Thursday, October 02, 2008

Short Random Update

This is going to be nice, short and sweet. I'm still alive and was spending the past week searching and applying for jobs, watching Heroes, F1 and soccer, being with the Dearest, went out with my galfriends cos we owed one of them a bday treat and went for 1 interview.

I have yet to finish my entries on the US trip. Hopefully my memory doesn't fade and I can still clearly remember what went on. Maybe I should spend one day during the weekend to do up these entries, but I doubt it is going to be this weekend.
Saturday's graduation ceremony and after that will be A*Mei's concert. Sunday's free, but, dunno what plans Dear might have...

The pending drafts in my lists are growing and growing, to the point that I feel some of them are "out-dated" already...

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