Sunday, June 29, 2008

China Travel Scam Or Not?

I received this a few days ago as a comment posted on one of my entries. The reason I'm not approving this comment is because there is no "credible" source to it. Anyone else got this? How true is it? (Click for a bigger pic)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Thing About My Boyfriend IS...

Sometimes I really feel like knocking him hard on the head for his irritating-ness. I guess most of you already know who he is...
Anyway, here are some conversations that took place in the past week...

1) We were talking about why some kinda girls only appeal to some kinda guys...
Dear: Guys like that girlfriends to be presentable, so can bring out mah. Like trophy like that.
Me: So I am trophy lah.
Dear: Something like that lah.
Me(Starting to get irritated already): Than I what kinda of looks, what kinda trophy?
Dear: Erm, that kinda girl-next-door look lor.
Me: I don't look like your neighbour mah.
Dear: But the look is different one.
Then he took one of my friends and say that her look is the "upper-class girl-next door" look and that she has a different kinda look compared to my "girl-next-door" look.
Me: But I still don't get it leh.
Dear: Got the village girl, 土乡, look.
Me: So it's the country girl look lah?
Dear: Something like that, very hard to describe lah.
...Say I look toot say so lah...

2) I slept over at his place the other day. We met up at slightly past midnight, on the morning of 24th.
Dear: Happy Birthday!
I was so damn happy lah, because this guy sometimes damn goondu one. BUT when we went for lunch the next day...
Dear: Today what date ah?
Me: You asking me? How can you forget my birthday?
Dear:i know today your birthday and it's on 24th, but just cannot connect.
...Somehow, Dear's brain is wired differently from us, the normal human beings...

3) I finished my paper and we were having lunch just now. He was telling me about his friends getting married and they got together around the same time as us.
Me: Wah, they so fast get married ah?
Dear: Ok lah, we together 3 years coming October right?
I stared at him.
Dear: Not 3 meh? 3 or 4? dot dot...

4) Today I felt we had kinda good telepathy. Over lunch just now, we were talking about the kopitiam stored-value card and the discounts for each different kinda card. He said something while I was having food in my mouth. So I twisted my index finger and middle back and forth.
Dear: Yah lah, reverse one.
Me: Wah, you know what I mean ah?
Dear: Yah lah, I clever one.
Me: Your 10-years-series throw away liao ah? In this case should say, of course, I understand you mah.
Dear: 把到了(Get already), 10-years-series still keep for what?
...Pure irritating-ness...

Friday, June 27, 2008

THE Experience In Vegas!

Kinda sad that we are leaving soon, and it is also a very slack morning/ afternoon for us, while the real fun kicks in at night!

And so, we got up real late, ate the remaining donuts for brunch and while my parents and sis went to Ross to buy another luggage, I stayed in the hotel to book day tour tickets for our next leg of the trip. We bought another luggage because it's cheaper to pay for additional piece of baggage than have an overweight baggage and we did toooooooooooo much shopping that even though there is space in our luaggage, the weight limitations means we have to get another luggage.

So, maybe you thought last day no shopping. You thought wrongly lor. We spent the afternoon at Fashion Show Mall before moving to Fremont Street for the Fremont Street Experience.The first show will start roughly about 8.30pm or when the sun fully sets, goes on for about 15 minutes, returns again at 9pm and at hourly intervals and the last show of the night will be at midnight.
We got to and from Fremont Street by riding on The Deuce again and from the top deck of the bus, looking down on the lights of the Strip, BEAUTIFUL lor!!! Again, no photo evidence because lost in transmission, argh!

Back to the hotel, we packed and packed. Trying to make sure each luggage will not exceed 50 pounds. But before I pack, of course must take photo first lah...- Right at the top, 2 Aeropostale shorts and a black underwear.
- Footwear (on the right, from top to bottom): black Anne Klein wedges, black Marc Jacobs flip flops, 2 Timberland flip flops, brown and black, DKNY casual wear and white BCBG wedges
- 3 Calvin Klein bottoms on the left.
- In the middle (from top to bottom): baby blue CK top, grey BCBG top, grey DKNYJeans top, Banana Republic spaghetti strap, black AX top, no brand dress from Ross, DVD on Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton (its very special to me because my favourite designer is a Creative Director for my favourite brand), Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume and (ultimate splurge) Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee in Black from 2008 spring collection.

San Francisco adventures coming right up!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

On The 4th Day In Las Vegas

After 2 whole days of shopping madness, its time to relax... Although I do seriously think I can go on physically, so guess where we went...

Final day in Vegas coming right up!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Krispy Kreme Was Disappointing...

As I was saying, I was looking forward to Vegas because of the shopping. And guess where we went the next day...But when my mum saw this, I kena niam, "We have in the fridge right? How come you buy again? One whole box in the fridge haven't finish and you buy again..."
Besides staying in a good location justifying the lok kok kok-ness of the place, there is another point to justify the lok kok kok ness... On the ground floor of the hotel, there is Krispy Kreme. And so, on the very first night, we had already bought a dozen (argh, photo lost in transmission) and had tried them for breakfast the morning before going to Outlet Center.
Verdict: KK TOO DAMN FREAKING SWEET lor... The dough had the donut "oomph" and since KK is the "bread-y" kinda of donut, seriously, it is not soft enough. When I took the dough with icing/filling together, I can't taste the dough anymore and I felt like rubbing bittergourd all over my mouth to neutralise the sweetness that was making me cringe. Before I went on the US trip, I had tried J Co a couple of times since it's in Singapore already, and J Co scores landslide win over KK lor. J Co, also the "bread-y" type, after refridgerating, is still SO DAMN FREAKING BLARDI SOFT! The dough has the "oomph", the icing/filling does not overpower the dough and it not too sweet too. Honestly, once you tried J Co, you can forget about KK liao. KK really let me down.
As a DD fan, to be fair, the "bread-y" ones (glazed, jelly, etc) win "ommph" over KK and J Co, but in terms of softness, it loses to J Co since it is very close to KK. But the "cake-y" ones, DD is KING! "Oomph" to the max, soft and melts in the mouth!!! Now, can someone airfreight me 50 chocolate munchkins?

Sorry ah, digress too far... So, anyway, we took The Deuce, a bus that travels up and down the Strip to the Outlet Center and back. You can never miss your stop unless you have fallen dead asleep or there is some technical fault, because the bus driver annouces the street name or the location of the stops or plays a traped recording.Seriously, Vegas is the only city that I see crowd (i.e LOTS of people) walking on the street at 10pm...

After 2 whole days of shopping, do you think we took a break? *Evil laughter...* Hehehehehe...

4th day of Vegas coming right up!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enough Is Enough

So what if the blog post has been reported on the papers? So what if the guy has come forward with his side of the story? To me, the whole matter has been blown out of proportion. I also seen several blogs paparazzi-ing the happenings. Is that at all necessary?

Yes, our blogs are not private and are public but we post what we want to post, even our darkest secrets. If you do not have constructive comments, then keep your hands off the keyboard. Who are you to scold and say or-bi-good? Who are you to make judgements or analysis of the case?

At times, our judgements may not be that good and people do make mistakes. If so, let the parties concerned solve the problem themselves. What has happened has happened, as outsiders, no point scolding or trying to pin-point blame also right? Enough is enough. Let them have their peace...

First Few Hours In Las Vegas = First NSFW Post On My Blog

On the cold morning of 23rd May, we took a bus from Anaheim to THE sin city, Las Vegas. I was actually very looking forward to the Vegas part of our itinerary mainly because of shopping! Seriously, you tell me lah, with an outlet mall each on both ends of the Strip, with Ross just opposite the hotel I'm staying in, and with 2 shopping malls about 15 to 20 minutes away, HOW to resist shopping you tell me?!

Upon reaching Las Vegas, we freshened up, went to hunt for dinner and explore the area a little. Staying right smack in the middle of the Strip and right on the Strip itself justifies the cheap, lok kok kok and spacious Manor Rooms we are staying in Circus Circus. The moment we stepped out of the hotel onto the Strip, we saw a foodcourt opposite the road and decided to eat there.Guess where we went next? Ross lah of course! We then went to Walgreens, which was beside Ross and got drinking water because the lok kok kok hotel room did not have a coffeemaker (at least) to boil water. While walking through the aisles, we saw a USD9.99 electric hot pot and decided to buy it and use it as a kettle. We then went back to the hotel to prepare for "war" the next day and not explore further...

As to why Las Vegas is sin city... Besides the gambling that happens everywhere, there are strip clubs too. If that's not sinful enough, I had photo evidence of pimps men distributing pamphlets in luminous green t-shirts that read in the context of "want girls in your room in 20 minutes?" But unfortunately (and fortunately for them), as you would have read in the previous post, I had some photos that were lost in translation transmission. Also lost were pictures of vans carrying billboards making their rounds up and down the Strip, advertising "girls in your room in 20 minutes".*Disclaimer: Even if you think this pic is not raunchy enough, it is for my G-rated blog. Comparing "standards" this is deemed NSFW for my blog.

More Vegas adventures coming right up!

Trip To America's Very First Theme Park, And It's Not Disneyland...

Another good thing about booking with Disney is that you can personalise your trip! We added in a trip to Knotts Berry Farm and all we had to do was to call to confirm pickup date and time!It may not be the theme park on top of everyone's mind, but there was so much history about the place. It all started with Mrs Knott's chicken. There was development around the area and to make ends meet, she sold fried chicken to people who stopped by (it was once near/ along a freeway) to get a bite. As the chicken got famous and queues grew, Mr Knott build a "ghost town" to entertain the people. From then on, the "ghost town" grew into a theme park.

Over at Knotts Berry, you also get to know about the Native Indians. Every inch of the place had a country/ western touch to it and that was also the setting for Knott's Fool's Gold Stunt Show.

The rides there are SCARY! Which is why we did not get on them all except only 2. I had some pictures of the rides, but somehow while transferring them from my handphone to my laptop, it took too long, communication was lost, and I lost them, together with some Disneyland photos. All I can say is that they are taller, faster, wetter and more upside-down-er than the rides in Disneyland Resort. When I was looking at those rides, I felt like a doll being thrown and tossed around by my owner (which was why we left Six Flags Magic Mountain out of our itinerary).

We bought the famous jams and da bao-ed the famous fried chicken home for dinner. The mashed potato was good but the chicken was just chicken... Not too sure if the jams are avaliable in Singapore though...

Las Vegas coming right up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting REAL WET This Time Round On A Special Day

One BIG HUGE MAJOR advantage of booking the entire package with Disney is this!
After the madness, we went back to Fantasyland to fulfil my sis's wish of taking pictures with the Princesses. We queued one and a half hours to take pictures with only 3 of them lor! If we were to take with all the Princesses, I think have to spend one whole day queuing and re-queuing because they rotate and take turns too.

We then went back to California Adventure Park's Hollywood Pictures Backlot to catch what we missed, the Aladdin Musical. Thankfully again, since we booked the package with Disney, we had "preferred seating" for the musical. There was another queue specially for us and we could enter the theatre first, while hundreds waited outside. Hehe! The entire Aladdin animated film was presented musical style, with the Genie being the goofy-est and modern-est character. To me, this was the most entertaining attraction in the whole of Disneyland Resort.
1) When Aladdin summoned the Genie the first time unknowingly and got a shock, he asked Genie who was he. Genie's reply, "I'm a Mac and you're a PC."
2) Genie was holding an umbrella in a scene and guess what happened? He went, "Umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh."
3) In the film, Genie wasn't a kid per se, here in one scene, Genie threw a tantrum like a kid.
4) Towards the end when Jafar was gotten rid of, Genie turned to the pet parrot and said, "Now it's time for the Tiki Room reject."
5) The Genie's script was the only one being updated to suit the modern day. Everyone else spoke lines from the film. There are snippets on youtube and you can actually tell how Genie has been updated.

We then proceeded back to the Golden State area for the WETTEST ride in the whole of Disneyland Resort. The only way to stay dry in this ride is to seal yourself up in a poncho or waterproof yourself some way or another. With each bump, water flooded in. We were then on the track up to a mini fall, after the a-few-feet plunge, I was half wet while some were a quarter wet. My sis and I were discussing how wet we get is depending on heng or suay, and whether we land first when we do the final plunge down. But we were so damn wrong. At the final plunge, water was sent into the raft, making the bottom half of our bodies wet (I could feel water going into my underwear lor) and water was sent up into the air, landing into the raft, making the top half of our bodies wet. There was no escaping regardless of where you sit or whether who lands first.Drenched, we proceeded on to the "Soarin' Over California" ride, which was a simulator ride, suspended in mid-air with an Omni Theatre sized screen, minus away the sharp movements.

We then moved on to Paradise Pier, which was like a fun fair. Of so many rides there, we only took the Mulholland Madness, which was a roller coaster ride. Some were blah like the ride where you are brought up in mid-air and go round and round as though you are flying on Dumbo, while some we did not dare to take on, like the roller coaster that goes upside down, the vertical tower plunge down thingy, or the ferris wheel, Sun Wheel.With that, we bade the rides and attractions goodbye and shopped for souvenirs.

Seriously, it was a good thing we had the 5-Day Hopper Tickets. There were too many shows, different parades taking place, too many rides and there was too much to cover in the Parks. To catch every single thing avaliable, weekends are the best days as all shows and parades will be avaliable, however, also because it is the weekend, it would also mean more crowd and more time will be wasted on queuing up for the rides and attractions. Although you can cut queues by getting a special ticket for a higher price, which is valid for only one day, there is still no way to cover everything even with that ticket in a day.

While I was having fun, Man U won the Champions League title! Dear was sms-ing me, giving live commentary. Hehe...
Another joyous thing to note, David Cook wins American Idol!!! I did not manage to catch the final showdown nor did I manage to catch the result show. Heng hotel got wireless and I was able to go online. Hehe...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Trick To Staying Dry In A WET Ride

We got up earlier and made it to the entrance of Disneyland Park at 9am. However, there was already a queue to enter the Park. When we entered the Park, we made a dash for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. When we got there, the queue was damn long already, but thankfully we are not at the 90 minute mark, but 70 minutes is still a long wait lor. As we queued, we saw families sending representatives off to buy breakfast and they were eating breakfast in the queue. Guess who I saw queuing up too? Anais, Fiona, Jo, Sam, Daryl, Stephy and her friend!
There was something different about this ride. Like all other rides, it uses a track too, however, the whole ride takes place under water where you ride in a submarine looking thingy. When the ride starts, there are announcements, giving you that feeling that you are in a submarine, exploring the world under. Then bubbles appear outside the window, giving you the feeling that the submarine is submerging, going further deeper into the water, however, you are still at the same level as when you board the ride, hehe...

We then moved to Fantasyland to finish up the last ride which we missed, Peter Pan's Flight. It was interesting in a way even though it was just like the Snow White and Mr Toad rides. Instead of having the ride go through on a track on the ground, in Peter Pan, the track is in the air, so you are really like Peter Pan, flying through the adventures.

Frontierland was next. We took a river cruise on Mark Twain Riverboat and we were starting to feel hungry. And so, we settled down in one of the eateries in Frontierland, The Golden Horseshoe, before proceeding on to the rest of the attractions.The performance was such a bonus! After lunch, we explored Pirate's Lair On Tom Sawyer Island and took a roller coaster ride on Big Thunder Mountain.

New Orleans Square was next. It was just beside Frontierland, at a corner, and they both complemented each other in a way as both were very country/western. We went into the Haunted Mansion, which wasn't really that all scary, and the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride, which was like Nemo, but not in a submarine, but a boat.

Cirtter County, home to Winnie the Pooh and friends, also just beside both Frontierland and New Orleans Square, complemented to the country feel to the entire area. We went on Splash Mountain, which was a WET ride. While in the queue, my sis and I saw...
1) A notice, displaying that the seating arrangement was a single file and advising that the bigger sized people should sit at the back of the "boat".
2) Some people getting REAL WET while some looked like they were just splashed with a little bit of water.
3) There was this lady, who was 4 times my size, in the queue with her friend behind us.
4) There was this group of 5 teenage girls in front of us.
My sis and I then went into a discussion/ speculation saying that...
1) The person right in front will get real wet while the people at the back not so wet.
2) We would share the "boat" with the lady and friend behind us because the girls would take up one "boat".
3) Which also mean we would have to sit in front, bearing in mind the bigger sized people have to sit at the back.
4) Which also mean we would get REAL WET!
We were saying jialat liao, wet liao, don't know if can squeeze in with the girls, if we get the front seat then how we are going to use our dad's waterproof jacket to waterproof ourselves, etc. At the boarding point, after the staff assigned the group of girls to their seats, she asked my sis how many people are there in her party. My sis replied 2 and she asked if we wana squeeze into the back. OF COURSE want lah!!! Turns out that the seating arrangement was a "T" shape, which was why bigger sized people have to sit in the back. And so, we siam the front seat and the situation of beaing REAL WET. The "zee pah dee do dah" song that accompanies you all the way to the top of the ride was a smokescreen lor, not a wonderful day after all if you kena the front seat. As we made our way to the top, my sis and I came up with a wonderful idea to shield us from the water. Since we are sitting side by side, we treated our dad's big jacket as a blanket, wearing it dom-ba-lek, putting my left arm into the jacket's right sleeve and my sis's right arm into the jacket's left sleeve and using our free hands to hold up the collar and duck ourselves inside the jacket. So, we did not get wet, except only our feet! Woohoo!

Adventure Land was next. We saw robotic singing birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room, went down the Jungle Cruise filled with robotic rhinos and robotic piranhas, climbed up Tarzan's Treehouse and got to know his childhood and went on a mini roller coaster ride in Indiana Jones Adventure.

Although we have decided to leave Mickey's Toontown for Wednesday morning, there was still time, so we decided to take a look and get onto a ride or 2. On the way to Toontown, I met my friends again and they were commenting that Toontown was really cute.After the ride, there wasn't time for another. So we went back and rested, waking up early for a program that was only for the privileged the next day.

Last day of Disneyland adventures coming right up!

Singaporeans Not That Kiasu Afterall...

We started out Day 2 in Disneyland Park's Tomorrowland. We did not get up really early, and when we got there, the newest attraction, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage had a 90 minute queue already. We decided to forgo that and come back really really early another day for it.
We first got on Autopia, which represented the cartoon, Cars, and all you have to do is to step on the pedal and go. Watched a Jedi training session where kids went up on stage to be trained as Jedis while having lunch. Went for a 3D show next, Honey I Shrunk The Audience. Know the film, Honey I Shrunk The Kids? This time round, the invention was on an awards show and it accidentally zapped the audience, which was us. We had water drizzled on us and wind rush past under our seats when rats appeared on screen escaping.
Innoventions was next. It was a some kinda showroom telling everyone what to expect in the future. It featured exhibits including console games, interactive touch-screen computers that let you envision how you look like when you are old and how life would be like The Jetsons and Honda's amazingly flexible robot, Asimo. Honestly, after watching the presentation on Asimo, I really want one for myself! See Asimo dance and run!

Space Mountain was next, a roller coaster ride with damn beautiful lights. We then went on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Think arcade gun shoot shoot game, except this is a ride and you shoot as you go. I never really figured out how to score the points and my sister managed to win me by 10,000 points.
Star Tours was next. It was a simulator ride, bringing us into the world of Star Wars.

We then went over to Fantasyland, the land of the Disney Princesses, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Peter Pan and much more.Snow White's Scary Adventures was next, followed by Pinocchio's Daring Journey. It has a similar concept as Mr Toad, just that this time round, it tells the story of Snow White and Pinocchio.
In the last entry, I did talk of the nightly parades. So, being kiasu Singaporeans, we left Fantasyland and went back to Main Street to catch the Parade of Dreams. As the Parade starts from Fantasyland itself, we decided to stake out nearer to Fantasyland and so we can go back to the attractions if there is still time and beat the queues. We found a bench and sat down to wait for the Parade to start. This time round, we were not that kiasu, there were others more kiasu! Our bench was one of 3 that were still unoccupied and families were starting to sit along the pavement with their picnic mats. The Parade was, well, think Chingay, with those movable platforms and people prancing around.After the parade, there was still time left. So as planned, we made our way back to Fantasyland and took the Storybook Lan Canal Boat. We we sailed down the man-made little river, we saw minatures of houses of different stories such as 3 little pigs. There was still one ride left for Fantasyland, but the Park was closing already. So we decided to go back to the hotel to get some rest and order Pizza for dinner.

While having dinner, we were discussing to get up a little earlier and run straight for the Nemo ride first thing in the morning and leave out Mickey's Toontown, which is in Disneyland Park till Wednesday because we are the privileged ones. You guys will know what I mean when you read that entry later.

Day 3 of Disneyland coming right up!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting To Know Disneyland, Great Food, Kiasu-ism At Its Best

I had my first breakfast in Staybridge Suites, Anaheim on 18th May, which was part of the hotel package. I walked one round the buffet area, and started to miss Oklahoma all over again.
1) The breakfast spread in Oklahoma was bigger and better.
2) The eggs in Oklahoma were REAL scrambled eggs, not some pancake-looking pieces of eggs which tasted like flour.
3) There was only caffinated or decaf tea. In Oklahoma, we had green tea, chamomile, earl grey, etc., on top of the caffinated and decaf red ceylon tea.
4) One big bowl of plain yoghurt makes me wonder if they clear out the yoghurt or just keep topping it up. In Oklahoma, yoghurt was served as above and we had Yoplait.
5) In Oklahoma we have cheese sauce!!! Over here, we have shredded cheddar.
6) Maybe its because I had been eating this for 3 weeks already, I'm starting to get picky. Bo pian right? So have to make do with whatever I felt like eating lor.

The night before, we were discussing not to take the Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) to Disneyland Resort, but instead, walk and get to know the bearings of the place. So after breakfast, we walked to Disneyland Resort. It was not a long walk and we noted on the map eateries that we would want to go to fill our stomachs with. The entire area is called the Disneyland Resort. Once you pass the security check area, you enter the Main Entry Plaza where you will see the ticketing area next. As we had the entire package done for us by Disney, our tickets were already given to us in an envelope when we checked into the hotel the night before, so we did not have to queue to get tickets.The Downtown Disney District will then be in front of you. It is where the Disney Hotels are and the entire area there is almost like a small town, complete with eateries and shops. To the right is where Disneyland Park is, and to the left is where California Adventure Park is. We had the 5-day Park Hopper Tickets, meaning that we have access to both Parks, everyday for 5 days!As both Parks were huge and we did not know how or where to start, we decided to first get the maps, take a look and then start walking around. Within each Park, there were different sections of different themes/"worlds"/era, which made deciding even harder. We then noticed that Disneyland Park had a few modes of transportation within the park. So we decided to hop onto those, starting from Main Street, to get an overview of the park and let us have a better understanding of how to move around.At the stop in Tommorrowland, we dropped off.We then continued on the Railroad back to Main Street. Main Street is practically a street. Along this street, you can find a vistor center (City Hall), a musemum, shops and eateries. To get to to the other sections, where most of the action is, you would have to walk down this street, whether you like it or not, as they are situated on the other end. Although it only takes a short while to walk up and down Main Street, for the lazy ones (hehe), there are Main Street Vehicles that you can take from one end to the other end of Main Street.There is also a Horseless Carriage, but I didn't manage to get a picture of it. These Main Street Vehicles are only one-way and we only realised it when we were on the Omnibus, the only one we sat on. As we reached to the end where the attractions are, everyone got down, but we didn't bother. The driver then called out to us and told us that the bus only goes one-way and if we wanted to ride it back to Main Street, we would have to take the next one. As we got down, he asked where we were from. I had heard enough "horror" stories about how people thought where Singapore was, so I was kinda thinking, this guy better know his geography. My dad answered Singapore, and one way to tell that he at least knows Singapore is not in China and in Asia was when he said that it was a small country, his wife is from Thailand and although he was working for Korean Air, he did not get a chance to visit Singapore. I then asked if we could join the queue and take the same bus back to the other end of Main Street. He said that we are able to, just that because it is a one-way vehicle, technically, we would have to get down and join the queue.
There were different shows, character meets and bands playing throughout the day and nightly parades in both Parks. There are also some shows which take place along the open areas that only happen on weekends. A lesson I learnt is to really take a look at the show schedules and different opening hours of the Park to help plan your way through the Parks. Since its a Sunday, and the fireworks only happen on weekends and we were hungry, we decided to have lunch, move to California Adventure Park for the rest of the day and then come back later for the fireworks.Luckily we only order 2 mains, don't see picture small small, the servings were huge lor. The fish was fresh and the sauce was yummy. The ribs were soft and chicken, was just normal grilled chicken. The salad, was just salad. But overall, the food was really quite nice. But the pancakes, ohhhh, the pancakes, killer sia! I'ver NEVER EVER eaten such FLUFFY and SOFT pancakes ever before in my entire life!!! I want IHop in Singapore!!! And so, after the damn filling lunch, we proceeded on with the itinerary for the day.We had missed the showtimes there for the day and so we went straight for the rides and attractions, coming back another day just for the shows.Every inch of the Parks has a damn good set design which relates to the theme/"world"/era of the sections and even right down to the different attractions and the area surrounding it, such as the queue area. Take the Monsters Inc ride for example, it was done up to look like transport terminal with posters around it.It was a playground of sorts for little children with an area where they can play with water and splash around (think Bugis Juction fountain and Vivo City), and lots of teeny weeny sized rides. Already damn impressed with the set design earlier on, I really felt like a character insect in A Bug's Life when I saw this.We then walked over to the Golden State section, set up with a western/ cowboy/ historical feel, which covered almost half the Park. It was subdivided into several different areas. We walked around Pacific Wharf and learnt how tortillas and sourdough bread were made. We caught a film by Whoopi Goldberg called Golden Dreams about the history of California at The Bay Area. As we had to rush back to "chope" a good place for the fireworks happening at the other Park, we did not manage to cover the whole of Golden State. We quickly took some picture of Paradise Pier (another "world" in California Adventure Park) and went back to the Disneyland Park. But the best thing is, we don't know where to stand! As we have heard that the fireworks will appear in the sky above the castle of Fantasyland, we decided to stand sit on Main Street. But which exact spot? Since Main Street is a street, a straight road, and if you stand on the entrance gate end of Main Street and look straight ahead, Fantasyland is directly in front of you, we decided that was the best spot. We were right when we spotted Disney's cameramen behind us and there was this uncle who had set up his videocam and tripod. And we waited for about 40 minutes, with more people joining us at our good spot 25 minutes later. The entire display was 15 minutes long, so I can't possibly load it here, so, here is a snippet of the display.

With the end of the fireworks, the day ends and we made our way back to the hotel via the ART.

Day 2 of Disneyland coming right up!