Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feel Like Doing Nail Art

As promised, here i present my bday pressie from my MDIS classmates! tada!

oh, by the way, a certain hotel heiress' new song's mv is the most tasteless mv i've ever seen. clad in a bikini n a dress which she keeps pulling up to show her skinny shapeless legs, it has no relation in any way to the lyrics of her song. OMG... simply cannot make it! mayb the director is trying to recreate the infamous video? i've simply no idea...

Mood: simply what the title says...

Monday, June 26, 2006

My (Erm, Eee, Err) 20-Something Birthday

As anyone can tell from the title, i'm in denial. A quarter-century on planet earth, n dun ask me my age next year, cos i'll still be in denial. Like alan tam, a hong kong celeb, we are forever 25! haha...

Friday nite went with Dear to eat at Azaru Soba at Marina Sq. I had seafood ramen. Not too bad, but Shimbashi better... hehe... of cos, its cheaper thn Shimbashi. as said in the previous entry, Dear then accompained me to Mango... hehe...

Woke up abt 1pm on saturday. with world cup gog on, i haven got at least 8 hours of sleep at nite. 8 hours of sleep i have everyday, including my afternoon naps which stretch way beyond 8pm. at last, with 2 games i'm nt interested in, i managed to get some proper sleep.

met the gals for dinner, actually only ange n pj cos yue in BKK n winn had pior appoinment. Dear was around too. we ate at Bakerzinn and ate pasta but it was dessert galore. very sinful ah... we had 2 tapas (vanilla creme brulee n chocolate hazelnut ice cream), some puff thing with ice cream (forgot the name) which we actually tot it should come with more chocolate sauce and last but not least, the warm chocolate cake with ice cream on the top. now looking at the picture, i feel like eating it again... it was baked crisp on the outside, yet very very soft on the inside with warm chocolate oozing out. it had a bit of the golden citrus taste cos it was baked with an orange slice. hot hot cake eaten with cold cold melting ice cream, simply wonderful. but the rasberry sauce surrounding it was damn freaking sour. it was meant to eat together with the sweet chocolate cake n ice cream.

received bday pressie today from my very sweet n lovely MDIS classmates, Aileen, April, Chau, Fin, Linda n Shannon. Will try to upload the pic of the tank top n card, took one just now, but it was too grainy n too degrading to the cute card n beautiful tank top to be uploaded. something cute happened in class. today's arts n our world class was about music. so our prof, marsha keller wanted to sing a song to demo focal point. (i thk) she got reminded that during our 1st lesson where we got into groups to do a little presentation on ourselves n our exp with arts, one group mentioned that there were 2 gals celebrating bdays during wkends. so she decided to sing a bday song for those 2 gals. thn came revealing that another gal n me aso had bdays on the weekend. in the end, the 4 of us stood up n the rest of the class sang bday song for us!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh No!!!

as of now, i've got only 5 years left to the big "3". well, if only i can survive that long n not get any relaspe. haha... but i know i will! cos i "Live Strong"!!! i feel old all of the sudden. when i celebrated my 21st bday, i was so happy, cos i was offically an adult. now after a short 4 years later, i wana start keeping my age a secret. stepping into mid-20s, oh no... now i wish, i still can celebrate bdays every year but my age would remain as 25...

Continuation of Mango sale today...
-Round 5 at Suntec - total damage: $34
1 bag (accessories range)
Total saved: $35
-Round 6 at Marina Sq - total damage: $69
1 pair of jeans (jeans range, duh!)
Total saved: $30
asked the sales staff at suntec when the new collection will come in. she said mid or end july. so 70% off will start most prob by mid July cos the new collection will only come in after the sales end. Was talking to ange just now during dinner. she had just finished shopping at marina's mango too. found out that raffles city mango has been taken over by adidas. only outlet in town i haven gone yet is isetan scotts... n guess what, dear was with me at the marina sq branch... so sweet rite? patiently waiting for me to try my clothes n following me ard while i walked thru the racks n helping me carry my mangoes... hehe...

the only down point for today is "zhuan zhuan". there's a capsule station in suntec where there's snoopy in some mlb teams jersey. each one was $4. insert conins, turn turn, no yankees... insert coins, turn turn, no yankees... total spent: $32. getting the snoopy in yankees jersey n still admiring it now, priceless... i dun really adore snoopy when compared to hello kitty, but its still a doggie. hmm, if only hello kitty comes in a yankees jersey... hehe... ask me to empty the whole capsule station n the hello kitty in yankees jersey comes out last i aso dun mind...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mango Sale!!!

I'm a happy gal cos Mango sale is back!
-Round 1 at Centrept branch ystday - total damage $161
1 denim skirt (jeans range), 2 tops (1 spring-summer range, 1 modern living range) 1 knee length "berms-pants" (modern living range)
total saved: about $110
-Round 2 at Shaw branch today - total damage $51
2 tops (suit range)
total saved: about $40
-Round 3 at Taka branch today - total damage $185
1 denim jacket (jeans range), 1 skirt (excluisive range)
total saved: about $80
-Round 4 at Isetan Wisma branch - total damage $37
1 pair of "flip-flops" (accessories range)
Total saved: about $40

the exclusive range skirt was the killer one this time round. only saw it at taka branch n only 2 pcs left. one which luckily was my size, the other one was size 40. price b4 distcount was $149, after was $119. cannot afford to wait till its marked down further towards the end of the sale where some get 70% discount. still aiming n looking for a pair of denim shorts and another "berms-pants" which dun have my size n i need to find them quick!!! cos by exp, the spring-summer, some suit and exclusive are the ranges which would not hit 50% off so soon, only later towards the end of the sale. and the other ranges like jeans, modern living, accessories n basics have already hit 40% - 50%. damn!!!

i love mango. I'm a mango addict. yummy... slurp... isetan scotts, marina sq, raffles city, suntec branches, here i come...... hmm, n i thk mang should stop advertising on the newspapers about their sale, cos pple will come to know of it somehow. it was so damn freaking crowded that its really hard to look thru the racks properly, but then, i still love mango... n of cos their sales!

gimme a lottery prize of $300. be it 4D or toto. i saw a "flip flop" n a "ballet" flats from DKNY. n boy, i love them! n best of all, they are from Donna Karen!

oh, another good news, england is thru to the round of 16, so is argentina. yay!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lazy Me

Today's a lazy day... i woke up, n didn't wana get outta bed... decided to skip class n went back to sleep... woke up at 1pm eventually. when i woke up, i ate a bit, took my xeloda n did my RWAC pre-class assignment. actually i already did it, but lecturer said if scored less thn 85% have to do again. so i went thru the review of my wrong answers n did again. scored 98% this time round! hehe... After i did the assignment, i was considering to do my final assignment, which is an essay paper. but lazy lah, so decided to leave it till tmr. thn went to clementi bookshop to c if they got my arts & our world module textbook. dun have, so guess have to go back to school to buy cos its cheaper thn kinokuniya. when i reached home, i slacked for a while n zzz...

mayb shld wake up earlier tmr, go to sch n get the textbook thn find a condusive environment to finish reading my gospel of mary magdalene, edit my final assignment for RWAC n read the chapters of my textbook stated in the arts course pack. but then i wana watch the 3am match later, so how to wake up early later? sigh... mayb shld foget abt it n go to zzz... sigh, but i wana be a hardworking student... n tmr evening have to nap... cos got 2 matches at 10pm, another 2 at 3am... n my becks is kicking in the 3am one. should i forget abt the 10pm ones? sigh, dunno... tmr thn decide, lazy to thk now...

back to my soccer...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Still Miss You

Was gog thru my blog just now... seems like my past few entries a bit negative, unhappy, spirits were down... so now, lets tok about the happy stuff...

met the gals on saturday after work. Ange was back from france. she managed to buy my LV back but met with inconvience... apparently, her bf had luggage checked in. inside the luaggage was clothes, palm-top, cam, etc. when he reached his detination, clothes n not very valuable stuff were intact, gone were the palm-top n cam. so, she did not wana place my LV inside her check in luggage, but hand carried up the plane. n my LV was the larger mary kate tote, so a bit the big lah... paiseh lah gal, small ones dun really save a lot... bigger ones save much more... promise you if u got chance go france again, i ask you to buy smaller one instead... hehe...
showed my mum the bag ystday nite. she kept saying very nice very nice, eyes big big, gleaming... thn she tried to physco me, saying the bag very auntie, give her use. i told her "its my entire month's pay plus my progress package, u gimme another 1.5K, i give u this bag" she laughed, kept quiet n gave me back my precious...

went to see dr hwang today. she sent me for a liver CT. apparently the 2 lesions left in my liver did not grew, which is good news. she was quite sure these lesions are cysts rather then tumors. she's also considering me for a new drug which actually inhibits the cancer growth factors but meanwhile, i'm to continue on Xeloda. she said i might actually end my oral drugs (torture) sooner... but if to survive, ask me to eat a lifetime of oral chemo drugs, i aso dun mind.
Song of the moment: I Will Survive!

Actually, i really think i'm so blessed by God. He helped me escaped a death sentence of 2 to 6 months and brought me to a road of recovery. He gave me a mum who nvr gave up on me, physco-ing my GP to send me for a PET scan when i kept having high fevers n knife-like stabbing jabs in my waist area, which discovered that my cancer had actually spreaded to my bones n liver. He gave me a dad who was like a ah-mat, driving me to n from the hospital if he's not working, driving to selegie to buy rochor beancurd when i had no appetite to eat anything. He gave me a sis who got woken up by my cries of pains early in the morning when my cooled-down heated pack can no longer numb my pain, n would go to the kitchen to get me a heated one cos i pain till i cant get outta bed. He gave my a loving bf who was my huge pillar of strength, coming over in the middle of the nite at 3am to comfort, hold n tried to numb my pains and always being there accompanying me to n fro the hospital. He gave me friends who never stopped contacting me to let me know i'm still alive. He gave me new-made friends who were actually strangers that gave me encouragement.

Thank you, Papa in Heaven... Thank you for saving me. Pls remember to take care of Aunt M for me k... Pls let her know I miss her. Pls help me tell her the good news abt my CT scan today. In Jesus Holy name i pray, Amen!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Cancer Is My Enemy!

More than half of the people ard me has/has/having friends, relatives or they themselves suffering from cancer. maybe singapore too small so it seems like more the half the people ard me? or is cancer getting too prominent?

who or what should we blame on? "dirty" air we breathe in due to exhaust fumes from vehicles, which fuel makers put cancer "promoting" chemicals into them? 2nd hand smoke in the air contributed by rising number of smokers? genetically modified foods? hormoned laced meat? busy lifestyle? stress?

cancer no longer just happens to older people. a rising number of children are getting cancers too. so are young adults like me, seng n xiaodoudou. i was reading xiadoudou's blog just now. it reminded myself of the shivering cold while i was having chemo (n now i dread sitting in that chair ever again) and of the nausea n seh feeling after that. i believed she could have survived if only she got a more experienced and better doc and knew ways to boost her immunity level n white blood cell count. didn't her doc knew abt Granocyte?

Cancer took away my Aunt M... how many more lives do you wana claim b4 u stop yr nonsense?!i now declare you as my enemy. i will win this battle against u! i swear n God be my witness. Live Strong!

Monday, June 05, 2006

My Phone Book

Any logical person would delete an old number from his/her phone book... but i will not. i was going clearing my sms which were about 3 months old. (yes yes, lazy me) those messages tt i would not keep, i deleted them first. then came those messages of "notification" of change of numbers. after updating my phone book, i went thru the messages again. the name Aunt M" kept popping up. Any logical person would say she's no longer around, should delete her number. But not me, unless i lose my SIM card or my phone. Its the last and only thing i can hold on to of her, her number in my phone...