Monday, October 01, 2001

Mud War!!!

There’s no one at home when I came back on Fri. I had just came back from grocery shopping at Jelita’s Cold Storage after class. The house was cold, dark and quiet when I stepped in, guess that my ‘rents and my sis are out for dinner. A thought struck me that this might be what would happen when I’m in Australia. Kinda had that lonely and helpless feeling which doesn’t seem to help at this moment. At this stage, when I’m feeling down, kinda like the depression stage of life. Really dunno why, but tears just swelled up in my eyes and I broke down once again… This time, in my living room, all alone…

Marcia, Weiling and Kaixin all came to watch us on Sat. Both teams lost the match, so I guess positions of the teams are quite clearly stated. After the match was over, we had mud war. But we were ‘interrupted’ with the prize presentation. So, after the presentation, part 2 of mud war continued. There was a little peek-a-boo session cos someone’s slacks came kinda loose. Wun mention names nor jersey no. cos dun wana embarrass him. But most of us kn who he is anyway, that includes those who stay a little while longer after the prize presentation and caught us playing mud… Hehe… Most of us end up dripping wet with mud water, including me. I kana ice water too. Beri beri cold. Cos my clothes were wet, I was feeling kinda cold on the bus too. Heng the bus’s air-con not tt power after all and I was sort of walking ard a bit, if not sure buay tahan one… After the bus got us back to NP, we put back the equipment and showered. Went to Marina South and had steamboat. Played pool after that. Shared cab with Janice, Bo Shen and Chris. Reach home 2+, 3.

Woke u ard 3 just now. Guess I was really tired. Washed the muddy clothes and packed up my stuff a bit. After dinner (or was it late lunch?), I did some Photoshop stuff for the DVD project. Seems like never-ending. Already prepared to stay overnite in sch tmr if I can’t finish. Hope thr are others staying too. I wouldn’t wanna end up alone in Blk 52, kinda scary.

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