Monday, August 11, 2008

Leading Strong In This Long Battle Against Cancer

1 month and a 1 week shy of my 2 years in remission, I went for my scheduled regular checkup with my radiotherapy oncologist, today. He did an endoscopy for me and all is clear, at least for the primary site!

I remembered 3 years ago, this week, I was having my first chemo dose. I remembered trying to keep myself occupied by watching the tv in the clinic but was complaining to my bf and the nurse that I was damn drowsy and my head was really heavy and spinning away crazily. The nurse then told me to sleep and that it was ok to sleep, trying to make me feel less "pig/ lazy". It was there and then I learnt that sleeping was the best way to keep myself occcupied while having chemo, and many others felt the same way too. Haha...

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