Friday, April 27, 2007

Who's Responsible?

Add a blur and I-don't-know mum and a bo-chap-everything-also-don't-care-it's-not-my--problem-it's-mum-who-did-it sis equates to me being fed up, being blamed, being shouted at, fueling my I-want-to-move-out feelings.

Few years back, my khaki skirt went into my sis' stack of "throw-able"/ "can give away" clothes. All because my mum thought it belonged to my sis after it was washed, dried and iron. All because my sis said, "It's not mine, put aside". All they both could do was to open their mouth and ask who does it belong to. If I had not thought of my skirt in time, it would have been gone.
For the longest time already, every other month, my panties would come back to me stretched (my sis' bum is bigger than mine) or I find myself having to use new ones because I don't have enough (which can't be because I have at least a dozen on rotation basis). Mine have labels torn off and are all black, for the sake of trying to "resolve" this matter, stop this kinda nonsensical quarrels & arguments and trying to push blame to one another. All because my mum would not admit she placed the panties in the wrong room. All because my sis would not even bother to check if she's wearing her own underwear. Even with the thing called panty-liners, I still feel grossed-out with the thought that my sis wore my underwear.
I can't be a "laundry controller" and control the flow of laundry every single time clothes are collected. Sometimes, the clothes find their way into the rooms before I can pick out my underwear from the pile. Why can't everyone do their own part? Even when some spaghetti-strap tops are in my room and they are not mine, I don't throw them into my "throw-able"/ "can give away" stack of clothes. Either I ask who it belongs to or I put it into my sis' room because my mum doesn't wear spaghetti-strap tops. I check my underwear before I wear to make sure it's mine!

Today, my tongue-cleaner got missing. In the past, there was only one tongue-cleaner in the bathroom and it was supposedly mine, till one day I find whitish stuff on it (I always clean it properly) and I discovered someone has been using it all along. So I bought 2 new ones and place them together in a container with my mouth rinse and tooth moose. I didn't bend them because the other one that was already in the bathroom was already bent, and thus could differentiate.
Then one day, one went into my sis toothbrush holder, bent. I ignored it because I still had one. Today, the other one went into her toothbrush holder. She used the bathroom before me so I asked her about it and she only give contradicting statements like "I never use them at all", "I only use that one", "I only got one in my cup", "I didn't see the other one in my cup (and I assumed you brushed your teeth this morning?)", "How I know how the other one is there?" and "It's daddy and mummy who put it there."
If wearing someone else's underwear is not gross enough, using someone else's tongue cleaner is not? OMG! Help me!!! If it's not yours, and you know you have something extra there, speak up! Ask who it belongs to and don't just keep quiet. Just because someone placed it there, doesn't mean that person is not wrong. If you are not using it anyway, why should you "hold on" to it and leave it inside you cup?

Relate these scenarios to an office environment. There's an important document that somehow got misplaced on your table. This document is very important as it is related to a deal worth billions or even trilions. Since it doesn't belong to you as you are not the person-in-charge or you didn't draft it, you shove it under your pile of documents or place it at a corner of your table and ignore it?

Oh Lord, pls help! What am I to do? I'm doing everything I can already to make sure my things don't get missing. Must I move my shampoo, bathfoam, toothpaste, tooth moose, mouth rinse, toothbrush, tongue-cleaner, cleansers, shaver, etc to my room? And my underwear, instead of dripping dry in the bathroom, hang them up in my room to dry?

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