Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Vicious Cycle...

I looked at the Manchester United squad numbers registered for the 08/09 season and started crying again because I realised that, at one glance, if Chris Eagles was willing to hold out a while more, his chances of first team regular football is actually quite high.

Some youngsters were given numbers and the squad registered is actually bigger this year compared to last year. And honestly, these youngsters, I feel, are still nowhere on par with Chris Eagles, although I have high hopes and expectations of the Brazilian twins.

At this moment when I'm still grumbling, which does not change the fact that he has already signed for Burnley, I realised it becomes a vicious cycle. The cycle of me grumbling and crying about him leaving Man Utd and then trying to psycho myself that he needs regular football if he wants to have a chance to get back into the England squad and the possibility that another EPL club will buy him or Burnsley will get promoted and that will bring him back to play in the top flight.

And at this very moment, I realised that I have to add another label, "Chris Eagles"...

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