Monday, April 23, 2007


When you see me post, it shows that I'm bored of studying and I give up, and I need a break. Maybe like what Dear said, burned out...

After reading Jo's blog, "A Journey of Faith" (added a link under "Connect To") that day, I've "embarked" on something these few days. It was something I wanted to do all along, but I was lazy and since I need a break from the books, I decided to do it, since it wouldn't take that long after all (but I end up averaging 2-3 hours doing so... hurhur...). This mission of mine is also kinda sparked off and ignited due to the constant "I'm going over to whatever-the-place-is for a-period-of-time to work" I'm hearing.
2 of my closer guy friends are in US, one most probably not coming back, the other for work.
Another guy friend is in UK for sooooo long already, I think he most probably won't be coming back.
Jan don't know there for how long.
Prior to these examples were friends going away for shorter periods of time, but nevertheless, I'm still worried. The world we live in is not as safe as we would think it is, due to the complicated matters of nuclear power, weapons of mass destruction, war on terrorism, terrorist attacks, crazy shootings, "this island belong to me", "I'm and independent state", "democracy is better than communism", "let's attack !@# for oil", bombings, global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, and all kinds of whatever-I-hope-it-would-not-happens. (Pardon me if I sound "political". I am doing a political science module, 2nd one in a row. Think I'll go crazy soon...)

So, my mission was to find and search for friends I've lost contact with since 3 years ago when I lost my handphone - together with (sob sob) a 21st birthday present, a handphone ornament that was on the phone, from my jie-meis. Anyway, the first thing I did was Friendster, because I gathered that was the only way I could do it by typing their names in and search. I can't remember handphones numbers since the existence of phonebooks in the handphone; where you just type in a number, store and scroll to the name when you need it. I definately cannot remember email addresses because of the existence of address books. Even I had super duper memory, people do change numbers and email addresses, so Friendster was definately the best choice.

The main reason most probably I'm searching for these "lost" friends is because standing just a few steps away from death is scary and it made me realize the power of friendship and it's something I can't do without. Friends and family are the people I cherish most, and thus wanting to get back in contact with these people after losing my handphone was "pushed" due to being sick and friends leaving this country.
My only fear now, these friends can't remember who I am...

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