Monday, September 24, 2012

That Little Spot In The Liver

It has been quite some time since Dr Whang last sent me for a scan of any sort. It was way back last year in April to be exact. Even the previous review/checkup in Dec was just a comprehensive blood test. And so, I was sent off for a liver ultrasound this time around.

Call me mad, but I kinda like going for scans. Blood tests can only tell so much. And after my near-death experience, I feel that sometimes blood tests are a little unreliable in a certain way. Scans are way much better. After all, it was only through a PET scan that it was discovered I was 2-6 months away from knocking on death's gate.

Back to the liver ultrasound. Having mixed feelings and emotions with the results actually, as a 0.6cm subcapsular cyst is found in the right lobe of the liver. The cyst jolted, shocked, shook and slapped me awake. Scared? Afraid? Maybe... I only have 1 liver. I decided to read up a little online to try to calm myself down a little or even try to sort my thoughts out a little. Although Dr Whang says it's not a big issue and will schedule a CT scan for me within the next 2-4 months as she wants to closely monitor this little spot, I'm reassuring myself that since I have no back aches, abdominal pains, jaundice, fevers, indigestion and/or vomiting, it is not a big issue.

A cyst may not be a big issue, but it can also be a big one. Ever since I'm declared NED and having a "spotless liver" all this while, I did not have any doubts about my own health. I felt that I'm ok. I started to indulge a little on my favourite comfort (read: junk) foods, such as instant noodles, luncheon meat, chips, etc...  So, to be on the safe side, I better keep my diet in check. Apparently, some articles are saying minimise dairy products, fatty foods, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, meats, refined carbs, and junk foods, while increasing intake of vegetables and fruits. 

I don't take alcohol and artifical sweeteners, so that's easy peasy for me. Cutting down on fatty foods, meats, refined carbs and junk food can be done too. But dairy products is something I cannot live without. I love my morning cup of coffee with milk. I love tea with milk. I love cheese, glorious CHEESE!!! Telling me to cut down ish can die canz?! Am arguing with myself why the heck do I have to minimise intake of diary products and am procrastinating to go find out or read up as to how diary products affect the liver. Wokay, whatever... Since I cannot do without that cup of coffee with milk in the morning when I'm working, I'm going to cut dairy products in the rest of my food intake.

Increasing intake of vegetables is pretty easy. Just eat salad, yong tau foo, or economical rice as there's a bigger portion and/or selection of vegetables. But increasing intake of fruits is an issue. I'm super picky about my fruits. I only eat logan, lychee, mango, watermelon, durian, jackfruit, honeydew, rock melon and grapes with skin off, and to pack them for lunch is a little troublesome. So, I'm actually having thoughts about just having fruits for dinner.

Shall be a good girl and await the next scan. Hopefully that little spot will clear up on it own...