Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here I Go Again... Argh...

Okay, so Johnny Evans got to start instead of "Where's" Brown lah, because the latter got a knee injury. But Brown is still on the bench leh, so is John O'Shea. Hmm, a youngster starting instead of O'Shea?

Maybe the manager's worried that O'Shea might pick up some knocks and would like to have him fully fit for the match on weekend? And thus, Evans is picked to start?

Whatever lah, whatever... So what if the squad has no depth? These are all defenders. Chris Eagles is a midfielder, so should leave. Should lah, if not dun have regular football to play.

Argh!!! Stop it Jasmine!!!

Villarreal seems to be Man Utd's nemesis... 0-0 draw... Haiz...

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