Thursday, January 24, 2008

Should I Publish This Comment?

Take a look at this print screen and help me decide if I should publish or reject this mean and cursing comment.
Psst, Anonymous, are you a "disgraceful" Singaporean? Why so defensive?

My stand is that bloggers have the right to say what they feel, its their blog. If you do not like it, then don't read.
If you are too afraid to reveal who you are, keep your hands off the keyboard.
If you have nothing constuctive to say, keep your hands off the keyboard.

Disgraceful Singaporeans Part 2

Well, Part 2 wasn't planned. I just remembered, while bathing just now, that I had photos of evidence...

This is the clever one, placing the oily tray on the ledge.
This is the disgraceful one, placing the oily tray on the seat to his/her/its right.

And I also didn't know that air-con vents on the bus are dustbins...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disgraceful Singaporeans

After I saw the picture on DK's blog of the human jam at the MRT due to disruption of services, I can only say a few things about a significant portion of Singaporeans: 人笨是没得救的 (stupidity can't be cured). Self-centered too.

What's the point in having such good education when you rush to get up the bus first and plonk yourself down on the only seat left comfortably, leaving the elderly to struggle up the bus and make his/her way to find a seat? What's the point when you park your shopping trolley across the asle of the supermarket as though you are the only one with a trolley? What's the point when you have kids happily seating on the MRT seat that has the yellow sign above it saying to give up the seat to the needy and there's an elderly clinging onto the pole for his/her life. What's the point when you leave the oily tray, after carrying your food to the table, onto the empty seat next to you?

Is it due to their upbringing, selfishness, common sense or just being street-smart? What is the point of leaders of the country saying that Singapore will be a gracious society in so-and-so number of years time? More than a decade ago, then-Prime Minister Goh said that Singapore will be a gracious society in 10 years time. After those 10 years, now, the picture on DK's blog says it all.

Are Singaporeans too confortable with themselves and their lives that they choose to ignore and be oblivious to these "common sense" stuff? Maybe we should send them for social etiquette courses? Yes, I agree, there are those who aren't like that, and I'm glad that the people I know aren't like that.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What's With Those Facebook Apps?!

For the past few months, after registering for a Facebook account, I did not bother doing anything on it except accepting requests from friends to be added. To me, it was just another social networking webby that is slightly more customizable given that fact that you can add all kinds of irritating applications; irritating because I had apps requests that kept accumulating till there were about 200.

Then itchy-hand me had a few minutes to spare and thus decided, at long last, to customise my profile by add 1 photo. Along with adding that 1 photo, I was thinking, ok then, let's clear away those apps request. Clearing away took half a day... Yes, half a day. Instead of just clicking away on "ignore", I itchy-brain and wanted to know more about those apps. So, I ended up accepting some, ignoring some, looking at more apps to play with.

When I showed Dear my pink rabbit for the app "Pets", his reaction was, "how come you level up so fast?!" Well, it was only about 2 days old but was at level 12 already. So, I think you all can imagine what I was doing to that app upon adding. And I was telling myself, when I woke up, to start writing notes for the upcoming exam!

And from then on, almost everyday, I've been logging into Facebook to further customise my profile, adding friends, feeding and petting my (fluff)friends, etc... Facebook apps are evil!!! (yep, the blame game) I'm attempting to psycho myself that now...

Friday, January 11, 2008

That SQ Girl... Resolutions?

I don't freaking understand at times. I've seen fatter ones, flatter ones, uglier ones, worse complexion ones, even those face "tio langah" types ones, etc. They all get to wear a kebaya, but not her. Sometimes I wonder what is their selection criteria.
It was a goal, a dream, since childhood. She even wore braces to correct her teeth to chase this dream of hers. Interviews after interviews, she sees her friends flying on SQ, but not her.
But she is finally coming back! Finally, she fulfill her dreams even by going round in circles. Woots! Singapore Airlines, why did you take soooooo freaking long?

Got tagged by April (who was tagged by another friend of ours, Dan)! A list of stuff I want to get for early/ first half of 2008... Hmm... Anything Louis Vuitton of course, but I don't have the moolah!!! Ok, some serious stuff which I think are achieevable (this is what happens when you abandon your blog) achievable and fulfill-able...
1) Driving License
At freaking long last... Pratical's booked on April 9th. Wish me luck!
2) PSP and/or Nitendo Wii
Erm, hopefully I can save enough in 6 months time
3) US and/or Japan tour
Will be in Oklahoma in end-April for my on-campus residency. But there's an exam to be taken when I'm back. Well, if time allows, I would like to tour US and Japan a bit. Afterall, have to transit in Japan mah, so might as well lor.
4) A's for my remaining modules
Means I have to work damn hard. In a desperate situation to pull my GPA up.
5) Live Strong!
Stay cancer free!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Public Hospital Sucks, My Back, Still Busy

It's been more than a month since I last updated, but I'm not dead yet. Remember I was having some backaches and I thought I was going to have a relapse? Well, here's what really happened...
I called up in the morning of 26th November to my chemo-oncologist Dr Whang's clinic and asked if she was around. I told the receptionist that I needed to see her because "I'm having some backaches and I'm very scared". I went down to the clinic and saw Dr Whang. She was kinda shocked because she had only seen me about a month back. I told her about the backaches and she said that since the liver ultrasound done a month back was clear, she'll only send me for a bone scan. Since only SGH had a slot for me to do a bone scan, I had no choice but to travel there.
When I when there, the registration was quick and I didn't have to wait long. I never ever liked nor fancied public hospitals but their fast service was kinda like changing my opinion. But, this is when my ordeal started. I was called into the preparation room and they had to inject the isotopes into me. Guess what, injection failed, never inject saline to test first, isotopes cannot enter vein, hand pain, BIG bruise. Then they had to find another "opening", which is at the underside of the elbow. Luckily, it was successful. But this event only made me hate public hospitals more! Out of sooooooo many damn blardi times I went to private medical institutions for during the past 2 years for chemo, isotopes/ contrast/ tracer injections for scans, blood test, etc, I only had the "failed" injection scenario less than 3 times!!! I went to SGH, and the failing rate there was only 50%!!! Faint...
Best part has yet to come. After the scan, I told them that I want to collect the scan myself, so do not despatch the scan to the courier to bring back to the clinic. I said so because "personal" courier is much faster that any batch courier. The radiologist told me ok and will leave a note to the receptionist. The next day, when I went back to SGH, tada, the scan gone and was couriered to the clinic. I told them I needed to see my doctor urgently which is why I want to come down to pick it up personally and not wait for the courier! Blood really boiled lor... I almost blew up when they said the courier will deliver to the clinic "tomorrow". I explained again, I know there will be delays, which is why I want to collect the scan personally! Then they called the courier service and they said despatched already. I called back clinic to check, they say not yet.
So, I decided to try my luck and go back to the clinic first. Luckily the scan was back. Saw Dr Whang.Turned out that the mysterious backache was due to some inflammation due to some "bone flare". To all my dearest friends, I'm so so very sorry if I had scared you. I scared myself too.

The last time I updated, I was so freaked out about the backache I forgot to blog about A*Mei's concert. Damn it, she made me cry again. When she made a tribute to her mentor, Zhang Yu Sheng aka Bao Ge, she was crying, so I shouted, "A*Mei, don't cry." But, I was actually in tears. It was heart wrenching when images of her and others were outside Bao Ge's ward, huddling themselves in a circle, praying for him flooded my memory. It was heart wrenching when images of her in the recording studio, trying to finish up recording a song (which specially written for him days after the accident) but it was so difficult to do so because she kept crying flodded my memory. It was damn heart wrenching. (Now that I'm recalling what happened, I'm crying again) But I really really enjoyed the concert. I had sooooo much fun screaming and shouting that I had a throat infection the next day and couldn't go to work because I have no voice.

November's event for Student Council was finally over and I thought I could have a break. Well, I kinda did. Was with Dear at a chalet with just 2 of us for most of the time. My definition of break is slack, stone, do nothing, watch tv, vcds, movies, shop, and almost anything non-intellectual. But, organising BBQs during 2 nights of the chalet did burn a little brain cells.

After that? Nope. Life's not slowing down. Was working and coordinating timeslots for the Student Council applicants to come for an interview. After that? Nope. Lessons started. Research Methodology this time, textbook was damn freaking dry, and lots of chapters to read. Imagine reading the "technical" aspects of stats! Argh, one of the MAIN freaking reason why I'm a FSV/Mass Comm student is because I buay tahan Maths and Science! Faint lor... But I'm sooo glad lessons are over now. Sigh, time to mug for exams and ASSignments again.

Janice came back the other day for a short holiday. Hmm, being air stewardess a lot of money hor? Can fly back and forth from UAE to Singapore every few months? Too bad, I'm too short. Anyway, went to have steamboat buffet with her and a few other friends. First time in my life I burnt the bottom of the pot while eating steamboat! Apparently the noodles sinked to the bottom, no one cares and thus, instead of boiling the noodles, they "fried" instead. The next thing we knew, the bottom of the pot was charred and soup contaminated.

Just a few days before Xmas, I finally got the grades for the last 2 modules, less than a week apart, but I took the exams for the modules a month apart! Anyway, at least the grades came in a happy-news-sorta-way. I got A's for both! Woooohoooooo! Thankfully for the A's, my GPA is being pulled up.

The last week of December was kinda refreshing for me. I practically did nothing. I was just sleeping, watching vcds, playing boardgames with Dear and his friends. I was just slacking my time away. Recharged? Maybe. New year, new start... But still busy...

Having council interviews again next week... Spring cleaning my room now so that I have time to prepare for my exam on the 16th Feb. Luckily my group had set the dateline for our part in the group project to be finished by next week. That would give us ample time too edit and compile it too! Also, I have an individul project due, all these 2 on the same day as my exam.

Sigh, Whether I'm going for Chinese New Year visitation depends on whether I'm able to squeeze in much work done... But I wana collect ang bow!!! $$$