Thursday, November 08, 2007

Paced On The New Paper, Grades, That New Taxi, Blonde Moment, Random Rants, Meme...

Firstly, before I begin the entry per se, I would love to express my deepest and most sincere biggie THANKS to everyone who gave me support, mentally, morally and/or physically during this mad month. Really really very very muchie appreciate all the encouragement you lovely people gave on my taggie and comments page. You guys are the bestest sweetest blogger friends I know lah! Now, entry will start proper...

First I was on Lianhe Wanbao, now, I'm on The New Paper!!! Talk about that 15 seconds or minutes of fame that everyone craves for... Lol...

The article touched a bit on the Student Council. Online version of the article can be found here.

The Student Council's blog is up and running at last!!! My main contribution to the blog so far is the video entitled "Here We Come". Check it out and comment leh... I wana know how my editing skills are... Haha...
The busy-ness never really stopped nor did it slowed down for a while. Want to know more what I've been up to, sneeking around on campus, bothering the school's stuff and that kept me away from blogging? Do visit! Although I'm the administrative secretary and wasn't really part of the team that plans the events per se, BUT, still got work to do one lor... Haha...
November will be a real busy period for me. In school, we are organising a huge event lasting for 9 days and I'm working as well. I need to work, I need the money for the on-campus residency in Oklahoma in about 5 months time. Woots! 5 more months!!!! I'm getting damn freaking excited lor!!!

The exam on the 20th went on fine. I was glad I was able to answer more questions that I thought I could. Now for the grades... Remember this entry which I talked about my grades being late? Well, I got my advertising grades, about 6 weeks late, receiving them in mid-September. I took my PR exam on 18 August, and only got the results just a few hours ago. Values and Cultures exam was on 15 September, results are almost 3 weeks overdue. I want my grades!!!

Anyway, remember I talked about a new taxi operator on the roads in this entry? I took it the other day. But honestly ah, judging by the taxi fare chart, I don't see how cheaper it is... The only good thing I could think of is that it runs on CNG and is environmental friendly. This is how it loks like...

Was in the school canteen yesterday afternoon. There were 2 girls, standing between a pillar and a clean, unoccupied table, wanting to fill up a form. Guess which one they chose. Hint: For a moment, I thought they chose to do so because they felt that there were too little blondes in school... Honestly, I laughed so hard, I was squatting on the floor. Yep, that's the mean side of me...

Sometimes, are people too self-centered or just plain brainless? There was a car, parallel-parking with only half a car body in the lot, while the other half was jutting out towards the "lane" in the carpark. I wished I could have taken a pic of it being such a safety hazard. Is it just me being paranoid? Is it only me that I'm being such a big idiot who cares if my actions will inconvenience others? Is it just me being stupid enough to care for others, while other don't simply just give a shit and only do things that convenience them? Wouldn't the world be a better place to live in if others would just spare a teeny weeny little thought for others?

Dearest Daphne, thank you so so very biggie muchie for the Hello Kitty Nice Matters Award!!! And yes, here's the meme that I got tagged...

What Is My Most Common Writing Mistake?
To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.
Copy the person and persons names who sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.
Here’s the answers:
Shine with Grace: Mixing the word “from” with “form” all the time
Trinity: I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava: Typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between
Genie King: I type too fast too…always end up with “tot he”…when it should be “to the”
Bobo: Makes too many mistakes all the time. She tend to miss out the word “not”.
Endoh: Can’t differentiate British or American spelling at times.
Claudia: Although a teach I is, I could everytime made mistook when I wrote and spoke. (Got it?)
Aaron: I used to always mix up than and then. It even sounds alike to me!
Daphne: I always use ‘objectively’ and ’subjectively’ wrongly.
Jas aka paced: I can't speel for nuts and always type shortform, even my MS Word's spellcheck has been programmed alrdy=already, pple=people, etc...
And i tag...
1) Arzhou
2) Chillycraps
3) Xinyun
4) Xizor
5) And of course, THE Dearest!!!

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