Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Song For National Day

The lyrics goes...
The 9th of August is a holiday
We don't have to go to school, we all can play
I'm dressed in my best, especially for today!
Hip hip hooray, it's our National Day
So we sing
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Well, I didn't write that song but I was part of it, or rather... almost part of it... Which Singaporean kid does not want to perform, participate or somehow get involved in the National Day Parade? It's such a big thing every year and many gather to put up a celebration for the nation.

Flashback to when I was very young. Think I was in kindergarden or lower primary when I went to the old National Stadium at Kallang to watch the Parade. I loved the atmosphere and I can still remember how it was like being there.
Then my nanny and her daughter, who are Soka members got involved in the performances and they always talk about how fun it was although it was tiring, hot, take up a lot of time, etc... However, all the "pains" they went through were worth it because not everyone has a chance to take part that often.

Then one year, my primary school was "invited" to take part in the parade. Those who wanted to join were given consent forms to sign. I brought the consent form home and my mum refused to sign it. She said it was troublesome fetching me to and fro and yadah yadah, all sorts of blardi reasons... Dateline to hand in the consent forms was up and I did not submit the consent form. I told my teacher about it and she said that it's ok and when my mum decide to sign, I could be part of it.
However, the response was overwhelming. When my mum finally signed the consent form, I was a reserve. There was enough people already. The same teacher told me that I could learn the song first and if anything cocks up, I can still be part of the performance. I waited and waited till National Day itself and I was not part of the Parade.
As I watched the performance on TV, I sang the song as loud as I could. My parents were saying "how come I know the song", "wah, performance nice", "song nice", "so many people", and then "eh, Raffles Girls Primary School" and I said, "if you sign the consent form earlier, I'm there singing now", pointing at the screen at the same time, at my schoolmate, and went back to my room to cry...

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