Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Taxi Operator Equals Cheaper Fares?

CNA reports that a new taxi company will be joining into the competition. So far, any new taxi companies that emerged, all "copy" the "price list" set by the companies that has already almost "monopolize" the market. As the newer fleet with a higher flag down flag replaces the older fleet, once the older fleet "disappears", we pay a higher flag down fare without much complaints due to the "training" we are receiving now for the higher flag downs. In time to come, the "pinch" isn't that painful as compared to outright announcing the increase in flag down fares.

However, according to the interview given by the owner of the new taxi operator to asiaone business, he says his fares will be "slightly cheaper". Also, this new fleet will be "greener", running on CNG (natural gas).

Sounds good... Wait till we see it...

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