Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stop! Damnit! STOP!

I think I really ought to slap myself real hard over and over again so that I can wake up, face the real facts and the truth and move on. No more "what ifs" and "by rights" anymore!

But why do I still cry everytime it happens? What's done has been done and there's no way it can be reversed. Time can't be turned back. Why can't I ever learn? Wake up wake up... ARGH!

Man Utd won Portsmouth just now and I should be darned happy because we don't look miserable at the bottom half of the table. I am happy, but because I'm still sour, sad, disappointed, grieved, (insert your description of negative emotions here) over the transfer of Chris Eagles, I did not feel as happy as I think I would have.

Seeing the lineup, it was torturing and tormenting and I became overwhelmed by emotions and the whole vicious cycle happened all over again. With the Brazilian de Silva twins, Possebon, Campbell and Gibson named as some of the substitutes and with John O'Shea playing in central midfield, the thought that one of them could have easily been Chris Eagles once again brought tears to my eyes.

And I start to wonder again if it was the right choice... ARGH!!!


Louis said...

Agree with you. I'm not sure what's going on in Fergie's mind. Juz wondering it is more of a commercial or technical decision.

And sadly, Zenit overcame Man U 2-1 to win the Super Cup this morning.

Hopefully, Man U will manage to get someone good to replace Saha who has joined Everton.

Jas aka paced said...

Saha's kinda injury prone, it might be good to let him go. He's like, play a few matches, sit on the bench for a few and then its time to send him to the operating table. Although it is a must for the club to send any injured player for treatment, I think the sale did not cover the "costs" of buying him and the treatments. Hehe... With Saha's capability, it is definately not good to have him on the bench, waste his talent. He is a fist-11 player and he should deserve his chance.

But the selling of Silvestre...
Haha... Dun let me get started... But I shall add my two cents on this and make it short and sweet...

I really do not understand and know why he is selling and selling players. Look at the squad now, it's so lacking in depth, if a few injuries happen at the same time, the youngsters would not have enough experience to handle.

Compared to the past 2-3 seasons, youngsters do not even have a chance to sit on the bench because we have national-squad-"material" kinda players on the bench.

Somehow, it seems to me that in order to "break even" the buy for Tevaz, Man Utd is selling players like no tomorrow...