Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Urban=Sunset Way & Suburb=Holland Village Soon?

This was how it looks like when shops were gearing up for business. It was touted as the next Holland Village and it didn't looked quite like it...

Talk about effects of media "intrusion"... This was how it looks like on last Saturday night (1 Sep) after it was featured in Straits Times Money section (pg:H28) on Thursday (30 Aug) and on a Channel U's Money Week. The crowd swelled over the past few weeks! When my mum passed by on Sunday afternoon, she was saying that there were queues outside almost every single eatery. Maybe it is also due to The Sunday Times Life section article (pg:L24).(If these people look as if they have no faces, it was because I blurred them out, there's nothing wrong with the camera. Hehe...)

This 2nd pic was taken outside Grill-Out! and Peaberry & Pretzel.

Details on the eateries below were put together with details from the article in The Sunday Times.
1) Megumi Japanese Restaurant (Tel: 6779 1411)
Opening hours: 1130 - 1430 & 1800 - 2230 daily
Specialities: UFO Maki ($12) and shabu-shabu ($17.80)

2) Fortune Cuisine (Tel: 6777 8622)
Opening hours: 1130 - 1430 & 1800 - 2230 daily
Specialities: Buffet. Steamboat served in 2 kinds of soup (yuan yang hotpot). Pricing: Wkdays: $19.80 per head. Wkends: $22.80 per head.
Psst: There's charcoal grill too!

3) Yum Yum Thai (Tel: 6777 1025)
Opening hours: 1100 - 1500 & 1800 - 2200 daily
Specialities: Garoupa with dried chilli ($24), tom yum soup ($8) and mango salad ($8)
Psst: It was full house on Saturday night.

4) Absolutely New Zealand (Tel: 6777 4628)
Opening hours: 1200 - 2100 daily
Specialities: L&P lemon-flavored fizzy spring water ($5.90 - 1.5 litres), Deep South ice cream ($13.90 - 2 litres tub).
Psst: If you love jams, you die die must come and take a look. So many types of jams to choose from. They are selling frozen meat, wine and potato chips too. But do not expect this shop to be a hige supermarket where you can find all sorts of NZ groceries due to space constraints (the shop space is not extremely big).

5) Grill-Out! (Tel: 6777 4628)
Opening hours: 1800 - 2330 Tuesdays till Sundays
Specialities: US Kobe ribeye ($65 for 220g), Black Angus striploin ($30 for 220g)
Psst: The meat are grilled over grills that are prepared daily by charcoal and fire. You can buy raw slabs of beef from them, and they look damn good with white fatty spots all over.

6) Peaberry & Pretzel (Tel: 6777 3477)
Opening hours: 1200 - 2200 daily
Specialities: German pork knuckles ($35) and mussels in white wine sauce ($35)
Psst: The apple crumble looks damn delicious, haven't tried it though.

7) Sunset Tavern (Tel: 6777 8938)
Opening hours: 1600 - 0000 daily
Specialities: Beef/ Chicken kebabs ($12.90) and wide range of liquors. Happy hours from 1600 - 1800.
Psst: Pool table and sofa seats. During nights of telecast of soccer matches, they open past midnight.

8) (Tel: 6486 9188)
Opening hours: 1100 - 2230 daily
Specialities: Boston Special pizza ($23.80 for 12"), lasagna ($10.70) and deep-fried chicken wings ($7.60 for 4)
Psst: The 16" pizza may look humongous, but it is very thin crust pizza, so 2 hungry people can still whack finish. My bf and I bought Kentucky's Nest (on the right) on Saturday night and both of us agreed that extra cheese would be good...

9) Cafe d'Orient (Tel: 6777 4680)
Opening hours: 1100 - 2300 daily
Specialities: Hong Kong favorites like baked rice with your choice of 6 sauces such as Portuguese, black pepper, Hong Kong curry ($8.90 - $14.90)
Psst: Try the Yuang Yang or Milk Tea too! My own food review of this place...


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