Friday, March 15, 2013

The Clogged Toilet Bowl

In this world, there are many different personalities and characters. And there's one type I would call the "Clogged Toilet Bowl" (CTB for short).

These people tend to hog onto whatever they are doing. Not too sure why. Maybe they are desperate for recognition? Maybe they want to be in the limelight? Maybe due to their ego? Maybe they want to show everyone that they are busy? I really don't know. But all I know is that they hog and hog and hog onto it.

They refuse to let others get involved at discussion stage, maybe because it not firmed? Fair enough. Even when it is firmed and getting approvals sorted out, they still don't involve other people. Maybe it is not approved yet, so they want to alert people unnecessarily? Fair enough. When it's approved, they only FYI people. Even when during the execution stage, they still don't involve other people. Maybe they think they can handle? Fair enough.

BUT just like a CTB, the shit gets accumulated. The more they hog, the more shit gets accumulated. It gets accumulated to the point where they can no longer finish stuff and can't flush it out of the channel/system as done/cleared. Or when too many things happen at the same time, it cannot handle the load and can't flush it out of the channel/system as delegated. So, what happens next is that the shit overflows the CTB, spilling out all over the rims.

At this crucial point of time, toilet cleaner(s) has(have) to step in to literally clean up the shit CTB left, on top of the usual job scope. Not that it is very difficult, but because it didn't go down the proper channel/system, which equates to no head no tail, the toilet cleaner(s) has(have) to spend precious time digging into the shit to piece things up.

Maybe the CTB should just be removed in its entirety from the toilet to save everyone the trouble...