Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Sincere Appeal For Help...

I know I don't have much readership, but I kindly appeal to everyone out there to help spread the word around. To me, this is an important issue and I hope someone would join me and do a small part to help...

During the Beijing Olympics 2008 closing ceremony, one of the cameras managed to take a shot of a few people who wrote "SOFTBALL 2016" on their arms. It was a very fast shot and was on air for only a few seconds and I wondered if anyone caught that. It was a very touching gesture taken by these people and I do not know if they were athletes or people from the audience in the Bird Nest stadium. Thank You so so much...

Although I no longer play the game, but I still love the game very much as I used to play in while in school. Please do bring softball back into Olympics and onto the international stage, so the sport would not die out.

Part of the reason that softball was excluded was that there is a misconception that it is an "American" game and there isn't worldwide participation of the game. Now now, who said only Americans play the game? Japan won the gold medal for the Olympics this year and Australians went home with a bronze.

During the recent SEA Games held last year in Thailand, our girls won the historic silver while our guys (my coach/poly senior, another poly senior and a secondary school senior were in the team) got the bronze. The win was sweet because for years we have not gotten any medals from huge events like this!

You can do your part by leaving your name on the following websites. Whether it would work? I really do not know, but I'm not giving up that glitter of hope.
1) http://www.softballfever.com/olympicsoftballpetition.html (My signature is #11427)
2) http://www.savesoftball.com/ (My signature is #2551)

p/s: to my ex-teammates, seniors and juniors, it's time we really can do much more for the sport... Please spread the message round to all other players in out community. Thanks!

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