Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson, Its Your Fault!

Man Utd have lost a promising player, Chris Eagles. Why I'm saying it's the gaffer's fault is because Eagles hasn't been getting first team appearances that he deserves! You don't even let him warm the bench lah!

I thought he had a pretty good pre-season and was actually kinda looking forward to seeing him play in this weekend's testimonial match for Solskjaer. During an interview last year, he even said that he will remain in Man Utd even if he only plays in reserves. It just goes to show how loyal he is to the club.

If Eagles is on loan to another club, I still not so sad. But now, he is actually being sold to Burnley for slightly more than a million pounds. Man Utd, look at your blardi aging midfield, the question marks over Ronaldo's future at the club, Carrick's invisibility and Nani's forever off-forms, I don't understand why Eagles has to be sold! I don't think Man Utd is so hard up for that million pounds right?

I guess this will be the last time I'll see him in the Man Utd jersey... And I'm still in a state of shock...

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Anonymous said...

Geez I don't know much about Eagles, but if I had to sell someone, it would be Darren Fletcher!