About Me

 A Cancerian in 2 ways. 1st: born in a cancerian month. 2nd: nose cancer (aka NPC) survivor currently in remission. Had a tumor at the end of my nose passageway, at base of my brain. Aft 35 sessions of radiotherapy frm 2 Jun05 to 20 Jul05, thought all was clear till pains at waist area & fevers refuse to go away. Then GP & radiotherapy oncologist discovered that cancer cells spreaded to bones n liver. Went thru 6 cycles of chemotherapy frm 10 Aug05 to 27 Dec05. Was on oral chemo drugs frm Jan06 to 19 Sep06. Lance Armstrong won Tour de France seven times after he recovered from cancer. His philosophy in life is "Live Strong". This is an inspiration. Live Strong and that means no relapse forever!