Saturday, November 01, 2008

Warning: Rant Ahead. Proceed With Caution!

Sorry guys. I know I haven't been updating much and now when I finally do, its a rant post. But I really need to vent it out, so allow me a few minutes here...

Today is a damn damn f-ed up crappy day. I thought the day began well when I had time to buy coffee and breakfast before I start work, but it was a "blessing in disguise". In a way, the blessing of having my favorite latte was a disguise behind the crappiness of whatever's gonna happen throughout the day.

Lunch for most of us, who are too lazy to walk too far, would be from the basement foodcourt in Cineleisure. And so, while some of my colleagues went to Ngee Ann City for lunch today, I went to Cineleisure to get economical rice. Not being stereotypical here, but why these young chaps who sell economical rice all have so fucking sweet tongues, to the extent that I feel like cutting them off? Whenever I approach ANY economical rice stall tended by a young chap to look at what dishes are offered, the first 2 words that I would hear from them is 美女 (chiobu/ pretty gal). Ok, I understand, sales pitch... Make me happy before I buy from you. So fucking stop it when I have decided to buy from you!
What really irked me today was that when I said a pack of rice to go, the young chap went, 美女, 什么菜 (chiobu/pretty gal, what side dishes)? When I ordered the 1st side dish, the young chap went, 美女, 还有呢 (chiobu/pretty gal, what else)? When I ordered the 2nd side dish, the young chap went, 美女, 还有呢 (chiobu/pretty gal, what else)? And also after I got my 3rd and final side dish. In short, every single phrase/sentence he spoke to me begun with 美女 (chiobu/ pretty gal).
I'm not interested in making small talk nor flirt with you. Just treat me as a normal customer who only wants to get economical rice and go!

It was crazy in the processing room today. Quite a few new releases and chart items that were on high priority to get out onto the sales floor asap. So, it was non-stop bagging and tagging the stocks. Well, everyday is, but it was double-/triple-speed non-stop today, especially after lunch. And the number of cartons of products waiting to be processed never shrunk, but only grew. Despite how much me and my colleagues had done and how many trips the peeps on the sales floor had to come in to take their products out to rack.

After work, I met my friends for dinner. I took a bus to get to Bugis from Orchard. I think most of you guys have sat on the new disabled-friendly double decked buses. I saw an empty seat and I was determined to get on it because I was damn tired. It was one of those like the ones you have on the MRT, with the windows behind you, and you face everyone. But on my right was a big sized lady who took 1/4 of the empty seat, while an auntie on the left sat "diagionally", facing the front, and thus took up 1/4 of the seat. Tired me didn't care and squeezed my butt into the seat.
Big sized, I don't care and I don't mind. But auntie, can don't sit "diagionally"? If the bus is empty, you can sit "diagionally" across 3 seats, I don't care. But it's crowded leh... I hate to say this, but sit "properly" can?

When I got home, all I wanted to do, was to bath and then go to bed. But have to "fight" for bathroom and I was too tired already. Sometimes I really don't understand. Why the hell do you have to wait till the freaking last minute before you go to bed then bath. Yes, have to cool down first. But try to think lah. Since you are home early, why can't you go bath first? Why must wait for everyone to come home then bath? This is not the first time that I come home, put down my stuff and while gathering my stuff to the bathroom, and then, to find you rushing to the bathroom.

And the internet also bully me... So damn freaking wols!!!

Crappy irritated day. Off to bed now...

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