!!

God, grant me the energy, pls...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous Drivers

Be careful of these drivers...

Red Honda Fit. SFP83--K. After the 黄瓜不够 dinner, we were driving to my granny's place to pick up some stuff. We were at Eunos Link, turning towards Bedok Reservior at around 6.40pm. There was a yellow box in front of us. As the traffic light change, we were about to move off when the driver of the above mentioned car plate dangerously cut into the yellow box without even checking if we are moving off. Luckily my dad braked in time. But it was a traffic congested situation, the car behind us could have hit us!

Blue-greyish Mitsubishi van. GY63--R. After the Honda incident, at around 6.50pm along Bedok Reservior, this driver of the above mentioned van, cut into our path first without checking if there was space then switch on his signal light. he pratically squeezed into the lane. There was barely space between the car in front of the van, and between the van and us. Becos of the stupid van, there was almost a 4-vehical collision. The 3 of us, n with my dad slamming hard on the brake, the car at the back douls have been involved too.

Take these drivers off the road!!!

Cucumber No Enough

Well, my pleasant happy afternoon was spoiled by someone who told me 黄瓜不够 (cucumber no enough).

What happened was that my dad bought mum, me and Dear to Tanjong Katong to try the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak. It wasn't that freaking cheap afterall. I ordered ikan kerring, 1 chicken wing, sayur lodeh and stir-fried french beans. It came up to $4.80. I was thinking, k lah, famous maybe that's why they can jack up the price a little, never mind... The infurating, blood boiling moment was when the auntie place a slice, ONE slice of cucumber on my plate and placed the cucumber basket next to the 'self-service' chilli. So I helped myself by taking 2 more slices. All nasi lemak stalls let you help yourself to extra slices of cucumber. She told me that magical 4 words, 黄瓜不够.

I was complaining and sulking the entire dinner. I was thinking if that uncle sitting there could have 1/4 of his plate filled with cucumber, what is 2 pieces. It was worse when I saw 4 customers who later sat at tables around us with TWO slices of cucumber on each of their plates. The chicken wing was nice, but the 4 magical words were still echoing in my head. the 4 of us cracked jokes about bringing our own cucumbers, collecting the uneaten pieces of cucumbers back to give to the auntie or going to buy cucumbers for the auntie.

When we finished our dinner, the 4 customers who shared EIGHT slices of cucumbers only ate 2 slices in total. SIX slices WASTED. never mind, another table i saw on the way out, had TWO slices on 2 plates left. a total of EIGHT slices wasted.

If you freaking hellish know that your 黄瓜不够, ration it in the first place. As a nasi lemak stall, how can you say 黄瓜不够?!?!?! Ask every customer if they would want cucumbers. If they don't eat it, they would say no. Or you could leave it there, beside your chilli and let customer take. if they want, they would take, if they don't want it, they won't even bother putting it on their plate. Charging so expensive for your nasi lemak, what is TWO extra slices of cucumber!!! And also knowing your business is good and the cucumbers will definately be not enough for the entire night, go out and buy lah! duh...

If any of you wana try the nasi lemak next time, remember to bring your own cucumbers. cos for them, its not 钱不够(money no enough), its 黄瓜不够(cucumber no enough). Maybe money too enough already, that's why cucumber no enough. Wait till they money no enough, then they will tell you cucumber always enough. Stupid service attitude, to think you're a nasi lemak stall without cucumbers... seesh...


The preparation for the PET scan yesterday was horrible. I had to take laxatives on Tuesday and ended up waking up thrice in the middle of the night to spend half an hour on each trip to the toilet with a tummyache. But, that not all. At the clinic, I had to drink 2 cups of contrast, somehting like a barium solution. Yucks! But the suffering and ordeal was worth it. At about 3pm, after collecting the results and seeing Dr Hwang, I was offically declared NED (No Evidence of Disease).

She still might wana put me on the drugs that would inhibit the epidermal growth factors of the cancer cells. However, she needs to discuss with my parents first. So this Saturday morning, we're gonna see her again.

So all my gastric pains are just plain gastric pains. The swelling on my neck is just stiff muscles n scarring due to radiotherapy. Phew...

From 2 months away from death to alive n kicking to NED. Thank God! Now I can really start counting the days of my remission period. Papa in heaven is the bestest! Amen!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Stiff Muscles

The above is what Dr Khor said when he examined my neck and the swelling there. He said I had very tight muscles as a result of IMRT radiotherapy. Not that worried, but still worried. Told him about the PET scan on Wednesday and he "assured" me that if there's anything, the PET scan would pick it up.

If all is true, all i need is a real damn freaking good pillow... :P

Working Is Fun!

Why do I say so?

1) The section I'm working in is on the same level as the movies section, thus, when there are new releases, we get to watch them!

2) You get to meet stupid people and you can lol at the stupid things they say. for example:
Customer (Holding the latest/ newest release by XX artiste): Do you have a newer one?
Me (On a slight intent of making fun of him): What do you mean by newer one? The album you are holding is the newest one for XX artiste already.
Customer: I mean another newer one.
Me: Another newer one?
Customer: Another piece of this.
Me: All our stocks are already displayed out. (Which is true)
The thing I'm getting at is, at a CD shop, you don't ask for a newer piece while holding the latest release cos the idea is that you'll be asking for the latest one. When shopping for clothes, you can definately ask for a new piece, which means untried n 'unopened'. At a CD shop, you should just ask if we have another piece in stock. All customers who approach any sales staff in a CD shop posing the question of a newer one, are 99.999999999% of the time asking for the latest release of that particular artiste cos they don't see it on the racks. Honestly, this is the one and only customer who did this to me in my whole retailing life... And he did it to me, yesterday...

3) You get to spew technical jargons and terms and 'chim-ilogies' at customers n look at their 'wow', impressed, confused, 'why-so-technical?' looks on their faces when they ask questions like...
"What do you mean by MV?"
"What is the difference between a DVD and a VCD?"
"What do you mean by region coding?"
"Why cannot order?" (eh, well, you can, provided you are willing to pay us extra moolah to send the DVD to the Board of Film Censors n willing to wait up till a year or so for the BFC to approve your obscure-Japanese-artiste-DVD)
"Why is (certain title) not released/ not found/ banned?" (sometimes I really feel like telling them to ask the BFC instead. Yes yes, no "Sex and the City", no "Sopranos", no "Birdcage", no "Football Hooligans", etc...)
After they ask the above question, usually this would follow...
"So you mean I can't get it anywhere in Singapore?" (When we tell them, they can risk ordering it online, they give us a shocked look like they have never heard of online shopping or internet before...)

"Bring It On" lastest installment, "All or Nothing" is a good chill out movie...

Penny Dai Pei Ni's (戴佩妮) new album is very relaxing. Most of the songs are "very her", with the exception of a few tracks.

Vivian Xu Ruo Xuan's (徐若瑄) new album a bit CMI (cannot make it). Boring, bad vocals, eeks... To me, its a bit painful to the ear...

Coco Lee's (李王文) new album not too bad. Some tracks are nice, some CMI. The hip hop ones are the nicer ones...