Thursday, August 07, 2008

The True Colours Of Authority And Administration?

First you say no to everything, giving no reasons or lame reasons, or reasons that have solutions to it. We listened and made changes and provided solutions and backup plans. Still you said no. Sometimes I wonder if you say no for the sake of saying no.
Then, we see our ideas and plans implemented by you and you pass it off as yours without crediting us any single bit.
Now, you clam down on us saying that we did not produce ANY results and try to discredit us in every detailed single way possible.
Erm, hello... You being the thickest, biggest, longest wall possible (even thicker, bigger, longer that Great Wall of China), saying no to everything and grabbing our credits, what results you want to see from us huh?! You taken everything already what!

Seriously, this is a viscious cycle. Want to see results from us, then give us the fucking due credit! I had enough of this kind of people. God, please bless me that my direct boss is not like that when I re-enter into the working world again...

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