Friday, April 20, 2007

Slacking My Time Away

I was slacking, really slacking and I know it when I type "blogger singapore nose cancer" on Google search to see what pops up. And I chance upon this blog "A Journey of Faith". Reading it brought memories flooding into me. I can't help it because there are similarities between me and Jo. We were diagonsed with Stage 2 nose cancer and later the cancer spread to our liver. We are both Christians and draw strength from God during the battle.

While someone can legally buy a gun and go round shooting and killing 33 of his fellow schoolmates and later kill himself; it just translates to "no regard for life". Meanwhile, so many out there, like Jo, are fighting illness to survive. I'm still battling, though Dr Hwang says "NED, no evidence of disease", I'm battling not to have any relapse. Meanwhile, some have fought bravely and lost the battle like my dear Aunt Mona. I just don't understand why some others can give up lives so readily and easily?!

Jo and Alex, my prayers go out to you and everyone around you as you fight on. It's tiring, I know. Mentally and physically draining, I know. All kinds of irritating side effects, I know. But hang in there. This battle is not just your's, Jo, but it belongs to everyone who are giving you support too. When you emerge victoriously, which I know you will, you have ultimately won this for your friends and family too!

My prayers also go out to the victims' family of the mindless massacre. Stay strong...

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Alex said...

Hi Pacey, thanks for your encouragement and comments on our blog...I was reading as much as I could on your trials thru chemo and the ordeal you went through. It's almost identical to what Jo had and is going through. You continue to remember God's faithfulness and Blessings always in your life for they will keep you going strong when the circumstances around are bleak. We will keep you in our daily prayers too. Am really happy to hear that you are in remission and have such a cheerfulness in your blog...stay in touch! Alex & Jo.