Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Grumbles

I confess! I haven't rant and KB enough about the increase of fares. Although it is not confirm confirmed yet, but I still cannot stand it!

Every year, so much profits are made. Profits go where? I guess almost everyone knows... I hate to be political. Yes, profits are good because it helps in the economy of the country. However, going by recent reports, the stock market is falling... And when the stock market falls, what happens to the economy? So, still increase fares when everyone's pay packet still the some or worse still, newly graduated working adults may have to face a lower first pay.
Capitalism, the rich get richer, poor get poorer. But for the benefit of the economy, we have to increase fares to help companies increase profit? Like what I had said 2 entries back, maybe a trip on the MRT from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris would cost as much as a plate of chicken rice. Hmm, how about using the present to compare? Some trips already cost more than $2!!! Me no understand...

Ok, so now a new taxi operator joins in the competition and says fares will be "slightly cheaper" (read my last entry if you haven't). We shall wait and see if fares will indeed be slightly cheaper. Even so, how long will these fares sustain? Will this taxi operator end up "copying" the fares of the companies who "monopolize" the market. Anyway, how many cabs is this new operator gonna put on the road? If it is like 20K (current taxi fleet is about 23K in Singapore), maybe it would affect the other taxi companies to "review' their pricing, but if it is a few hundred, I doubt so... Somemore, now everyone choose cabs mah. Who rushing for time will choose cabs one? In the first place, who not rushing for time will take a cab?

How about doing a MLK Jr style boycott of the transportation? I doubt so... We are so dependent on the transport in Singapore already.
Sigh, GST up, transport fares gonna be up... We need a pay increase too. But stock market falling, economy no good, cannot?! Ah!!!

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