Sunday, August 05, 2007

Love Hate Relationship With Alex Rodriguez

When Alex Rodriguez, more affectionately known as A-Rod, was playing for Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, I knew he was a great player. However, he was not a Yankee, so I kinda like "didn't bother". Whenever he plays against Yankees, I kinda hope he would fall, break a leg, get K-ed (striked out), or something... You can say I'm biased and I admit it because when he moved over to New York, he became my 2nd favorite player after Derek Jeter, captain and shortstop of the Yankees.

Bottom of 1st inning with 1 down, Jeter comes up, gets a basehit. So does Bobby Abreu. A-rod comes up. With his first swing of the day, he lifts the ball up, up and away into the left field fair territory. The ball goes over the wall and A-rod becomes the youngest player to reach 500 homeruns!!! As he makes his way round the bases home, the crowd goes wild. And my darling Jeter is the first player to receive him at the homeplate.

Now, 2am... I'm faced with a dilema... Should I watch my darling Chris Eagles play against Inter Milan now or catch the other repeat telecasts later? Or should I watch my other darlings, Jeter and A-rod?

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