Friday, July 25, 2008

Bad Start For The Day

When we went down for breakfast at the hotel, I started to miss Anaheim and even more of Oklahoma. Remember I complained about breakfast in Anaheim not on par with Oklahoma in this entry? I shall apply that complaint all over again here with some changes here and there.
1) The breakfast spread in Anaheim was bigger and better and the one in Oklahoma was EVEN bigger and better.
2) The eggs in Oklahoma were REAL scrambled eggs, not some pancake-looking pieces of eggs which tasted like flour.
3) There was only caffinated or decaf tea. In Oklahoma, we had green tea, chamomile, earl grey, etc., on top of the caffinated and decaf red ceylon tea.
4) Ignoring the poor tea range, at least we still had hot chocolate sachets in Anaheim, which was just like Oklahoma. Over here, none.
5) About yoghurt? None here to speak or even complain about.
6) In Oklahoma we have cheese sauce. In Anaheim, we have shredded cheddar. Here, nothing.
7) In Oklahoma, most of the time, we had sausage patties that tasted like McDonalds and on a few occasions, we had what tasted the same, but in the shape of a sausage. In Aneheim, we only had the sausage shaped ones. I'm suspecting that they all buy from the same supplier or something because over here, the sausages taste and look the same as the ones in Anaheim.
8) I don't think I'm being picky because in Vegas, breakfast was not provided and we had muffins and bread at our relative's place in San Francisco. I was kinda gearing for some kinda McDonalds Big Breakfast!
Haiz, so chin chye eat lor.

After walking around, we got back to the hotel early as I needed time to shower, pack and catch my flight out to... Hehe...

More US adventures coming right up!

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